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10 Simple Ways to Get Happy

To wrap up our Fresh Start series, this week is all about GETTING HAPPY. Happiness is one slippery sucker. We all run around like mad trying to grab a slice of it, and then once we finally have it we start worrying about when we’re going to lose it. You know who doesn’t do that? Dogs. That’s right I said it. Bare with me for a moment – for how often do you see an unhappy dog? They don’t worry about career milestones, marital status, or whether they missed the bus today – and they very rarely have bad hair days. So inspired by the idea of dog happiness – or ‘Dappiness’ as I like to call it (it’ll catch on, I’M SURE) – here are 10 Simple Ways to Let Go and Get Happy…

IMAGES: 1. A Beautiful Day 2. Kimberly Taylor Images 3. Bright Bazaar 4. Parcel Post 5. Bittersweet Vogue 6. That Cute Site 7. Modern Hepburn 8. Sesame Street via Pinterest 9. That Cute Site 10. Inside the Loop

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9 responses to “10 Simple Ways to Get Happy”

  1. Rachael S says:

    thank for you this reminder to be happy! You are so right, sometimes we need to be more like out furry friends. Thanks for this great post!

  2. Love this post! I especially love image #6 of Max the dog chasing the leaves. Awesome and sums up the sentiment exactly!

  3. Canvas Art says:

    Big yes to the handwritten letter these days!

  4. Great post. Beautiful pics. Especially LOVE #6!

  5. Ann says:

    The pictures are so cute! love most!

  6. Thanks for sharing this post. I specailly love image 3 sleep in. take a nap & have a doona day to yourself.Great.

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