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Dog and Baby Photography: Introducing Emmy

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Seed Photography

It’s with my absolute pleasure today I introduce to you the newest member of the Pretty Fluffy team (and Soda’s little sister!)…


Our little family of three has now become a family of four and we couldn’t be more delighted. We’ve already been on our first few walks as a family together, and I couldn’t be more in love with our two (furry and non furry) girls.

Recently we were lucky enough to meet with Nicole of Seed Photography to capture this special time in a newborn photography shoot – or as we did it, a dog and baby photography shoot! As with everything we do, Soda joined in the fun as the integral part of the family she is.

Top Tips for including your pet in your Newborn Photography Session - everything you need to know to get the perfect family photos! Photography by Seed Photography |


They say never work with children and animals and I think our photographer, Nicole, probably was thinking this at the end of our session!

While the beautiful photos make it look easy – getting shots of a baby serenely sleeping is a stealth mission of capturing them in between feeding and awake time. Nicole, of course made it look so simple and before long she was snapping away at Emmy sleeping peacefully.

We added Soda into the shot who (with a bevvy of treats waiting for her off camera) posed next to her little sister like a pro.

“Sounds brilliant!” I hear you say…”What could go wrong from here?”

Well all it took was me leaving for 60 seconds to go to the bathroom. Emmy was in Nicole’s capable hands getting more beautiful snaps, and my husband and Soda were in the studio’s backyard exploring.

Then came…….. the splash.

Yep – when I emerged from the bathroom I saw not only Soda, but my husband FULLY CLOTHED in the photographer’s swimming pool. Seriously I can’t take these two anywhere…

Turns out what had happened was Soda had misplaced her footing and fell into the pool, and my husband – in super dad mode – jumped in straight after her!

No-one was hurt, although those family photos we were planning on getting were looking a little worse for wear.

Luckily for us it was a hot day and the two ragamuffins dried out in the sun while Emmy slept peacefully for the rest of her photos.

And in the end? Not only do we have a beautiful set of prints, but also a hilarious story to tell Emmy when she’s older.

Top Tips for Newborn Photography - everything you need to know to get the perfect family photos! Photography by Seed Photography |


I can’t thank Nicole from Seed Photography for not only bearing with us during our crazy shoot, but for producing such gorgeous images of our family that we will treasure forever.

If you are based in Sydney, I highly recommend checking out her details at the end of the post.


Here are our top tips for dog and baby photography…

1. Always check with your photographer that your pet will be welcome at the session. Not all newborn photographers will include pets nor have the studio set up for animals.

2. Check out your photographer’s work prior to booking. Look through previous shoots they have done with newborns and pets and make sure their style suits you.

3. Be realistic. Babies and pets are unpredictable and won’t always follow directions. Aim to get a few shots, but don’t tire them out or make them do anything they are uncomfortable with.

4. Safety first. Always make sure your pet is happy in the situation and never put either your child or dog in a situation where they could be hurt. Use common sense and remember they are both family members, not props!

5. Have treats on hand for your pet to get their attention and reward them for sitting still.

6. Enjoy and keep it positive! Photography sessions can take time, so they more relaxed and flexible everyone is, the more enjoyable it is for everyone. You’re not only taking photos, you’re making memories.


Top Tips for Newborn Photography - everything you need to know to get the perfect family photos! Photography by Seed Photography |


As a master of visual communication, I was born creative. My journey to becoming a photographer saw me first achieve success as a visual merchandiser, stylist and store designer before I finally succumbed to my passion and embarked on a career behind the camera.

From an early age, I have viewed life through a lens. My father, a keen photographer himself, ignited my love for photos and educated me on the importance of capturing special moments today for enjoying tomorrow.

As a parent myself now, my own understanding of the value of creating memories is even greater. Like so many mothers, I know that the moments before our little Seeds are grown are few and fleeting and this is why they must be recorded.

I shoots stunning newborn, children’s and family photography in my Seed Photography studio at Cromer on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and every so often venture out on location. My style is natural, fluid and expressive, candidly capturing tender, special and emotive moments. My work is a celebration of the beauty and innocence of tiny babies, the love that binds a family and the twinkle of mischief in a cheeky child’s eye.

The Seed Photography belief is that beautiful portraiture will delight today but also be the cherished heirlooms of future generations. Quality, timeless photography is both an investment for our own enjoyment and a gift for our loved ones tomorrow.

I am recognized within the industry and by my clients as an innovative and passionate artist. My talent was formally acknowledged as a Silver award winner at the highly acclaimed NSW AIPP Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards 2011 & 2012, as well as a Bronze award winner at the International Aperture Awards 2010.
My work has also been widely published online and in local media publications.

Accolades aside, I however note my greatest success to be in the proven joy and satisfaction of my clients.
The ongoing bookings that come via referrals, the families that confirm their annual shoot and the gasp when an image takes a mother’s breath away are the testimony to my beautiful work, artistic eye and exceptional ability.

Find Seed Photography WEBSITE | FACEBOOK

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Seed Photography

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20 responses to “Dog and Baby Photography: Introducing Emmy”

  1. Daisy says:

    Congratulations Serena, Emmy is gorgeous! The pictures captured by Nicole are too precious for words, and I love that Soda got in on the action too!! Definitely bookmarking Seed Photography for when the time comes 🙂
    Daisy xo

    p.s. I hope you managed to capture a few family pics once the 2 naughty kids dried off!

    • Thanks so much Daisy!

      Yes – Nicole was just amazing to work with and the images speak for themselves.

      Ha! Yes luckily it was a hot day so the two swimmers dried off in the sun and we got some great family pics 🙂

  2. So gorgeous! Soda looks so so proud! x

  3. My computer screen has never looked cuter!!!!!!! These are simply amazing. Two beeeautiful babies!! <3

  4. Elizabeth says:

    She’s beautiful! Congratulations! Soda looks so happy that she’s finally here!

  5. […] Introducing the Newest Pretty Fluffy Family Member:  Emmy […]

  6. Julia says:

    What a beauty! Your little Emmy is just perfect. Soda looks adorable, too! What sweet sisters 🙂 Sending lots of love!

  7. Sandi says:

    This is just too much. Beautiful and perfect! Congrats and wishing you all the best as you’re adjusting to your new crazy life.

  8. Caroline says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS! My little girl is Emberly but we call her Emmie for short. LOVE that sweet name! Best wishes to you during this incredibly precious time!

  9. Rose says:

    Congratulations Serena – Emmy is a little stunner! Soda is a proud fur-sis, smiling and all! Enjoy this beautiful time x

  10. Beautiful, beautiful girls. Congratulations! x

  11. Serena, Emmy is just beautiful and those photos are just precious. Soda looks like she is loving her new role as big sister. Enjoy this special time, sending love xx

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    Canvas Dog Carrier by Cloud7

    Traveling with your best friend never looked so good. Soft, chic & sustainably made, there’s room for your pooch and all their on-the-go essentials.