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Do YOU Blog? # bloggerpride

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Do YOU blog?

If so leave your blog address and a little bit about yourself in the comments today!

It’s nearly been four years since I started Pretty Fluffy and I’m constantly amazed by the fabulous blogs that continue to pop up daily – but I’m always on the look out for more.

Yet so many people feel self conscious about saying they’re a ‘blogger’. They say ‘I’m a writer’ (I do this!), or a ‘curator’…or they completely hide their online personality to the outside world. Why do we do this? We love blogging so we should be proud of it.

Proud to be a Blogger #bloggerpride | Pretty Fluffy

So today have some #bloggerpride and tell me all about your blog!

You don’t have to blog about dogs or pets…I love to read all sorts of blogs from beauty to design, lifestyle to personal and everything in between.

I’m opening up the comments for you to share a bit about yourself and why you blog. Make sure you leave your blog address in the comments so I can pop over and say hi!

To get the ball rolling I’ll start…

Do YOU Blog?

Hi! I’m Serena

Name: Serena
Blog: Pretty Fluffy
Why: I’m a crazy dog lady from way back, but I firmly believe life with dogs isn’t all about sensible walking shoes and poop bags. Life with dogs should be fun, inspired and full of love.
Where: I blog from my home office in the corner of our living room in a little house in Sydney, Australia – always with my furry friend Soda by my side.

SAY HELLO & LEAVE A COMMENT # bloggerpride


Now over to you!

Do you blog?
Where do you Blog?
Why do you blog?

Tell me MORE……….

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

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105 responses to “Do YOU Blog? # bloggerpride”

  1. Amanda says:

    Hello! I started a blog last year in the midst of huge life changes – moving to a new state, into a new house, with a new partner and his daughter while starting a new job. It was ostensibly to discuss what it was like becoming a stepmother, but has definitely morphed! My dogs played a significant role in the early days and now we’re going through a kitchen renovation. I’d hesitate to call myself a lifestyle blogger – I don’t do any crafts, I don’t upcycle clothing, I don’t throw fabulous parties with handmade paper lanterns – but it’s definitely about more than just becoming a mom these days!

    • Hi Amanda, your blog is so cool. It’s so refreshing to read the impact Claire has made on your life. As someone who has always preferred the company of puppies to preschoolers, it’s great to read something so honest AND uplifting! BTW, with all your pets I just know I would have LOVED growing up in a household likes yours! x

  2. Corrin says:

    Hi, I’m Corrin. I’ve been blogging for 12 years and am a lifestyle blogger living in Austin, Texas (previously Chicago and Indianapolis). My dog has his own hashtag, which about says it all. #ollieisadog 🙂

    • Ha! Every dog needs a hashtag. Just reading your ‘About’ column made me realise we’d be firm friends in real life. Introvert, bookworm, shopaholic and pics of your dog on instagram? Tick, tick, tick and tick!

  3. Julie says:

    Hi, I’m Julie. I started a lifestyle blog on June 3, 2014. I’m a newbie, but loving it! I started a blog because I just wanted to share my life experiences with the world. I’ve followed lots of blogs for years and relied on them for so many things – recipes, fitness tips, doggie stories, fashion, projects, etc. I just wanted to be apart of the world that inspires me so much.

    • That’s so awesome Julie! I hope you’re enjoying it. The first year of blogging can be a roller coaster of super fun highs and lows. Can I just say though how YUMMY all your recipes look? Lily is so adorable too x

  4. Mary Beth says:

    Hi! I’m Mary Beth and I just started a lifestyle blog. I have been blogging for a long time now for my photography business and wanted to start a lifestyle blog for all the other things I love outside of photography. It has been so rewarding personally and I absolutely love it! It has a little bit of everything: pets, beauty, food, DIY projects, and life in Iowa with family.

