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Keiko’s First Beach Trip by Akemi Photography

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Akemi Photography

With summer in full swing here in Sydney, there’s nothing more adorable than a dog enjoying a day at the beach.

Hold that thought – in fact there is one thing more adorable – that is a dog’s FIRST day at the beach. Say hello to Keiko, captured in action by his fur-mum Kerry of Akemi Photography.

From Kerry:

Meet Keiko!! Keiko is our absolutely gorgeous boy and one of the mascots (and very frequent test model) for my business Akemi Photography. His cheekiness and absolutely adorable nature make spending time with him one of our highlights every day! He is in every sense of the word a ‘furchild’ and we are so lucky and grateful to have him as part of our family!

Whenever we can we love to include Keiko in whatever we are doing and to plan trips where he can come with us. During a weekend away at the very lovely Best Friend Holiday Retreat we took a drive to Woodside Beach.

It was Keiko’s first beach trip and so much fun to watch him experience it all for the first time – running away from the big waves, chasing the blowing the sea foam, his first taste of salt water, running as fast as his little legs would carry him along the beach, splashing in the small puddles and of course, playing fetch with a stick just a little too big for him. Seeing the world through his eyes and imagining what he is thinking is a constant source of entertainment for us!

Keiko was a Daily Fluffy as a puppy. He’s also been a model for Hey Pup dog beds and the star of Kerry’s little instagram project ‘100 Days of Keiko Love‘.

About Akemi Photography

Melbourne based family & pet photographer, Kerry Martin, considers that like children, pets are very much part of the family. Its for this very reason that she specialises in portraiture photography that includes your entire family! So whether it be a studio session to celebrate the arrival of a brand new puppy or a fabulous family session to highlight the beautiful human-pet bonds, Kerry would be thrilled to capture the love, fun & joy of your entire family. Although Melbourne based, commencing in 2014 gorgeous on location pet photography sessions will also be available in Sydney and Canberra.


Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Akemi Photography

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Keiko’s First Beach Trip by Akemi Photography”

  1. Beth says:

    Gorgeous photos! Keiko is a cutie!

  2. Oh he’s such a sweetheart – I’m only a little biased!! Thanks Serena!

  3. This fluffy guy reminds me of an extra furry, white Tawny… super cute and fun!

  4. Terry Westerman says:

    We have a Japanese Spitz named Yuki. We just love her so much. She looks a lot like Keiko. I have some great shots of Yuki in the snow. One day we hope to take her to the beach. Oh so curious all of the time. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

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