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Maddie the Border Collie X by Dana Cubbage Photography

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Dana Cubbage Photography

One of my favourite new trends in pet photography are the family sessions I see becoming more and more popular by the day. There’s nothing quite like seeing a couple getting professional photos with their favourite pooch, showing just how integral their dog is in their family unit. So when this gem of a session arrived in my inbox from Dana Cubbage Photography, I couldn’t stop smiling.  You can practically feel the love jumping out of each photo. Oh and did I mention the adorable floral dog collars? Get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy…

From Dana:

Maddie won my Charleston Model Call back in April. We ended up shooting her session in a beautiful park by my house called Hampton Park in downtown Charleston, SC. The evening was beautiful and Maddie was a perfect model. Her “mom”, Kellianne, was so amazing to work with too. I really lucked out with them!

Their story is so touching. Maddie showed up on Kellianne’s mom’s doorstep in Georgia a few years ago and Kellianne fell in love with her while home visiting for Christmas. So when it was time to pack up and drive back to Charleston, Kellianne packed Maddie up too and the rest is history.

Their bond is so special and you can just see it in her eyes – Maddie adores Kellianne. And the feeling is mutual.

I LOVE working with clients like them. It makes my job so easy when there is such a strong bond between the pet and it’s owner. It almost makes me cry thinking about it because those of us who have dogs just know what it’s like. They are like our children and I just love documenting that relationship with my images.

Maddie (her full name is Madison Elizabeth) celebrated her 4th birthday on April 11 of this year, although they are not entirely sure of her exact birth date. They celebrate it every year though on the 4th. She is a Border Collie mix and she has the softest fur I’ve ever felt. Seriously. And I’ve photographed and worked with TONS of dogs. She is super soft.

Kellianne’s boyfriend, Peter, joined us for some family portraits during the session and I must say, the three of them make such a beautiful, happy family together.

PS. And for anyone wondering…Maddie’s beautiful collars from the session are from the Etsy shop Pecan Pie Puppies. So stinkin adorable!


About Dana Cubbage

Dana Cubbage is a professional pet photographer located in Charleston, South Carolina. She specializes in modern lifestyle pet photography and loves to incorporate the beautiful South Carolina natural light into her images when possible. Dana donates her time to the Charleston Animal Society, photographing adoptable dogs for their website. Passionate about animal adoption + rescue, she has fostered for several rescues + shelters over the past 4 years and hopes to start her own pit bull rescue in Charleston someday. For more information, please visit Dana Cubbage Photography, or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Dana Cubbage Photography

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5 responses to “Maddie the Border Collie X by Dana Cubbage Photography”

  1. This session has been my favorite from Dana! Perfect location and Maddie is beautiful. I especially love it because she made an ‘outfit’ change haha 🙂

  2. PS – Oh and I’m totally ordering a flower collar! xx

  3. I’m really loving the family + dog sessions lately too, lots of fun. Co-incidentally, I photographed a Border Collie mix called Maddie recently too! Love the location of this one, what a great spot.

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