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October Desktop Wallpaper

"I don't want to live in a world without Octobers & puppies jumping through leaf piles" Download your free wallpaper today.

Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Octobers and puppies… what more could you ask for? And when I say puppies, in my dictionary, that means dogs of all ages. Coco Bean is 10 and I still call her my little pup.

But getting back on track here, what is cuter than seeing your pup enjoy fall as much as you do?

Our desktop wallpaper may not be as cute as seeing it live, but hopefully it will make you smile when you glance at it in between work emails (and online shopping, because, let’s be real).

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iPhone 6 & 7
iPhone 6 & 7 Plus

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Copy: Sarah Dickerson

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  2. […] October and Puppies : what an adorable little desktop wallpaper […]

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