    • Hi Mary Beth! You can totally tell you’ve got some awesome photography skills – as soon as your blog loaded, I was like WOW with the all the colourful images. I love the mix on there too – everything from beauty to pets, which is exactly true to how we live our lives. Gorgeous!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Hello! I’m Lindsay. I just started blogging in May 2014, and am loving it so far. I am born, raised, and currently residing in Albuquerque, NM and wanted to use my blog as a platform to show off my beautiful city as well as my love for fashion, style, and my dog Joanie.

    • Hey Lindsay! Is it bad that the first thing I thought of when I saw your post was Walter White? 🙂 I love reading fashion blogs, so will add you to my reader – you have super cute style xx

  6. Hi, I’m Stephanie

    Do you blog? – Yes, I’m the founder & editor of two blogs – Fab You Bliss, a wedding & lifestyle blog & we just recently started A Doggy Tale, a stylish & thoughtful blog for canine lovers.

    Where do you Blog? Home offices

    Why do you blog? Because I love to write and create and I absolutely love it. I started blogging in 2010 and although it’s been, at times, the hardest work I’ve every done, I’m beyond happy doing it.

    I’m glad to have found your blog Serena. I’m definitely a new fan! <3

    • Wow – two blogs, I am already in awe!! How beeeautiful is A Doggy Tale? I’m in love already. It’s so great to see so many people appreciating that a great lifestyle and dogs can go together. i’m a new fan of yours!

      I have to completely agree blogging can be the toughest gig you’ll ever do at times, but seeing people enjoy your work is so lovely. x

  7. First – love your blog. I Work at a vet and wish one day to blog about dogs, lifestyle and dog fashion but so far I am inspired by your amazing blog :-)I write about life, its no picnic with a chronic concussion but its honest! Writing helps me digest and hopefully I am creating some sort of online space for others in the same situation. It also helps me to have a positive angel and try to see the good in everything. 🙂 keep blogging pretty fluffy!

  8. Name: Wendy
    Blog: The Dane Dame
    Why: I’m the kid that wanted to be a veterinarian, who brought home every animal (from squirrels to deer) to my not so pleased Mom. I’ve been fostering, volunteering, and blogging about my Great Dane adventures now for a year in hopes to inspire others to join the ranks of dog rescue. The Dane Dame is a hub for all things Great Dane for the dane owner, foster parent, rescue volunteer, and the Great Dane enthusiast in you.
    Where: I blog from my home in Ottawa, Ontario Canada with my foster and now adopted deaf Great Dane Moose who inspires me daily.

    • Ha! Wendy I was the same – always finding stray puppies or baby birds! I love your blog – such a cute name and your devotion to rescues and inspiring others to get involved is amazing!

  9. Name: Madeleine
    Blog: The Daily Mark
    Why: Although I work in tech I also have other loves. The Daily Mark is where I can share these with other great people!
    Where: From my home office with my pug Wilma on my lap snoring away!

    Can’t wait to check out everyone else’s! Thanks Serena so much for starting this!

    • Kelsey says:

      Maddie, fancy seeing you here!
      I love your blog!
      Plus I see your face all the time on the bottom of the Secret Bloggers Business emails from Kate 🙂

    • The Daily Mark already has a favourite home in my bloglovin feed! I love how everything is so fresh, yet broken up into bite sized chunks that are easy to take in during a busy day. Plus Wilma is an added cute bonus! xx

  10. Kevin says:

    Name: Kevin
    Blog: That Dog Dancing Guy
    Why: I love being able to share the bond I have with my pets, and help others with training advice and tips to enhance the bond with theirs. Not many people know about Dances with Dogs so I like to be able to share that information with the world as well!
    Where: I blog from home and from work! Melbourne, Australia 🙂

  11. Name: Brooke

    Why: I’m a lifestyle blogger who loves to share. My daily posts feature a range of topics including paws & claws, homewares, fashion, beauty, travel, health and so much more. I especially love MOJITOS!

