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Pet Photography Tips: 5 Awesome Photos to Take of Your Dog this Summer

Summer in Australia gives us a fabulous opportunity to take great photos of your dog!

And as we all know, practice makes perfect. So grab your camera and your pooch and get snapping to capture those memories you’ll treasure for years to come.


The long days of summer give the best opportunity for heading out in the evening for an extended play with your best buddy. It’s also often quite amazing lighting for photography.

The gorgeous warm light of a long summer day makes for the perfect pooch photo – there are longer, softer shadows (not like the harsh sharp ones that occur in the middle of a bright, sunny day) and you’ll get a warm colour cast or glow to your photos in the most flattering of lights.

Be sure to take your camera on occasion and capture your dog during an after dinner activity together.

Photo: Australian Shepherd Hinto appears to be glowing as he is photographed in the last light before the sun sets.


The beach with its golden sand, aqua waves and blue sky is iconic Australian summer. It makes the perfect setting for capturing your dog this seaon!

With lots of natural light, and so many activities to choose from you’ll be sure to return with some memorable shots.

Capture them racing through the waves, digging their nose in the sand or chasing the seagulls.

Photo: Although he’s not quite sure about the waves, Japanese Spitz Keiko still loves to run the length of the beach along the water edge with his people. That cheeky expression says it all!


After a swim at the beach or a run under the sprinkler, a dog will inevitably shake.

Being ready with the camera when your dog exits the water is your best way to catch the shake moment – often they seem to love to do it right next to you, regardless of where you are located!

While it can be a tricky photo to time perfectly, the outtakes are just as fun – chops flying, crazy tongue, a spray of water droplets, all make the wet dog shake a great photo.

Photo: Golden Retriever Bailey is a frequent beach goer and can always be relied upon for the biggest wet dog shakes – and these are always close to the nearest human!


Be sure to take your camera and capture the fun and entertainment of your dog at play in the sunset lighting.

Look for a clear area or a hill top, adjust your camera for the sky brightness and capture the action of your dog as a silhouette.

Jumps and action photos make for some great photos, as do interactions between dogs and their people.

Photo: Kelpie Ralph, his amazing high jumps and a beautiful sunset all make for an incredible silhouette photo.


Why not capture a commemorative photo of your dog as part of the Australia Day celebrations.

Perhaps of your dog attending the local community event or buy something Aussie to include in a cute themed photo. Flags, collars, and even wigs make for fun props.

Photo: Bulldog Pippi sporting an Aussie green and gold wig for this years Australia Day.


AUTHOR: Kerry Martin considers pets very much part of the family. It’s for this very reason that she adores capturing all of their happiness, the heartfelt things you love most about them and genuinely celebrating their story. To see more of her work, visit Akemi Photography: WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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  1. Andrea says:

    These photos are amazing! I think I will have to upgrade from my iPhone camera though. Thanks for the tips 🙂

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