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DIY: Revamped Doggy Toy Bins

Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Sarah Dickerson

There are so many awesome storage options available in the home shopping realm these days. I mean seriously gorgeous and stylish baskets and bins that would make any living room beam with pride. Most of them are the perfect container to hold all of your dog’s favorite toys, without making your living room look like a pet goods store.

But in reality, not everyone wants to buy a $100 basket that their dog is more than likely going to be tipping over, crawling on, and storing drool/hair covered toys. We hear ya! We’ve thought up a practical way of enjoying the best of both worlds – Revamped doggy toy bins! That’s right, you can still have the look and style of those designer bins, sans the hefty price tag.

The best part is you can style these any way you’d like using items you probably already have. YAY!


Variety of Optional Materials

Non-toxic Craft Paint (Martha Stewart is our favorite!)

Paint Brush

Painters Tape/Stencils


Hot Glue + Glue Gun

Ribbon/Trim/Yarn etc.

And of course, the toy bin!




Paint – Paint can completely transform a toy bin and bring color + life to it. There are so many options here, I get the crafting bug just thinking about it! You can go metallic, bold, pastel, you name it.

Maybe you saw a designer basket you loved and want that same pattern, go for it! If you are afraid of free handing, this is where the painters tape does wonders. Simply tape out your pattern and block off the areas you don’t want painted. When you’re done and the paint is dry, just peel off and you’re good to go. Stencils would also work!

Trim – The trim and ribbon isle in the craft store gets me every time. There are so many beautiful materials that are out there. Get creative! Pompoms, sequin trim, ribbon, rope, twine – whatever style tickles your fancy! These items can be adhered to the sides, edges, or my favorite, the handles. Its a subtle way to take it from drab to fab.

Handles – I know I mentioned it above, but the handles can easily be the coolest part of your revamped bin. Consider painting a bright or contrasting color, wrapping color blocked sections of string or yarn, or you can even go metallic like I did with one of Coco’s.




Always be sure that your paint is dry before allowing your dog to interact with their new and improved toy bin. Also be sure that there are no lose particles that could be a choking hazard for your pup. Safety first!


Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Sarah Dickerson

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  1. Kayla says:

    Such cute ideas Sarah! I really need to do this! : )


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