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Cruelty Free Find: Go-To Skincare

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Editor’s Note: For more cruelty-free products, tips and ideas, see our Cruelty Free Living section.

Want a easy, no-fuss beauty regime that’s also cruelty free?

We’ve found it.

Go-To Skincare - Cruelty Free | Pretty Fluffy

For Aussie lasses, you’ll be no doubt familiar with the a-mah-zing Zoë Foster Blake* – former beauty director for Harpers BAZAAR and Cosmopolitan Magazine, and all round talented gal.

But for those not au fait with our Aussie beauty royalty, Zoë has over a decade’s experience as a beauty editor, blogs regularly at her popular online home Fruity Beauty and also penned the beauty bible Amazing Face (if you don’t own this baby, run don’t walk to buy it!)

2014 marks the release of her first ever beauty line Go-To Skincare.

Featuring 5 no-nonsense products that are all cruelty free, they are the perfect base for any beauty regime.

Zoe has literally used her years of experience trialling and reviewing beauty products to create the easiest, most effective range for all women.

From Zoë:

Go-To was designed to be uncomplicated, simple, effective and easy (and FUN) to use. Each of these products are useful for all of us, whether we wear a shittonne of skin care and makeup each day, or we just slap on some BB cream and race out the door. Because we all need a cleanser. We all need a moisturiser that will protect our skin from free-radical damage. We all need to exfoliate. We all need a lip balm that actually works. And we all “need” (enjoy?) a multi-purpose oil that can be used everywhere from the heels to the elbows to the nails to the hair to the face.

There has been no animal testing of any kind, except on me. (And sometimes [my cat] Meowbert cos he gets dry lips.)


>>> For the full range and to purchase visit Go-To Skincare


* It took me FOREVER to work out how to get the ë on the ‘e’. For all of you playing at home you hold down ‘Option’ and the letter ‘u’, release then type in the letter you want. You’re welcome.


Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

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  1. Danielle says:

    I would definitely love to try this! I love trying out new products. And thank you for the tip. I have ALWAYS wondered how you do that.

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