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Mika the Doberman by Wet Nose Fotos

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Wet Nose Fotos

If there was a photo session that captured the beauty, innocence and mischievous glint in the eye of a one year old pup, this first birthday shoot by Wet Nose Fotos would be it. Surrounded by bubbles, nature and loving fur-parents, Mika the red Doberman got the first birthday trifecta…

From Shannon of Wet Nose Fotos:

Mika was all the way from Sydney and along with her parents they drove all the way up to Brisbane for her session with me to celebrate her 1st Birthday.

Mika is a stunning red Doberman and the sweetest girl you would ever meet. I always love learning more about my gorgeous furry clients before I meet them and it cracked me up when I read this from Mika’s Mum about her name – “. . . it has several meanings but I thought the funniest and probably most ironic/appropriate was “beautiful fragrance” because Mika’s fragrance is anything but beautiful sometimes!  Nigel wanted to name her Kali, after the Indian goddess of destruction.  He still claims it as the more appropriate name now and then.”

Mika now lives over in the Philippines with her adoring mum and dad after they moved there for work.


About Wet Nose Fotos

Wet Nose Fotos sessions are relaxed and fun. There is plenty of praise, cuddles and 100% natural Australian treats! We only book a limited number of sessions each month and provide you with a great experience before, during and after the session in addition to a superb collection of images finished to perfection. Sessions are shot Australia wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane. And if you want to learn to take great photos of your own pets be sure to check out their Pet Photography Workshop.



Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Wet Nose Fotos

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  1. love it – love Mika!

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