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5 Pro Tips for the BEST Winter Dog Photos

Getting the best winter dog photos means getting out there in the elements and having some fun! For those of us that live in a seasonal part of the world, winter is a wonderful time to head out doors with your best friend and camera.

Yes, it can be tempting to stay indoors where it’s warm, but your pooch still needs exercise and activity, so you may as well rug up and enjoy it!

1. Bounding through the snow

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area that snows or to visit one with your dog, then you are going to want photos of that experience. In fact, a snow visit with your best friend is something to add to their bucket list ~ it’s quite simply an incredible destination to visit with your dog.

They are going to love bounding through the snow, chasing snowballs, digging and burying their nose in the snow and otherwise just exploring this strange environment. Photograph all of this because when you look back on those photos, you won’t be able to help but smile!

5 Pro Tips for the BEST Winter Dog Photos | Pretty Fluffy

2. Walkies on a foggy morning

A foggy morning is a wonderful time to be out walking your dog – there’s glowing water crystals everywhere and that feeling of freshness and calm. The fog also creates a beautiful simplicity in photography. By obscuring the background fog definitely evokes a unique feel and mood. The lightness and haziness of the fog can also be used to create a different silhouette photo.

If you’re out with your partner or friend it’s the perfect time for them to take a photo of you walking your dog. It’s a daily activity but one that’s not really all that remarkable and not photographed all that often. It is wonderful to have a photo of the activity has a keepsake and the fog certainly makes for a better photo.

In both your snow and fog photos, your camera is likely going to underexpose your photo. That will mean that the white will actually look a murky grey. In this situation you will get the best results by taking manual control of your camera. Generally you will be looking to over exposure your image by 1-2 stops so that the photos actually look like the conditions you have in front of you.

3. Bundled up in their winter coat

These days most dogs have some sort of winter coat – some need the extra warmth, others need one so they don’t turn into a giant wet sponge on raining days! Either way, the winter coats available for dogs are often super adorable, gorgeous colours or feature great embellishments.

It’s definitely worth getting photos of your little one all rugged up for winter. If your dog will also let you pop a beanie on them, well why not take of photo of that. It is super adorable after all!

5 Pro Tips for the BEST Winter Dog Photos | Pretty Fluffy

4. Play in puddles

Winter can mean rain but the puddles left by that rain that can create a wonderful photo opportunity. Try to capture your dogs reflection in the puddle. Try to capture the splash as they walk or run through a puddle. For any of these photos, you’ll need to get down low to the ground.

5 Pro Tips for the BEST Winter Dog Photos | Pretty Fluffy

5. Sunrise / Sunset Photos

We all know that sunrise and sunset can create beautiful skylines for photography and in the period just after sunrise and just before sunset there is often the most beautiful lighting for outdoors photography. The great thing about winter is that capturing photography at sunrise or sunset doesn’t involve a very early morning or a late night!

5 Pro Tips for the BEST Winter Dog Photos | Pretty Fluffy

Bonus Winter Dog Photos Idea: Snuggles in front of the fire

Ok, I did tell you to head outdoors for photography of your dog in the winter – but I’ve a couple of bonus winter dog photos ideas for you as well! These are for when it is really simply too horrible to head outdoors and you’re looking for a fun indoor project.

To me a roaring fire is one of the best things about winter. Well, that and snuggling my dog whilst reading a good book. This time spent with your dog is gorgeous and definitely worth capturing. It’s great selfie material or if your camera has a timer put that to work!

Bonus Winter Dog Photos Idea:  Snow-themed Christmas in July

Grab your doona, pull apart cushion stuffing, buy some artificial snow or even use bean bag beans (be warned this last option will be messy!). Use this as the basis for creating your own white Christmas in July themed photo setting.

Add what you have tucked away – a tree, some Christmas decorations, boxes wrapped as gifts… create a gorgeous winter Christmas scene and add your dog. You could even create the perfect photo for your end of year chrissy cards!

5 Pro Tips for the BEST Winter Dog Photos | Pretty Fluffy

AUTHOR: Kerry Martin considers pets very much part of the family. It’s for this very reason that she adores capturing all of their happiness, the heartfelt things you love most about them and genuinely celebrating their story. To see more of her work, visit Akemi Photography: WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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  1. Sarah says:

    What a cute and happy little fellow! Great tips and gorgeous images! 🙂

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    I’m loving these tips! I love taking photos of dogs, and want to do more pet photography. Have bookmarked this article for later X

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    Incredible photography! Such a beautiful dog, it’s my favorite breed. 🙂

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Pick of the Week

  • Dog shoes by Qumy Pet

    Dog Shoes by Qumy Pet

    The dog booties everyone's talking about that protect your pup's feet come summer or snow.