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What the Holidays Mean to Me…

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: As Listed

What do the holidays mean to you?

Do you love spending time with family?

Or do you get together with friends?

Snuggle up and watch your favourite holiday movies with your dog?

Eat way too much?

Play in the snow?

Eat prawns and drink champagne (a true Australian Christmas!)?

Decorate your house?

Bake Gingerbread?

Dress up your pup?

Prepare for holiday sales shopping?

Sing Christmas Carols?

Leave cookies out for Santa?

Today, I have 5 enormously talented pet photographers sharing their favourite holiday photos and what the holidays mean to them. Enjoy!



For me, Christmas is time to share the joy and spend time with my beloved ones.​

Alicia Rius | Frame Your Pet



The holidays are a time for having fun with family members, including your pets. I think taking them to see holiday decorations and making them wear funny antlers for a photo shoot qualifies as having festive fun, and it looks like my dog Tawny agrees!

Jen Bergren | Fetchlight Pet Lifestyle Photography




To me, the holidays are about dressing up your dogs in silly outfits and taking photos. Just kidding! The holidays are about spending time with your family (furry and non-furry) and letting everyone know how much you can’t live without them.

Julie Saraceno | Missy Moo Studio



The holiday season reminds me to focus on what really matters, doing what you love as often as you can in the company of those who make your life complete. Time is precious and relentless, so we must make the most out of it. Getting to know people and dogs that share my core values and loves has been an amazing gift this year, and being able to photograph it and show them what I see, has been an absolute honor.

Natalia Martinez | Photo Lab Pet Photography


Maddox Christmas 2014-2

Christmas is about Family, Friends and memory making. Not the gifts or stress of gift giving, but making one another smile with simple measures of kindness. Nothing makes me smile more than opening Christmas cards with festival puppy faces like these.

Jennifer Wakefield | J Catherine Photography

What do the holidays mean to you?

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: As Listed

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    Handy to pack some treats in for when my pets are boarded in the holidays I’d think.

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