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Reader DIY Valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Now I have a super exciting post coming up later today, but first I wanted to share with you these GORGEOUS Valentines from some lovely Pretty Fluffy readers. Inspired by Pretty Fluffy’s DIY: 5 Minute Valentine post, these readers ended up with some serious cases of the adorables on their hands. I dare you to look at them and not have a huge smile on your face…

Sarah from Chic Sprinkles took the DIY one step further by creating her own ‘I Miss You’ Valentine’s Card for friends out of town. My heart is melting!

Taylor from the wonderful, Life With Addison, had the perfect combination of a white coat and a red heart resulting in Valentine’s perfection. Addie, I must note, did also not roll around in her heart, leaving the edges perfectly straight. Love it!

Reader Monika tweeted this shot of her dog Wilson looking oh so dapper as a Valentine pup. The use if tissue paper was a great idea!

The lovely Lisa from Puppy Tales sent this adorable Valentine. Soda was especially chuffed – thank you Cresswell!

Doesn’t the adorable Scooter from She Speaks Bark look fantastic? I love the fluffiness!

Reader Jackie, sent in this super cute shot of her 10 month white German Shepherd Puppy. Heart. Melting.

Emma from Sweet Chops made a pink love heart for her love-pup Noogie – a girl after my own heart!

The lovely Amy from Thank You Cards Shop showed off her beautiful foster, Maya. Maya – that look was the same one Soda gave me when I first made her a love-pup! So adorable.

I love them all SO much! I can’t say how happy these photos have made me seeing our pooches get in on the fun! I feel so lucky to have such wonderful readers (who have such wonderful dogs!) If anyone else has done the DIY and wants to share, send your photo to and I’ll add them to this post. Happy Valentine’s! xo

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14 responses to “Reader DIY Valentines!”

  1. Andrea says:

    These are oh so cute! Addison & Coco Bean are the most adorable Valantine-Pups (with Soda too)!!!

  2. katherine says:

    Adorable – they look so cute! adorable little idea.


  4. blanket says:

    They are all SO adorable, but Soda better watch that Cresswell, what a charmer 🙂

  5. Oh My Goodness!!! LOL I just can’t with these heart cut-outs LOL Maybe I will take your idea and do a post-Valentine’s post with Mamma LOL I love this!
    Mamma Biscuit

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog, and for showing us this post. I have the world fluffiest pomeranian who NEEDS a cut-out heart around her head… amazing!!

  7. steve at gangs of new yorkie says:

    Cute cute cute!!!

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