    Where: I write on the couch, at my desk, in cafes, at the park ….. wherever takes my fancy. If the sun is shining in Sydney, you’ll find me outside and probably at the beach with my pups Sonny & Benji by my side.

    • Luck would have it, that I just discovered your gorgeous blog last week through facebook – love it! Your two pups are just too cute and it’s so inspiring to read about your transformation from quitting your job and carving out a new lifestyle. Hardly anyone knows this, but for about a year I worked in the travel industry (to supplement more travel!) and it can be a killer. Looking forward to reading along.

  12. Sammy says:

    Hi! I’m Sammy and have just started my blog yesterday!

    I am Melbourne based and have been in the beauty industry for 15 years now.
    With my passion, industry knowledge and bold sense of humour I hope to enlighten you all with tips, tricks fave products and insights.
    And of course my four legged bestie “Randy” will always be along for the ride.

    • Oh wow Sammy that’s awesome – you’ll love it!
      There are some great Australian Beauty Bloggers out there – make sure you reach out to them on social media and before you know it you’ll be part of their world! xx

  13. Amanda Y says:

    Do you blog? I have been blogging since December 2013, so you can say I am still new at it and learning a lot! I have already had a lot of success with my blog, including being invited to be a VIP guest at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. It has opened many doors for me!

    Where do you Blog? I blog in a few different places. I have a home office but prefer my kitchen table or “blogging corner” in my bedroom.

    Why do you blog? I blog to share my journey as a dog mom with the world. My animals mean more to me than anything – they are my kids. I am also heavily involved in animal advocacy and rescue work. Starting my blog is one of the best things I have ever done!

    Tell me MORE………. I have 4 animals. Kirby, my 6 year old Guinea pig. Wynston, my 3 year old Chihuahua and puppy mill survivor. Sadie, my polydactyl Calico. Joey, my tabby cat that suffers from radial hypoplasia.

    I blog full time, and spend my spare time volunteering for rescues and other organizations.


    • Hi Amanda! I can totally relate to being a ‘fur-mum’, I too see Soda as my own child 🙂 I love your devotion to advocacy and rescues – I just hope with time there will be more people like you in the world dedicating their time to helping the voiceless. Keep up the wonderful work!

  14. Wait, you’ve only been doing this a year? How the woof do you look like you have it all together?! LOL, my first year, I’m pretty sure the site was a trainwreck, but you manage to make it look easy and lovely.

    Name: Jodi
    Blog: Kol’s Notes
    Why: It started as a place to share what I was learning about how to feed my allergy ridden dog and share our allergy friendly treat recipes and then, like the giant giant boulder from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, it caught a bit of momentum and became my space to share all my cooking, crafting and home making mayhem with a dog friendly twist.
    Where: Everywhere. I’m one of those people who has to write when the inspiration hits, so I’ve written posts on the train, at the beach, on vacation etc, but mostly, I blog from my home office, constantly distracted by the antics of a food-monger puggle and attention seeking rescue Fluff.

    • Thankyou – but it’s taken nearly four years to get to this! 🙂

      I love that you focus on allergies. Soda doesn’t have them to the extent of other dogs, but has the occasional flare up. It made me very conscientious about her diet – she now eats better than us!

  15. Mum & I started 1st World Dog about 18mths ago as a way to capture the craziness in our house… it started as the dilemmas of a dog (i.e. me) living in the 1st World (Sydney Australia).
    The blog has grown with us and now in addition to the stories it includes recipes (hmmm love dog treats), training tips, places to go (dog friendly obviously) and stories from the competitions we go to (we do agility, rally o and obedience).
    We are about to do a make-over of the blog… and LOVE reading Pretty Fluffy… it is a bit of an inspiration for our make-over when it happens.

  16. Name: Melissa but you can call me Suger
    Blog: Suger Coat It: Living the Sweet Life
    Why: To share my tips and tricks to living a great big exciting life through fashion, food, style and confidence. And because blogging is everything I wanted to be when I grew up.
    Where: I blog from the back room of my house in South East Queensland, Australia.

