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The Story of Chucky & Gypsy by Ragamuffin Pet Photography

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Ragamuffin Pet Photography

It’s ironic that this beautiful photo session was shot by the lovely Caitlin of Ragamuffin Pet Photography, because you couldn’t find two more adorable ragamuffins than Chucky and Gypsy.

This pair is what I imagine fun, cuddles and loyalty would be if you wrapped them up in one big bow. Time to sit down and hear the ballad of Chucky & Gypsy…


Australian Rescue Dogs by Ragamuffin Pet Photography | Melbourne Pet Photography | Pretty Fluffy


From Caitlin:

I met Sheridan (Gypsy and Chucky’s Mum) after she bid on a Ragamuffin Pet Photography session at a fundraising auction. Their Macclesfield farmhouse was a fair drive from Melbourne, but the beautiful location (not to mention the furkids waiting for me there) was well worth the trip.

I met adopted rescues Gypsy and Chucky for the first time – and promptly fell head over heels.


Australian Rescue Dogs by Ragamuffin Pet Photography | Melbourne Pet Photography | Pretty Fluffy


Chucky’s Story:
Hilarious, quirky, 6 year old boy (Collie X)

Chucky spent the first two years of his life going to work everyday with his owner, then one day he just disappeared.

Two years later, he showed up at his owner’s workplace – a miracle! When Chucky’s previous owner took a 6 month contract for a job overseas, he put Chucky in a boarding kennel while he was gone. Chucky spent two years waiting for his human to return – he never did.

So Chucky came to Pet’s Haven – and that’s where he found the happy ever after to his sad story. Sheridan spent a weekend with Chucky at the shelter and at a Petstock adoption day.

He used his funniest, cutest and most playful little habits to woo his new Mum (Sheridan didn’t know she was his new Mum yet, but I’m positive that Chucky knew the instant he met her). When she said goodbye to Chucky at the end of the weekend, Sheridan cried the whole 2 hour journey home. One week later, Chucky had been adopted and he was finally home.


Australian Rescue Dogs by Ragamuffin Pet Photography | Melbourne Pet Photography | Pretty Fluffy


Gypsy’s Story:
Shy, quiet and intensely loving 5 year old girl (German Shepherd X)

Gypsy found Sheridan at the shelter in 2008. There were a couple of other dogs (two Rotties) vying for her attention, but there was something special about the 8 month old German Shepherd Cross who just wanted to sit on the bench beside Sheridan and be cuddled.

Sheridan couldn’t make a decision on her first visit to the shelter, but didn’t want to put any on hold because she couldn’t bear the thought of one of the dogs missing out on their chance for a happy home.

When she returned two days later shen was still not sure which dog from the three was the right choice. She was informed that all three dogs had been put on hold by other potential adopters – and discovered that she was devastated to hear that she had missed out on the Shepherd girl.

Just as Sheridan was preparing to leave her details with the shelter in case the hold fell through, their phone rang. The gentleman who had her on hold couldn’t make it that day and was requesting an extension on the hold. Needless to say, the shelter didn’t extend the hold and Gypsy’s paperwork was signed then and there. She has been glued to her Mum’s side ever since the day she came home.


Their determination as they race in pursuit of their favourite ball. The warm lean of their body against yours. The soft pads of their paws, curled up in their favourite spot on your couch. Ragamuffin Pet Photography doesn’t just give you photos that show off what your pet looks like ~ I create artwork that celebrates their soul.

As a former fashion photographer, I once won awards covering runways in New York and London, but my life changed forever when I met my furry girl, Lyra. Now I spend my time cuddling puppies in parks, running with rescues on the beach, and wrangling kittens in the comfort of their own home. Drop by the Ragamuffin blog for more Melbourne Pet Photography Sessions.

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Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Ragamuffin Pet Photography

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