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Oscar from Oscar’s Law by Erin King Photographer

In Australia, there is one name that is synonymous with the fight against puppy farming: Oscar from Oscar’s Law. So when Erin King Photographer contacted me about a session she recently did with the rescue pup, I knew it would be special. Nothing’s better than seeing good photography and a good cause combine…

From Erin:
Since moving to Australia I’ve become informed about the puppy farm trade that exists right here in Victoria. Coming from NZ, I had heard of such things taking place overseas, but never thought it was happening so close to home. There are a couple of organisations I’ve had the pleasure of working and volunteering with namely Pet’s Haven and Oscar’s Law who both campaign to stop the puppy farm trade and work to rescue pets from these farms, giving them the appropriate care and then seeking to re-home them.

July this year marked Oscar’s (from Oscar’s Law) 1 year anniversary since being rescued from a local Victorian puppy farm and thanks to Debra and all the other people involved with Oscar’s rescue and the forming of Oscar’s Law he now has a second chance at life. Unfortunately there are still many dogs just like Oscar who aren’t so lucky and are still being force bred in these farms living in poor conditions and being mis-treated.

I was fortunate to get to go to Oscar’s home to photograph him where he feels most comfortable. You can see the full blog post with images here. As a way to say thanks and to offer my support I am selling some of the images I took as wall posters with proceeds going to Oscar’s Law.

Like any animal lover and animal rights supporter I want to help and one way I’ve done this is by volunteering my services as a photographer as a way to provide both professional quality photographs of animals needing homes, or supporting these organisations marketing projects and their business directly. Another way we can all help out is by making monetary donations as these organisations rely highly on donations to keep funding their awareness and to be able to care for the animals they rescue. From the photograph’s I’ve taken, I’ve created some inspirational photographic wall posters for sale to which proceeds will be donated to Oscar’s Law. By purchasing an Oscar’s Law Inspirational photography poster not only will you get to have Oscar’s gorgeous face grace your walls and act as a reminder every day of his success story and that we can all help to stop the puppy farm trade, but you will also be supporting an important cause to make a change to the pet industry in Australia. The posters are available for purchase here.

The more people we can inform about this, the more support these campaigns can get to help spread the word and to get these farms shut down for good. Dog’s like Oscar are used for breeding in puppy farms due to their very small size and high demand. However what people don’t know is that a lot of commercial pet store chains buy their puppies from puppy farms, instead of from reputable breeders. Puppy farmers are notorious for their lack of care or concern for their dogs and the inhumane living conditions they have them in. These people do it purely for the money and have no love or respect for the animal.

For more information on Oscar’s Law check out their website.

About Erin King:
Erin is a Professional Photographer of People and Pets in both Melbourne, Victoria and Wellington, NZ locations. An avid animal lover, Erin is passionate about providing beautiful Pet Photography, capturing relationships and telling their stories. She likes to keep things fun, relaxed and natural using mainly natural light where possible. Erin King is qualified as an accredited member of both the Australian and New Zealand Institutes of Professional Photography certified within Wedding Photography. For more information visit Erin King Photographer, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Thanks for this post – I love that so many people are getting behind Oscar’s Law. Cannot understand why governments do not support the changes…

  2. […] Back in 2012, Pretty Fluffy featured an article with Melbourne pet photographer Erin King, who was lucky enough to meet the famous Oscar, just one year after he was rescued. You can see the post here. […]

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