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Rainey’s Doggie Bucket List by Missy Moo Studio

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Missy Moo Studio

Time to grab the tissues, because this post is really a love story.

A story about how even when the time together we have is short, our impact can be forever.

When Julie from Missy Moo Studio contacted me about a Bucket List she was doing for a beautiful dog named Rainey, I knew this was a story that needed to be shared…

From Julie:

Rainey, a 14 year old lab, was found as a stray in June 2015. She ended up at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter (located in Pasco, WA) and her owners weren’t interested in picking her up.

A local rescue pulled her from the shelter and got her in with foster parents Denisse and Derek. A month later, they became proud foster fails and Rainey was officially adopted into their family on August 31, 2015.

With severe arthritis, partial blindness, and mostly deaf, everyone knew Rainey only had a short time left to share with us. This spurred her new family on to make sure their time together was her best year yet.

With Derek and Denisse, Rainey got treats and walks whenever she wanted. Because of her arthritis she had a hard time with steps, so Derek picked her up every time she needed to go outside.

In October of 2015, Rainey’s family contacted me to make sure they had photos to remember her by. I proposed doing a “Bucket List” session to really give Rainey and her family some magical memories…


Rainey's Doggie Bucket List by Missy Moo Studio

Rainey’s Doggie Bucket List

1. FALL IN LOVE – With Derek it was love at first sight!
2. GET A PEDICURE – Every girl needs a pamper session.
3. EAT FROYO AT THE PARK – The perfect doggie outing.
4. MAKE A SNOW ANGEL – While it wasn’t the season, the autumn leaves made a perfect substitute!
5. BE A PRINCESS FOR THE DAY – Complete with her very own crown.

We don’t know what her previous life was like, but Rainey’s final home was a beautiful one and it was an honour to capture these moments of happiness with her.

A few months after our sessions, Rainey passed away peacefully with her loving family on March 23, 2016. She will be always loved and missed. I’m so glad her Bucket List will give her family forever memories of their time together.


Missy is the doggy that inspired Missy Moo Studio! She is a seven year old english bulldog. Julie is the owner of Missy Moo Studio. She likes chocolate, pink, and anything retro. She drives a new Beetle and hopes someday to have it custom painted pink. She (of course) loves design and photography. She adores animals sooo much, she almost became a veterinarian. She fell in love with computers…and that grew into a love of design. She specializes in pet photography and print design (logo creation, business card design, etc.)


Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Missy Moo Studio

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4 responses to “Rainey’s Doggie Bucket List by Missy Moo Studio”

  1. Peyton says:

    Great story. You are right, did need the tissues.

  2. Beth says:

    What a beautiful story and photos!

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