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Retired Guide Dogs by Pupparazzi Pet Photography

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Pupparazzi Pet Photography

Where do Guide Dogs go when they retire? What do Guide Dogs do if they don’t make it through the intensive years of training? What sort of life do they have? These are the questions I’ve always pondered when I’ve seen those golden balls of fluff embark on their training to be assistance dogs. Well today I can ponder no more, because through this heart warming photo session by Pupparazzi Pet Photography, we get to see just what these furry heroes get up to when they take off the harness…

From Pupparazzi Pet Photography:

Marni – Gold Labrador – 9 Years Old

After early training, Marni was reclassified and never became a guide dog as she was born with severe hip displasia. Since moving in with her owner, Marni has undergone a hip replacement and  knee surgery to give her better quality of life.

She is the most gentle kindest dog you will ever meet (oh except when dog treats are involved … then its survival of the fittest and make sure your fingers are out of the way!)

Delia – Black Labrador –  8 Years Old

Delia has a severe undershot jaw which makes her look like she has just come off the set of Jaws! She was reclassified half way into her 6 months of training for being too timid when in harness.

Delia would be walking down the street in harness and if she saw another dog coming she would roll over (with harness) and put all 4 legs up in the air. Not a good look for a guide dog. She now enjoys her days relaxing and enjoying life.

Mandy – Labrador X Gold Retriever – 3 Years Old

Mandy was near the end of her training to be a guide dog when she had to undergo knee surgery. This took her out of action for 3 months. In this time she lazed away at the guide dog campus poking and picking up anything that did not run away. If we could not find something…. e.g. paperwork… grooming brushes…. clothing… we knew who had carried it off somewhere.

After Mandy’s 3 months recovery she commenced training again. This did not last long as a few weeks back into it, the vets and trainers were concerned her other knee would also need surgery. So they decided to give Mandy a break away from the kennels, that is when she came to stay with me.

The rest is history… A decision was made not to continue with Mandy’s training and she was then able to stay with me for ever. To this day we are missing objects. We often have to walk about in one shoe as we cant find the other!

About Pupparazzi Pet Photography

Simon is an experienced, professional phodographer who has shunned the mutts of London to live with the showdogs of Melbourne. Whilst in London, Simon honed his photographic eye working for a series of national newspapers and magazines, including the international Eukanuba magazine. It was here that his love of dogs and animal photography really took off.  For more information, visit the Pupparazzi Website, or follow Pupparazzi on Twitter or Facebook.

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Pupparazzi Pet Photography

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9 responses to “Retired Guide Dogs by Pupparazzi Pet Photography”

  1. Oh my goodness this is too adorable! I love labs as they always have such a good balance of goofiness mixed with cutness. That shot of Mandy with the basket in her mouth is priceless xx

  2. Fiona says:

    Ohhh.. : ) I am the lucky owner of these beautiful Labs. Thank you so much for telling the story of the guide dogs that don’t make it. They may not have gone on to great things in the form of a guide dog but they bring so much joy and happiness to us we feel so lucky to have them and secretly we are glad they failed.. : ) Thank you also to Simon from Pupparazzi Pet Photography and Pretty Fluffy for showing everyone that even if you fail you can still shine : )

    • Thanks so much for commenting Fiona! They are all so beautiful! Even though they didn’t become guide dogs, they are bringing so much joy into the world that it shows just how every single one of us has so much to offer. They may have ended up on a different path, but they have provided so much happiness. xx

  3. awwww what a nice post:) Thanks for sharing. Such sweet dogs!

  4. I loved this post, Rene! I have often wondered that myself, and I am happy to learn that they are living out relaxed and joyful lives. I especially loved Delia, since that is my mom’s name and I rarely ever hear it anywhere! She must be a super sweetie 😉 And the photos are awesome, I can feel the peaceful energy beaming through the screen! x

  5. Aww, thanks for the kind words everyone – I’m glad you like them!
    Thanks Fiona – it was an absolute pleasure to work with such beautiful dogs.

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