  17. I started just over a year ago and it’s gone from a dog forum, to blog and now online shop. We especially love oodles; all dogs crossed with a poodle. I share tips I’ve learnt about owning a dog and aim to create a community feel with lots of information sharing.

    I also share the adventures of Jet Cavoodle who has moved five times and lived in no less than three countries soon to be four.

    We love bringing a smile to everybody’s face each day with cute oodle pics on our Facebook page. Pretty Fluffy is our favourite dog blog, apart from ours of course. Just love the content and the graphic designer, what can be better than a stylish website about dogs – perfect!

  18. Jess says:


    Where do you blog from?
    Wherever I can! Usually outside in the garden on my yoga mat with my computer on my lap and my dog vying for my attention.

    Why do you blog?
    I’m a fitness lover and crazy dog lady (not always in that order). LGF is a place to share simple workout ideas, reviews, recipes and LOTS of pictures of my rescue pup Lou.

  19. Shannon says:

    Hi fellow bloggers! I blog because I am really passionate about the breed, and love all the great people I have met. I blog from my kitchen. Purely a hobby, with a couple of ads. Not making a profit, but enjoying myself. Any golden retriever lovers, feel free to check it out.

  20. I have been blogging at for 2 years now. I am very passionate about blogging. I am a mum of 4 kids. I started this blog at a time of my life where I felt I needed something outside the four walls of family life. It was my own little piece of something. It documents much of what I am thinking about. Usually relating to family, kids, and health 🙂

  21. Louisa says:

    I’m a proud blogger, I’ve been playing at this gig since 2008, my early attempts are now lost somewhere on the world wide interwebs. This year I threw caution to the wind and I’m doing it full time with a brand new blogging biz

    I blog from my favourite cafe, our studio HQ and at home on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. My little family made a seachange in 2010, living and working by the sea is magic. I love that it doesn’t matter where I am, I’m still working. I’m currently sitting in the studio, on the sofa, on my macbook with my feet on the coffee table – I couldn’t do that in my “real job”

    I love sharing my story, I am a story teller. I have few filters and maybe I over share at times. By sharing my story of living with depression, moving on from a miserable unhappy work and personal life, over coming obesity I’ve helped to heal myself. I’m about to out myself as the alcoholic who is 2 years sober and doesn’t go to meetings. If I help just one person make a change to live a better life – I’ve done my job.

    I blog with my biz bestie over at How Two Thrive, we tell our story and help woman to take a leap, live their best life, make their own opportunities and live a happier, healthier, more active life with a business they love. We create tools and resources to help them do it a little quicker and easier.

  22. I write a blog called Tales and Tails about our life with our four dogs. We do a lot of things together and I am always trying to encourage people to get out and do things with their dogs. Two of our dogs are Greyhounds and I want people to know that they can do most of the things other dogs can do, too. And then there’s the fact that funny things seem to happen to us, and I write about that, too.

    • Your blog and dogs are so gorgeous!
      I love Greyhounds – they are just the sweetest dogs. One of my dear neighbours who is in his 80s recently lost his dog to cancer, and just this month he adopted a a senior Greyhound through rescue. They make the perfect pair!

  23. Name: Olivia
    Blog: Fox and Mint
    Why: I needed a creative outlet and Fox and Mint allows me to create my own content and share all my inspiration.
    Where: I blog in my PJ’s from my little apartment in Melbourne.


    Great post by the way – I love it! xx

  24. Kelsey says:

    My name is Kelsey and I blog on over at Not A Fashion Blogger – I write about lifestyle, fitness, beauty and fashion. I have been blogging regularly for about 6 months. (all over the show before that)
    I’m having an existential crisis at the moment with where to go and what to write about but I love this community and that blogging is always growing and learning so I just continue to write.

