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Albert the Labrador x Mastiff by Charlotte Reeves Photography

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Charlotte Reeves Photography

For me, it’s never the ‘perfect’ photo that draws me in. Whether the subject is a piece of architecture, a fashion model or the family pet, what gets my attention is how the photo tells a story – how the photographer captures a moment in time.

So it goes without saying that today’s photo session caught me in a heartbeat. The story of a devoted mum and her dog, defying the odds, lovingly photographed by the talented Charlotte Reeves.

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From Charlotte:

Albert and his mum Drene have been together a long time. Twelve years ago, Drene watched Albert being born, at the time not knowing he would end up with her. In the years that have passed since then, they’ve been through so much.

Making the move from New Zealand to Australia, spending 8 months in the UK together and a little over 12 months ago, Albert was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. With Albert given only months to live, Drene did everything she could to try and treat and cure Albert, including alternative medicine treatments, a special diet and endless amounts of love.

Their bond on the day of the shoot was immediately visible. Like an embarrassed schoolboy, Albert looked shyly away when his mum attacked him with kisses but would always go back for more when she’s done, lavishing her with licks to the face. In some ways he was still such a curious puppy, but mixed in with that was a wise old man, lying peacefully on the grass under the trees, watching the world go by.

On the day of the session Albert was struggling to get around and quite obviously very unwell, but weeks later when Drene came to pick up her three beautiful canvases, Albert himself came and visited as well! The change was amazing. His leg which was previously about twice it’s usual diameter was back almost to normal size.

Albert was so much livelier, trotting around checking out my garden and generally looking very healthy and happy for a 12 year old dog who just a few months ago was struggling to walk! Amazingly, Albert was now cancer free.

Sadly Drene said goodbye to Albert on 24th January this year. While heart breaking for Drene, I can attest that it was because of her love and devotion that Albert went from having just 3 months to live to enjoying life for another year and a half.

Having suddenly lost my own beloved big girl Kaya at the tender age of two, I understand first hand how important it is to have beautiful photos of your pet to help jog those happy memories that were created during their lives. Unfortunately for most, the family pet is often forgotten when it comes to family snaps and when the day comes to say goodbye, many people realise they have a serious lack of good photos of their best friend to remember them by.

I designed Devotion Sessions specifically for terminally ill pets. These sessions can be somewhat bittersweet and do require a mix of strength and empathy. My overwhelming emotion during shooting them though is gratitude.

I feel privileged to catch a glimpse of the special relationships that people form with their pets, and I love having the opportunity to capture some really special images that tell their story.


About Charlotte Reeves Photography

As an award-winning pet photographer, Charlotte loves discovering and telling you and your pet’s story with beautiful, natural fine art images just begging to be displayed in your home and shared with friends and family. Her photography sessions are low-pressure and are approached with a sense of fun and adventure, specially designed to bring out your pet’s personality and unique character. Charlotte is located in Brisbane, Queensland and also service the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and other south-east Queensland locations. She loves to travel so sessions are available Australia-wide by special request.

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Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Charlotte Reeves Photography

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2 responses to “Albert the Labrador x Mastiff by Charlotte Reeves Photography”

  1. Your photos and story of Albert are wonderful and yes sometimes we fail or it is not easy to take a good photo of our dogs.We realized this ourselves as we are setting up our web site we do not have a suitable photo of our Zoe to post on there which is embarrassing to me after all we have named our business after her.

  2. Michele says:

    What a touching story and such stunning images.. Charlotte captured their love for each other perfectly!

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