Are you a Blog Reader or a Skimmer?

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

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Hands up who is guilty of just reading blogs for the pictures? Me. Ok… well, I always read my go-to favourites, but sometimes all I manage is a short scan of everything else. A quick look at a yummy photo of a cake without reading the recipe… A glance at a sweet wedding pic without even looking for the names of the bride and groom… An impressed stare at an amazing DIY project without bothering to take in the instructions. Yes, I’m guilty blog skimmer, and not proud of it.

To be fair, with hundreds of posts popping up on my Bloglovin reader everyday, I was finding I just didn’t have time to read each and every post that came through – which mortified me as I thought of the hours I would spend agonizing over the right choice of words and exact turns of phrase for my own posts. I quickly realised that if I wasn’t finding time to read other people’s blogs, no doubt the same thing was happening to me. I bet you’ve stopped reading right now haven’t you? Just kidding. Sort Of.

But that’s where Sunday Sessions on Pretty Fluffy come in. It’s all about making a change. Why Sunday? Well for me Sunday has always been that lazy day that’s great for a luxurious sleep in, eggs and soldiers for breakfast, lying out in the sun, listening to my favourite music and generally stopping, breathing and taking the time to enjoy life. One of the biggest parts of my Sunday morning is the Sunday papers – that magical part of the week where you lie on your couch, settle in with a coffee at your local café, or find a peaceful spot in the park to read everything from opinion pieces to fashion spreads, movie reviews, world news and everything in between.  Bliss.

So what does that have to do with reading blogs? Well, a few months ago after devouring my local papers I jumped online and began reading through some of my favourite blogs. And I mean REALLY reading them – taking them in, appreciating their messages and joining in the discussion. It was, in one word, wonderful. This approach of reading blogs versus my old scanning method was akin to sitting down to a five course degustation menu at a fine dining restaurant opposed to eating while standing over the sink. (Not that I actually DO that…) It made me remember that blogging is not just about pretty pictures and great new products – there are some fantastic writers and creators out there.

So here on the Pretty Fluffy Sunday Sessions, I’ll be writing more for you. I want to encourage you to take time on Sundays to stop, breathe and enjoy everything that is out there in the blogosphere. To enjoy life and all it offers. I’ll be contributing by putting up articles like this very one on Sundays where I encourage you to read, reflect and comment throughout the week. It’s giving you that little bit of time in your life that’s just for you.

So what do you think? Are you a blog reader or a blog scanner? Do you devour each and every post? Do you have a time… a day… a ritual… that goes with blog reading?

Or are you a blogger? Do you ever think that people aren’t reading your words? If it makes it any better I can promise I will be from now on.

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Petal Photography

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14 responses to “Are you a Blog Reader or a Skimmer?”

  1. I love this article Serena! Thank you for the beautiful reminder. I’m definitely guilty of this too and am constantly waging the battle between “downsizing” and doing less searching around for new blogs to read online so that I can truly appreciate the ones I’ve already found… and then trying to satisfy the curious little beast within that is constantly on the lookout for new inspiration, new ways of looking at things, new people to connect with. Definitely a delicate balance, one I’m still learning. I heard someone mention (with reference to their Google Reader) that instead of sorting by category (Interiors, Wedding etc) they sort by Daily Reads, Weekly Reads and Sometimes Reads to make things easier, so I might have to take this tact I think! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, what a great read (and by the way, yours is one that I’ll definitely always check in on as I love the way you write!) xxx

    • Thanks so much for the lovely comment Rach – you’re too kind! You’re right it’s all about finding that balance and enjoying all the amazing inspiration out there. That’s a great idea of organising your Google reader that way too. xo

  2. Guilty! I’m pretty good at reading when I do it every day. Sometimes I get side tracked and go a week without reading. (Uh just happened) and then it gets very overwhelming to give all the blogs I love the attention they deserve. I’m making a goal to be better. I think full readings and comments are a great way to show blogs that you care! And everyone loves that. 🙂

    • I know – I used to panic when I opened my reader and there would be hundreds of posts sitting there!!
      I have to put my hat off to you Carly, you always find the time to comment and spread the blog love around – thank you! 🙂

  3. Taylor says:

    I do both…Just depends on how much time I have to actually sit down and read (and since I’ve admitted to scanning I’ll also admit to occasionally eating over the sink, too!). Can’t wait for more Sunday Sessions

  4. tonya says:

    For me it’s all about time. If i have the time I love to read, but if I’m swamped with work I do a quick skim of the seemingly hundreds of blogs I have bookmarked. With that being said, I’m already a huge fan of Sunday Sessions! Bliss indeed.

    • Aw thanks Tonya! I agree it is all about time, with the new site I’m actually tying to keep some posts short and more image based for that very reason, and than having longer articles (such as the Sunday Sessions) to try and balance things up on my end a little. So glad you like! x

  5. I TRY to read most all of the blogs in my reader, but like others said, sometimes I get behind and just have to skim. Although I usually always read through my most favorite ones.

  6. I love this new series. What a great idea! and I also love the beautiful photo on this post. But, all of the photos on your site are gorgeous! xo

  7. Ilze says:

    I try to read – curiosity ?! (that is how I ended up reading the whole post on this one !)…but that is why I have not become a follower of too many… I tried to really commit to those I follow…so I have always wondered if people “follow’ a 100 blogs, is is just for show or for real? I am still very confused as a new blogger, because my stuff is not yet that well organised…and to be honest- I find it easier to check in with those who have photos but few words. I am trying to do that on my blog now, but I love to write..so, I find it tough. Main reason i did not quite get into the blogging thing yet ! Anyway – like the look of your blog and great posts !!

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