    Great idea you have had here and I enjoyed checking out some of the commenters blogs also! I love discovering new/different blogs!x

    • Hey Kelsey! I can totally relate. I think sometimes we feel our blog has to be about something in particular. Sometimes there are things I’d love to write about on here, but they don’t really fit the niche. But you know what? some of the blogs I’ve loved over the years I couldn’t fit into a niche if I tried!
      So glad you’ve found some new reads in this post – I’m loving them all!

  25. Kirstie M says:

    I was initially sharing my travel photography through my (pet photography) blog and Facebook but after some lovely feedback, my favourite being “I travel through you because I can’t”, I made the move to a dedicated travel blog.

    Focusing on my travels and all that entails- primarily culture, food + photography, as well as interviews with other travellers, this is my new love:


  26. Joanna says:

    Hi Serena! What a great post, thanks for the opportunity to share what we do and why!
    My blog is Creature Clinic –

    Why: I’m an Aussie veterinarian, and it’s my way of sharing my knowledge and advice on having happy healthy pets with as many pet parents as I can. I also have a little fun along the way 😉
    Where: My lounge room, in brief moments between work, walking the dogs, and keeping the toddler and baby out of mischief!

    • Hi Joanna – your blog is so great! It’s awesome to see a new approach from a vet in such an easy to read format. And kudos to you for getting so much blogging in, in between being a vet, mum and fur-mum, I’m impressed!

  27. Michelle says:

    My blog is a baking blog called Baking Pretty. I injured my back a couple of years ago which has prevented me from working full time. I started the blog to share recipes and keep my photography skills fresh and I’m loving it. 🙂

    • Michelle! Every single recipe on your homepage are so pin worthy! Everything from your scrumptious looking recipes, to photography and mad design skills are awesome – you’ve got a new fan 🙂

      • Michelle says:

        Thank you for your encouraging words – you put a spring in my step! p.s. I’m the same Michelle that has Puppy Love Studios 🙂 Small world.

  28. Maureen says:

    My name is Maureen and my blog is only six months old. I started it as a way to advertise my Etsy shop but it!s become my favorite thing to do.
    The blog varies from day to day on topics like product reviews, parenting , humor and of course my little Ollie dog.
    Come visit.


  29. Hi! I’m a blogger!!! I blog at I’m learning to cook, one recipe at a time. I have been blogging from St. Louis MO for almost two years.

    Pretty Fluffy is one of my favorite blogs to follow, especially on instagram :). My dog Scout is a big fan of Soda!!!

    Thanks for the pep talk!

    • I don’t know what I love more Becky – your adorable blog name or the super yummy recipes on your site. Everything looks so delish! You have me hooked too by the fact that you’re learning too (although you are light years ahead of me!)

      Aw Soda sends a big hug to Scout too! xx

  30. Phersoix says:

    Hi! My name is María (also known as Phersoix for my friends). I actually have two personal blogs and I’m gonna write content for a teenager label called Veet. My personal blogs are where I talk about street art and graffiti. And also I have a personal one where I talk about creative and asian things (this one is both wrote in english and spanish 😉 ) I really love to write and this two make me proud and happy, as if both of them were my little kids 😉

    • Hi Phersoix! It’s so great to have an outlet with blogging isn’t it? For so long writing was limited to your own diary, or if someone published you – but the world of blogs allows so many voices to be shared, it’s awesome!

  31. Hi! I’m Sarah, and I blog ra Creating Contentment. I call myself a wellbeing blogger. I blog from my couch in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, and from a local supermarket coffee shop. I write about my attempts to create a happy, health wellbeing. I take a holistic view and incorporate all aspects of your personality, as well as the physical body, spiritual self, emotional and mental beings. I write to document the changes that I am making to my own life, to motivate myself and keep me accountable. I trust that I am showing some enlightenment for others and inspiring my readers to take charge of their wellbeing and be proactive. I want to empower people in the knowledge that they have they ability to create their own version of contentment. What does contentment look like for you?

