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Snow Dogs by Kirstie M Photography

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Kirstie M Photography

While scrolling through this gorgeous winter Husky photo session by Adelaide pet photographer, Kirstie M Photography, I started humming ‘Let It Snow’ in my head.

Doesn’t the fun and frocklicky nature of these gorgeous pups playing in the snow just make you want to dive in right after them?

Kirstie’s here today to fill us in on the secrets behind such a gorgeous shoot…

From Kirstie M Photography:

Last year a friend and past client of mine called to say she was in need of a new family portrait- they’d just added a second husky to their family!

Mila was only 8 weeks old at the time and I was living in Adelaide with my clients in country Victoria, but I knew we just has to photograph her as a pup. 12 months earlier after photographing their Husky, Thor, we’d joked about creating a collection of him in the snow. Of course, I began thinking and decided we had to photograph them together, in the snow, while Mila was still a pup!

Snow had not began to fall yet, but would by mid June, while Mila was still young. I began advertising that Kirstie M was coming home for a weekend and book enough shoots (read five in three days, including the in-person sharing sessions for four of them) to warrant a trip home! The logistics were a nightmare.

Mt Baw Baw is the closest snow but it’s a national park- no dogs allowed, but after a few emails and some negotiation, including the promise that it would only be a once off, the man in charge agreed we could hold the shoot in the park. I booked flights home, organised the chains etc, and then three days prior to our session- still no snow!!

How lucky were we then to have light snow showers Thursday night, wind blow it off the mountain Friday, a bit of a down pour Saturday morning giving some lovely ground cover, and then fresh snow fall on us during our session on the Sunday morning, with beautiful golden sun light poking through the trees!

The dogs loved it.. they looked as though they were born there as they ran about, weaving through trees and jumping snow capped logs. Although I did have to go back to the car and turn the heater on to defrost my hands twice, we loved it, and the results are 100% worth it! I would do it again and again (if only Baw Baw would allow me back!)

Snow Dogs by Kirstie M Photography | Pretty Fluffy


Both Mila & Thor will be featured in the coffee table book Kirstie is creating as she travels Australia raising awareness for Oscar’s Law.

New locations have just been added to her travels. To find out how you can see your dog within the pages, visit Kirstie M Photography.


I’m the girl searching for hidden treasures- hiking through parks, strolling through markets, over-indulging at artisan cheeseries and immersing myself in contrasting cultures. I gasp at morning mist and golden light, always keeping my camera near. The smell of a horse calms me and the kiss of a pup brings my smile. My best friend has four legs, my continuous reminder to appreciate the small things, a cool breeze on a hot day or the last crumb on the plate; but most importantly, the priceless bond we share. I’m Kirstie M and I believe life is what you make it. Surround yourself with great people, visit amazing places and create unforgettable experiences. I would love nothing more than to capture your family as you are right now, in this moment. Smile often, dream big and keep honest.

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Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Kirstie M Photography

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