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A Love Story by Erin King Photographer

Remember this post when I talked about all the different types of love that makes the world go round? Well, when I saw these gorgeous images and read the accompanying story by talented photographer, Erin King of Erin King Photographer, I thought immediately of that post. Because while you may be smitten just as much as me by the beautiful images, this really is a love story…

From Erin:
When Anita first contacted me to inquire about a pet photography session these were her words: “I have a million shots of my gorgeous girl, but none of the two of us together. As she is getting on in her years, I would love to have a pet photography session while she is still healthy and happy.”  Micah is a 14 year old rough-coat Jack Russell Terrier and Anita wanted a permanent record of their time and relationship together. Anita first sent me a photo of Micah which really made me laugh and made me want to meet this character of a dog.  She had the remains of a fluro green tennis ball stuck in her teeth, grinning away, while fielding at back yard tennis. Hilarious! While Micah is starting to suffer some of the degenerative conditions of old age, she is still active and happy which was really evident during our photography session and is how Anita will always be able to remember her.

Anita got Micah in 1998 as a puppy, who arrived at her workplace in a cardboard box. As soon as Anita saw her she knew she was the one for her, they bonded right away and have been inseparable ever since!  Anita describes Micah as having been in a good mood constantly for the past 14 years.  She is such a happy,  funny, energetic and fiercely loyal dog. The one time they have been separated was for 12 months when Anita lived in London. Anita missed her so much, her family used to put her in front of the computer during skype calls where she would get so excited hearing Anita’s voice and run off looking for her.  Something that made Anita cry every time! Once back home Micah would attach herself to her leg and follow her from room to room, not letting her out of her sight for weeks. Anita says: “We have lived together for nearly 14 years and we know each other pretty well.  I have never felt so close to an animal – she still welcomes me home every day like it’s the best thing that ever happened in her life and still wakes me up every morning with a thumping tail and a little dance to let me know it’s time for our walk!  She has been a wonderful companion so much so it’s hard to describe how special she is and how much she means to me.”

Micah will always be part of Anita’s life and her family and these shots will make sure she lives on in her home as well as her memories. I’m really flattered and honored that Anita chose me to share in and capture her relationship with Micah. Being able to provide Anita and other pet owners with these emotional memories which I know will be treasured and shared forever really means so much to me and makes my job as a Melbourne pet photographer so rewarding.

About Erin King:
Erin is a Professional Photographer of People and Pets in both Melbourne, Victoria and Wellington, NZ locations. An avid animal lover, Erin is passionate about providing beautiful Pet Photography, capturing relationships and telling their stories. She likes to keep things fun, relaxed and natural using mainly natural light where possible. Erin King is qualified as an accredited member of both the Australian and New Zealand Institutes of Professional Photography certified within Wedding Photography. For more information visit Erin King Photographer, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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4 responses to “A Love Story by Erin King Photographer”

  1. Erica says:

    Such a touching story. I never thought about it before but I’ve got tons (and I mean TONS) of photos of my two pups, but very few of us together. Now I need to get some photos of of all of us so I can always remember the crazy fun loving bunch that we are 🙂

    • Hi Erica

      I agree, it’s definitely important to capture the relationship you share with your dog! This is something I need to have done myself, not always easy when I’m the photographer. I would love to hear from you if your interested in booking in a session. Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Aw, this made me all teary! What a gorgeous story and such beautiful shots. Micah is a little sweetheart!

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