  32. Kelsey says:

    I cannot believe it has been four years already! Pretty Fluffy has become such a staple in my dog loving life and just keeps getting better and better – something for all of us bloggers to strive for!

    Well, as you know I blog over at Farm & Pretty .

    I have only been doing it for 6 months now and constantly wonder “does anyone really like this?!” and then something amazing happens like I get a picture published or a wonderful comment written and I have the courage to keep going 🙂

    I always find it hard in the beginning stages, learning how to break through the clutter – but also learning about yourself. Things I thought I would LOVE to blog about, I actually found I never even wrote one post on it. Ha. So I am constantly evolving and hoping one day that it can be a foundation for me to create something on my own that people love to be a part of.

    xx! (p.s. loving the talks about dog hashtags – they are my favourite things on Instagram! Brooklyn and Toby are #notsofarmdogs

    • Emma says:

      Kelsey, your blog is beautiful. And you’ve just inspired me to make jam 🙂

    • Aw thanks so much Kelsey – I wouldn’t be here without the support of lovely people like you!

      I’m a HUGE fan of Farm & Pretty. Every time I visit I want to move to a farm myself, and I love, love, love how your devotion to animals and the environment comes through in such a natural, inspiring way.

      And just so you know you’re not alone, I STILL have days where I think “does anyone really like this?!” Seriously. But then like you say, someone pins a photo or comments on a post and you feel like your making a contribution xx

  33. Emma says:

    Hi! My name’s Emma and I started a year ago, after I adopted my rescue dog, Harry.
    I was keen to discover and then share Sydney’s dog-friendly spots, as well as chart our own journey together. It’s been a massive year, some challenges along the way, but I just love my life with a dog in tow. I already had a reputation as being the crazy dog lady so the blog has just cemented this. Loved reading about and checking out all the other blogs listed here – great idea.

    • Ha! Crazy dog ladies of the world unite! As a Sydneysider, I love looking through your blog for tips – we’re slowly getting there in becoming a much more dog friendlier city.
      And could Harry be more beautiful? Adorable!

  34. Alex Frith says:

    What a great idea Serena – here’s my story … I have a modern dog lifestyle and pup culture blog in the UK called, which has been going for a couple of years. Living a dog-less adult life due to personal circumstances, I started the blog as an outlet for my love of dogs. When I finally got my gorgeous Boston Terrier Basil, the enjoyment I receive from my blog and the wonderful dog community I find myself part of really picked up pace. It also gave me a lot more focus to what I write about. I love discovering independent pet brands from across the globe, and we spend many a weekend going to an increasing number of fab doggy experiences that seem to be popping up. We’ve also been able to do our bit for charity on the way whether it’s sharing a great news story or even a bit of fundraising ourselves. Our contribution might only be small but it’s good to know we are doing our bit. I don’t blog as often as I would like but I try not to beat myself up about it. I am proud to be part of this increasing community of dog bloggers sharing stylish items for you, your dog and your lifestyle #bloggerpride

    • Hi Alex! I think the Brits have stylish pet friendly living down to a tee – so many cute dog products and blogs like yours come out of the UK, it’s awesome. There’s days where I feel like I could be blogging more or doing more, but then I remember there’s only so many hours and I definitely can’t cut into Soda time, so I give myself a break. I hope you do too, because what you do is wonderful! x

  35. KY says:

    I’ve a dog blog at! I started blogging from the perspective of my JRT four years ago as I wanted to let my family and friends (who were half way around the globe from where I was at that time) know what’s going on in the life of the little rascal and mine of course. Now that I’ve moved back home and even adopted another JRT (Yap, I’m crazy that way), the blog remains a platform for me to share the many adventures of my two Jack Russell terrors with others!

