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Life’s A Beach! Cookie, Cocoa and Elmo by Petography

Copy: Serena Faber-Nelson

Photography: Petography

They say the best things comes in threes and don’t these three gorgeous Chihuahuas prove it!

Shot by the fabulous Petography with the stunning Western Australian coastline as a backdrop, this session is one to go straight to the pool room…

From Claire of Petography:

Stephanie emailed me a few times before booking in one of our signature Dogscapes Shoots for her 3 fur babies.

I always ask clients to tell me how their pups came into their lives. Steph said she and her partner had very different ideas about what their first fur child would look like – whilst hubby envisioned owning a large breed he couldn’t resist little Long-Haired Chihuahua they later named Cookie when Steph sent through a photo from the breeder.

The rest, as they say is history. Two more fluffies have since joined their family & I was thrilled to photograph them all!

I absolutely love shooting at new & interesting locations here in Perth, Western Australia. When Steph mentioned the Boat House I smiled the biggest smile I could manage. Usually a hot spot for newly weds, the 3 Chi’s and I proudly took over the Jetty in the late afternoon. 

[Ed’s note: I cannot LOVE it more that three super cute Chihuahuas hijacked the local wedding photo hotspot!]

Beach Photography - Perth, Australia - Cookie, Cocoa and Elmo by Petography

I had my assistant (as well as both the pup’s parents) on standby to jump straight after any pup that got adventurous and got into the water! Luckily for us Cookie, Cocoa and Elmo were absolute stars & posed up a storm for us on that tiny jetty!

We drew quite a crowd as people passed and realised just who the stars of the photos hoot were on that Saturday afternoon. One of the most useful tricks for a Pet Photographer is getting our subjects onto a higher level that means they have very little opportunity to move too much (like a park bench, tree stump or in this case – a jetty!)

After nailing the group & solo shots in front of the Boat House we drove the 20 minute journey to South Beach where we finished our shoot with the most magical golden light sparkling over the ocean.

All 3 pups had a quick run around and were then more than happy to cuddle Mum & Dad while keeping warm as the sun dropped and the wind picked up which made for the perfect love filled portraits that now adorn the family home.

Beach Photography - Perth, Australia - Cookie, Cocoa and Elmo by Petography


They call me Claire Bear. I started Petography in 2009 and have slowly but surely created a life where I’m not only good at what I do, but I do what I love. Internationally published & recognised, Petography is redefining the art of Pet Photography – for the love of doG.

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Copy: Serena Faber-Nelson

Photography: Petography

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