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Pet Photography Tips: Send a Doggie Message of Love this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day and the entire month of February can be all about love! And with celebrating Valentine’s Day comes flowers, balloons, chocolates and, above all else, letting those you love know it!

With the help of some very adorable friends, I’d love to show you my favourite way to send a gorgeous message of love. With the help of your own pretty fluffies, you too can send a very special message this Valentine’s Day!


The cute-as-can-be Kelpie cross puppies Lilly and Lucky have a special balloon delivery this Valentines Day. Using a helium filled balloon to theme a photo is a super simple option. The overlay that has been added to Lilly’s photo is from Etsy. Simply search for ‘Valentines Overlay’ and you’ll have lots of great choices for adding even more love to your photos. Alternatively, you could add text for a personal message. PicMonkey is a great free online editing software that can be used to do this, as well as many other image enhancements.


The adorable Kelpie cross Gracie and Koolie Chui are bringing you flowers this year. The flower collar from Dharf is beautifully made and perfectly stylish for special occasions. For individual flowers, any will do! From real flowers found in your own garden to a felt rose like the one Chui has from Etsy. They will all work beautifully to create a Valentines Day message – the trick will be getting your dog to hold it or pose with it!


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Groodle Maggie and Labrador Toby are wonderful chocolate goodness! And, even better yet, they are a guilt free treat which can be enjoyed at anytime, all year round! A simple, play on words, there are no props or tricks with this Valentine’s Day theme. Don’t forget though, ‘chocolate’ could easily include white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cookies and cream or a mixed box!


Pug-a-licious Coco Fox wanted to pop in and share a special message of puppy love, while the sweetie Jack Russell Mayra tied herself in knots to deliver some love. Both show how homewares and household items can be easily repurposed as a prop or accessory to create your Valentines Day message. Have a look around your home – I am sure there is something right there that can be used. Or if you’re feeling crafty, check out our DIY 5 Minute Valentine for another idea !


Once you have created your gorgeous Valentines Day photo message, make sure to send it to someone you love, or even lots of special someone’s to brighten all of their days. There are fabulous services like Minted and Little Creations where you can use beautifully designed templates and get them printed. It will surely bring a huge smile to receive something so lovely and considered via hand delivery or snail mail!

Of course, don’t forget to share on social media! If you’re now super inspired, we’d love to see your special Valentines photos! Post to the Pretty Fluffy Facebook Page  or on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #PrettyFluffyLove or post a link in the comments!

Happy Valentines Day to you all and your fluffy furkids!

AUTHOR: Kerry Martin considers pets very much part of the family. It’s for this very reason that she adores capturing all of their happiness, the heartfelt things you love most about them and genuinely celebrating their story. To see more of her work, visit Akemi Photography: WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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  1. Such fabulous tips Kerry! I love the idea of using the ribbon to spell out a message 🙂
    And who wouldn’t want a doggie box of chocolates!

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