  36. Laura says:

    I’m Laura, blogger of LAUsNOTEbook:
    My blog is the place where I save (and sometimes elaborate) all the design beauties I see around. My blog is my precious archive that helps me to keep my mind creative. It also helped me to get back to photography (that I adore) so I began publishing photos of the place I live – Tuscany and Italy – from a ‘normal’ point of view.
    I blog from my office in Florence, Italy – always with my furry assistent Lizzy by my side. I adopted her when she was two from the public shelter and now she’s 14! I’m very proud of her, it’s a long time together:)

    • Laura you win hands down for blogging location! 🙂
      Your site is such a great curated find – so many goodies on there.

      Lizzy just sounds beautiful. I too blog with my ‘golden girl’ Soda (who’s 13) by my side. I just know the gorgeous bond you and Lizzy must have xxx

  37. Hi there! I’m Amanda and I have been blogging at for almost 5 years! I share recipes, DIY projects and stories of our lives, as I strive to make our small apartment into a home. When I’m not trying to get paint out of my hair or making a batch of brownies, I’m usually found hiking the trails of Ontario, Canada with my husband and our two rescue dogs – Whiskey and Cola.

    • Amanda! Your DIYs have got it going on! I’m super impressed and will be pinning away to my heart’s content from your site.

      And is it just me, or would Whiskey & Cola be best friends for Soda? #awesomedognames

  38. Denise says:

    I’m so happy for this post! I love Pretty Fluffy, but have a hard time finding similar blogs. I’ve enjoyed going through all of the preceding comments<3

    I've just started blogging for my pet photography business at

    I'm based in Bradenton, Florida, and want to share a behind the scenes look at pet photography so potential clients will begin to know/like/trust me, and also cultivate local community pride by featuring off the beaten path locations that dogs and owners alike love.

    I was inspired to try blogging again by April Bowles' Creative Live class:

    • There’s some amazing blogs in the comments aren’t there? I’ve been having so much fun reading through them all!
      That’s such a good idea to blog about the behind the scenes of our photography. Our pets are so important to us, and doing a photo session is such a big deal, that by ‘getting to know you’ through your blog would make the process so much more fun and friendly! x

  39. Hi Serena!

    Name | Morgan Alexandra Jones
    Blog |
    Why | I have a love of pretty designs, animals and chasing dreams! 🙂
    Where | I blog from a little corner in my room and dream of my future office and Newfoundland puppy!

    • Yo’ve got such a good eye for design Morgan! Everything you do is so pretty. I’m the same with the ‘dream workspace’ – I can’t wait to one day have a dedicated office that of course is pet friendly! x

  40. I am new to the blogging world. I always wanted a platform to voice my opinions and what I have learnt in the animal industry. I am passionate about rescue adoption and promoting interstate adoption, as well as current events, product reviews and everything and anything else. I have just finished a blogging course with in spaces between and look forward to growing my tribe and improving in every way.

    • Welcome to blogging Inga! It’s so great to see another passionate voice for animals in the blogging world.
      Rach (from In Spaces Between) is such a gorgeous soul, and I have no doubt her Bloghearted course would be super inspiring. Looking forward to seeing you blog and grow! xx

  41. Lisa says:

    Hi Serena,
    What a lovely post and how great are all these amazing blogs in the comments!!
    Name: Lisa Miller
    Why: As you know you and I started blogging around the same time and I just wanted to share my love of dogs with others who felt the same way, and that is still true today. But I guess along the way I have wanted to share more about dogs and how they can be involved in our communities, the health benefits of being a dog owner and how you can best care for your dog.
    Where: I move around a lot at home as having two kids since I started meant my office became a nursery. So I blog sometimes at my desk in the nursery/office if my little boy is not sleeping in there and sometimes on the lounge with Cress and Eddie of course 🙂

    • Hey lovely Lisa! I know, isn’t it great to see so many awesome (new to me) blogs 🙂
      I’m so glad we started out together and have seen each through the ups and downs of blogging – and dog blogging in particular.
      I’m so impressed you manage a combined office and nursery – I had never even thought of that combo before! xxx

  42. Maria says:

    Hi Serena! I blog at The Good Life where I talk about everything that makes my life good, from healthy living to canines and more!

