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Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

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Why hello there! Welcome to Pretty Fluffy. This is a blog celebrating those fluffy companions in our lives. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with dogs, especially the fluffy ones. They are our best friends, our inspiration, our shoulders to cry on, our running buddies….

So where does this dog obsession come from? For over a decade I have been a writer and producer in lifestyle television. Over the years I have created hundreds of hours of television, a lot of it about dogs – even if I was working on a show nothing to do about animals I’d try to find a way to include a fluffy dog in there somewhere! In my years of research and producing I have accumulated a ridiculous amount of stories, tips, thoughts and general observations about dogs and their owners. This information has come from everywhere – from industry experts to everyday dog owners to the trials and tribulations of owning my own dog. And this is what this site is about – sharing it with you.

If you’re here, your dog is an important member of your family. Whether it’s one that chews your shoes, dig up your peonies, or snuggles up on the couch with you every night, your dog is loved. On this site I want you to celebrate the fun, the gorgeousness, the adorableness of being a dog owner. I want you to find a community where people love their dogs and want to share their thoughts, stories, frustrations, hints and opinions. I want you to discover new products, tips, and ideas all about keeping you and your best fluffy friend happy.  If it’s out there, you’ll find it here.

And most importantly I want you to get a daily dose of fluffy. Whether it’s a bad day, bad boss, or bad haircut…the Daily Fluffy will be sure to make things better.

So… welcome, please stay a while, never be afraid to comment, and enjoy the pretty fluffy.

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Shutterstock

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  1. I Heart Fluffy says:

    So cool! Have been waiting a few weeks for the launch. Hope to be a regular visitor for you. Looking forward to the Daily Fluffy too 🙂

  2. Pretty Fluffy is Pretty Amazing. What a fantastic site!

  3. Bakes says:

    Love it! Can’t wait for more doggy tips and somewhere to express my obession for these loveable creatures. But most importantly, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to see the top 5! Love a little doggie with just a hint of style….x

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  5. yvonne cox says:

    i no longer have a dog but star was a very lovely natured dog, he will always be remembered. If i choose to own a dog (or for it to own me!) it will most likely be a rescued greyhound/lurcher as they have such sad lives.

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