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For the Love of Shoes & Dogs by Missy Moo Studio – Part III

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Missy Moo Studio

If you’ve missed the first two instalments of ‘For the Love of Shoes & Dogs’ by Julie of Missy Moo Studio – you’ve been missing out! Go on – check out the original post and the amazing Part II – they’re so good, we’ll wait for you to come back. Loving it? Yep, me too. Well without further delay here is the final session in our three part series. Shoe and dog lovers beware, you will be smitten!

About the Dogs:

Pumpkin, who’s official name is Pumpkin Pie Robinson, is also known as Punk, Miss Pie, Miss Doo, Punkie Doo, Miss Doo Pie Bear, Bubba, Bubba Doo, Babe-A (like uh) and Spunky Funky Punky Monkey just turned 5 years old and is about to have her 5 year pup-iversary with us in October.

We got her from a rescue shelter in Prosser and we don’t know her breed. She loves to play fetch-away, which is her own special hybrid game of fetch and keep away, she fiercely loves chasing birds and squirrels and is extremely upset that I never let her off the leash to do so at the park. Along with Dingo, she is the love of my life and is always by my side.

Dingo, or Dingo Doo Robinson is also known as Ding, Baby Ding, Dingie Doo, DD, Dingaroo, Babe-O, and Mr. Dingus (like Mr. Tumnus from Narnia.) These crazy names just happen. What can I say? Little Ding is a bit of a lone wolf, but is very snuggly if you happen to sleep past 8am.

He lovingly and excitedly jams his snout into your stomach and pushes it side to side, just to help you wake up for the day. He is a true outdoorsman. He loves walking, hiking, and running. Running on the beach in fact is one of his all-time favorite activities.

I think he fancies himself a real wolf. We got him from another Prosser shelter and he’s always looked at Pumpkin as if he’s trying to figure out how to be a dog. Whether needy or aloof, my two babies are the best of friends to each other and me.

About Missy Moo Studio

Missy is the doggy that inspired Missy Moo Studio! She is a 4 year old english bulldog. Julie is the owner of Missy Moo Studio. She likes chocolate, pink, and anything retro. She drives a new Beetle and hopes someday to have it custom painted pink. She (of course) loves design and photography. She adores animals sooo much, she almost became a veterinarian. She fell in love with computers…and that grew into a love of design. She specializes in pet photography and print design (logo creation, business card design, etc.) For more information, please visit Missy Moo Studio, or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Missy Moo Studio

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