  43. Lana says:

    How fun!

    Name: Lana Coletto
    Why: There were too many thoughts floating around in my head and I had too many pictures saved that I needed to share!
    Where: from my couch in Perth, WA with my little Boston terrier Lola nestled on my lap.

    • Hi Lana, I was thinking how gorgeous your blog name was and wondered where it came from until I read your comment and put two and two together! You’ve got some gorgeous imagery on there – and I have to admit, I’m a pink girl too! x

  44. Carolyn says:

    Name: Carolyn Kelley


    Why: I just got started on this blogging thing recently but really am enjoying it. My husband and I are both elementary teachers and took this summer to buy our first home and renovate it ourselves as well as get our first puppy. The home was originally a one-room schoolhouse so it couldn’t be more perfect for two teachers. We have had tons of fun working on it this summer and Elmer our puppy has been a lot of fun and enjoys putting in his own help.

    Where: I blog from my home in the farmlands of good ol’ Ohio

    • What a gorgeous blog Carolyn! I’m always impressed by those new to blogging these days as their blogs look ALOT better than mine did when I was first starting out 🙂

      I love your authentic approach to blogging – as someone living in Sydney Australia, it’s so great to see the ins and outs of life on a farm in Ohio. And it does help that Elmer is just GORGEOUS! xx

  45. Kylie says:

    I started Monkey Mutt after we adopted our first dog who came home with a host of issues: illness, separation anxiety, unable to walk on a leash, etc. A year and half later it’s a place to celebrate the little man that’s become our best bud 🙂

    • Hi Kylie! I just found your blog today while down an internet rabbit hole and I love it. How funny that I see your comment today too? We were meant to find each other. Love all about your blog and the heart and soul behind it xx

  46. Kate says:

    I blog! I named my blog after my dog, Cookie. It turned into a food blog over time and now it’s my (our?) full-time gig! Your site is so cute. I’m glad I found it.

  47. Joana says:

    Name: Joana Silva
    Why: I named my blog after I adopted my dog, Lucas. I had to many ideas, photos and videos saved that I needed to share!
    Where: from my house in Oporto, Portugal, with my fluffly Shih-Tzu (Zurick) and Poodle (Lucas).

  48. Amber says:

    Yes! I’m a blogger. 🙂 My partner and I write about our journey into parenthood, and my little dog Posy – ‘the firstborn’- tends to make an appearance in most posts. She’s an integral and adored part of the family and we’re SO excited to make her the ‘big sister’ to our twin boys when they are born in October.

  49. Vanessa says:

    Do you blog?
    Hells bells yes!! 🙂

    Where do you Blog?

    Why do you blog?
    I have to – I’ve written online in various formats for years and before that, just wrote. I don’t have a choice 🙂

  50. Anna says:

    Hi from Germany 🙂

    Yes I blog. My blog is called Canistecture and you can visit it under
    I blog about living with dogs. The right flooring or how do i style a dog friendly home.

    Greetings 🙂
    Anna from Canistecture

  51. Shelby says:

    I’m pretty new to this whole blogging thing (new as in my blog is still a 1 month baby), but my blog is all about helping people find the happy relationship with their dog. Mostly through training, but also through health and regular spoiling. As an Army fiance, I will also be including things about the military as it pertains to dogs and hopefully be doing some fundraisers in the future for organizations such as Wounded Warrior Project.

    Love your blog by the way!

  52. Marynel says:

    Hi! I started my blog 6 months because my friendswere always asking me where I got what i was wearing, so I decided to make a blog and share with the world my fashion style and more. Not only do I blog about fashion, I blog about my obsession for pineapples and places I travel too! I feel like the blogging world is starting to unfold now and I’m excited to see what 2017 will bring!

  53. […] I firmly believe life with dogs isn’t all about sensible walking shoes and poop bags,” says Serena of Pretty Fluffy “Life with dogs should be fun, inspired and full of […]

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