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3 Items Every Dog Owner Must Have

I’ll admit it. I’m a neat freak. While I don’t necessarily enjoy cleaning per se, I love having my house all organised and pretty. I like walking into my home and it smelling fresh and clean.
Which is where my adorable dog comes into the mix. You see my dog doesn’t have the same obsession as me. Muddy footprints, imprints of snouts against glass windows, delicate tufts of hair that find their way onto the couch, the bed, my clothes….My dog is cool with all of this. In fact she’s what you’d call the opposite of a neat freak. We’re pretty much a human/canine version of The Odd Couple. I’ve come to accept that dogs and white couches just don’t mix.
But…considering I just love her to bits, I’ve found a few ways of closing the neatness gap and thought I’d share them with you today…

{Aussie Lint Roller from}

The lint roller. If you’re a dog owner and you do not own a lint roller run to the shops and buy one NOW. Stop reading and go get yourself one. Go on. We’ll wait until you’ll get back.
Lint Rollers are the answer to pet hair on your furniture, on your clothes, on your bedding… Frankly pet hair has an amazing knack for infiltrating even the toughest areas…inside dry cleaning bags. Hello?
There are so many brands to choose from, but I like to have a supersized one for bigger areas at home and a smaller one for the car/handbag.

{Verbena Home Perfume from L’Occitane}

Home Perfume and air deodorizers. To be honest I think most dogs smell good most of the time – well they smell like dogs most of the time. However if they’ve been rolling around in your newly laid fertiliser, frolicking out in muddy puddles, or heaven forbid, have been out for a swim and have that ‘wet dog smell’, a good dose of home spray or air deodorizer will help transform your home from a dog shelter back into a place of residence.

{Soggy Dog Towel from}

The Soggy Dog Towel. Either hang one of these near your back door or put your mop there instead and be ready for the call “Clean up in aisle 3”.  If you choose Option 1 you’ll be glad you did. This super cute towel has little slips where you can insert your hands, and the material is super absorbent. The design makes it so much easier to access fluffy bellies, ears and most importantly paws. Your floors will thank you.

So there you have it – believe me these 3 items will change your life. And every so often? Maybe just let go and enjoy the mess. Your dog will love it!

Do you have any tips on keeping your doggie home neat?
What are your favourite hints for a clean and fluffy home?

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5 responses to “3 Items Every Dog Owner Must Have”

  1. Bakes says:

    Love it! Can you suggest a brand of floor rug that is specifically made for people with pets? I have discovered my little fluffy likes to wee on the one under my coffee table while I’m at work, and think it’s time for a new one…hopefully from one of those massive discount warehouses… or a specific one made for people with pets that can be washed out easily every so often?

  2. Serena Faber Nelson says:

    Hi Bakes,
    There are reusable puppy pads which can be washed out and re-used. Check out
    I would recommend either using these or the disposable kind to protect your rug while you’re out. The last thing you want is for your puppy to develop the idea that gorgeous floor rugs = bathroom.
    As your puppy becomes more house trained you can remove the puppy pads and still keep your stylish floor rug! Win!

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