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Wee World Adoptables by McGraw Photography

Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: McGraw Photography


We are always so happy to see photographers and artists supporting adoptable pets, and we were blown away by McGraw Photography’s fun new series for the Charlotte Human Society called, Wee World Adoptables.

Sarah even did a few fun Wee World shots with her own pupsters – LOVE!



From Sarah

Every artist needs a mental break to get refreshed and to rekindle the creative juices inside. I’ve been searching for years and years for THE perfect personal project that would allow me to do just that. Enter the Wee World.

I don’t remember the first time I saw one of these super-cool, funky tiny planets, but I never forgot the idea of them. For some reason over the winter, I started thinking about them again. And it dawned on me…that could be my personal project!!! It was different, unique, creative and something most people have never seen.

Wee-Worlds_HSC_4 Wee-Worlds_Eva_Panorama

I started researching how to make these special panoramics – the technique, the settings, the equipment, the software. It all finally came together when I did my very first trial in my living room. The interesting part of the trial wasn’t the fact that I actually got it right on my very first try. No! It was the fact that my one of my dogs was sitting on the couch and was included in the image. The whole time I envisioned this project, it wasn’t going to be with dogs – this was going to be separate from work. I wanted to focus on landscapes and architecture. That was the point. Yeah, it didn’t take too long to change my mind.

Wee-Worlds_HSC_2 Wee-Worlds-HSC_3

Ideas starting flowing through my head on how to include dogs. Totally not the point of my Wee World idea but I guess it did get the creative juices flowing! Kudos to personal projects!

Long story short, I’ve been shooting about half of the Wee Worlds with dogs, half without. My dogs have been the main models (they’re thrilled, I’m sure) but I also really challenged myself and photographed some Wee Worlds for the Humane Society of Charlotte.

I have so many more ideas for Wee Worlds bottled up inside. This is just the beginning!

About McGraw Photography

Sarah McGraw is a Charlotte, North Carolina photographer that captures modern images of posh pets. Being in love with photography since she was 12 and obsessed with animals since she was born, she can now happily say that she loves her job – the perfect combination of the two. Sarah is the proud mom of 2 dogs, Eva and Sadie, and 2 cats, Teton and Little Kitty. When she isn’t photographing clients’ pets, she donates her time photographing canine events for the American Cancer Society and fundraisers for local rescues. She also photographs adoptable dogs at the Humane Society of Charlotte.


Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: McGraw Photography

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10 responses to “Wee World Adoptables by McGraw Photography”

  1. Those photos are so amazing! Very interesting to look at! I love it when photographers give back to animals in need. Good photos helps so much in getting pets adopted!

  2. Amy Wise says:

    Love that they look like tiny planets! Such a unique perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hayley Green says:

    I’ve done these tiny worlds before for a school project, though I never thought to add dogs! The technique to getting these tiny worlds is deceptively simple if you know a thing or two about Photoshop and panorama. Now I’ve got to try this with my pup, if he can stay still long enough.

  4. Sarah these are incredible! I just recently installed an app that does this onto my phone, but the photos aren’t like these! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

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