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The 13 Project – The Results


13 Weeks ago I shared an idea with the world. I wasn’t sure how it would be received. I didn’t know if anyone would join me. I had no idea if I would see it through to the end.

And here we are.

In 13 short weeks The 13 Project has taken on a life of its own. Those three words have inspired, empowered and invigorated us all in making a difference. We’ve proven no matter how small we think our contributions are, our efforts are not insignificant. Even the smallest piece of goodwill can change the world.

So as we reach the end of the 13 weeks, I’m proud of what we have all achieved. Whether we did one goal, five or the full thirteen, we’ve made a difference. So today I want you to take a step back and congratulate yourselves. No matter how much you were able to do of your list, just taking up the challenge was a step in the right direction.

THE RESULTS: The 13 Project…

1. Go through all of my old towels, bedding and sheets & donate what I don’t use to my local shelter. DONE!
2. Attend the Oscar’s Law Rally against puppy farming. DONE! (If you would like to support them please consider joining the Oscar’s Law Facebook Page)
3. Share and repost a rescue dog’s profile on Facebook until I know they find a loving fur-ever home. DONE! An updated photo made all this difference for this little guy who is confirmed to have a new family ready to take him home. However, if you’re looking at adopting, please see his friends at Hawkesbury City Council who are still looking for fur ever homes.
4. Go through Soda’s toys and donate the ones she doesn’t use anymore to my local rescue centre. DONE! With Soda’s blessing we were able to feel like Santa for a day!
5. Buy this calendar knowing that all profits go towards helping dogs in need. DONE! (You can still buy copies here though)
6. Send a letter to my local representative asking them to ban the sale of animals in pet shops. DONE! You can do so too – a 5 minute email is all it takes.
7. De-clutter my closet and sell the clothes that I no longer wear on eBay. Donate those profits to the RSPCA. DONE! This was great to get done during the holiday season, the RSPCA got a kick of funds when they needed it the most and I now had space in my closet for sales shopping – win win.
8. Organise a group of friends to spend an afternoon walking dogs or cleaning at our local shelter. DONE! It actually ended up being just my husband and myself, but I don’t think the dogs minded.
9. Purchase a collar in the WSPA’s Collars Not Cruelty campaign. DONE! You can join me by buying your own collar here.
10. Join POOPs – the program that assists elderly pet owners with basic and emergency pet care. I’m going to list this one as HALF DONE, I have my name down to volunteer but am yet to actually work. In fact, I’m treating this goal as my legacy of The 13 Project – a little way I can continue to help animals as we move into 2013.
11. Sign this petition to help  save greyhounds from a cruel export trade. DONE! (I encourage you to sign it too!)
12. Pin Pro-Adoption & Pro-Rescue posters and images on Pinterest to encourage others to think of adopting. DONE! (Inspired by other 13 Project lists, I also started a board just for cute pups up for adoption here: Adopt Me!)
13. Share and promote The 13 Project to inspire others! DONE! (But you’ve just got me started on this one!)

Thank you each and every one of you for joining me and here’s to living our lives like every day is The 13 Project.

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4 responses to “The 13 Project – The Results”

  1. Jeanne says:

    Wow, this is great! No more making up excuses!

  2. I think it is so great that you had a brilliant idea and then actually followed it up, shared it, encouraged everyone else to join and on top of all that proved accountable to all your goals. Respect, Pretty Fluffy!

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