Our Best Winter Dog Grooming Tips
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Our Best Winter Dog Grooming Tips

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Winter’s chilly weather is here!

This means lots of more cuddles and snuggles, but the cold weather also brings with it logistical challenges for dog owners.

To keep your dog looking and feeling great this winter, we asked Joseph Lyddy Pet Indulgence  for their top winter dog grooming tips – and how to best wash and groom your pooch during the winter months.

Our Best Winter Dog Grooming Tips

Winter Dog Grooming & Brushing

It’s likely that your pooch is going to get wet/muddy over the next few months – especially if they are the outdoorsy type.

For dogs with longer coats, remember to brush daily to avoid a matty, knotted coat. It is best to get rid of tangles before you wash your pet as problematic coats can become worse when wet.

We recommend the use of a detangler such as our Joseph Lyddy Pet Indulgence Sparkling Coat Gloss & Detangler or our Relaxing Detangler.

Both are ideal for regular grooming to detangle coats of both dogs and cats. Our detanglers help prevent urine, grass and manure stains. They contain natural ingredients and are enriched with unique essential oil blends. Available from both My Pet Warehouse or Big W.

Our Best Winter Dog Grooming Tips

Washing Your Dog in Winter

We tend to wash our dogs less in winter, especially if you usually wash your dog’s outside.

To avoid your dog becoming cold, we suggest washing your dog inside with warm water during the winter months.

If washing your dog inside is not possible, then we suggest using warm water to wash your dog outside. Always ensure the water is warm and not too hot.

Whether you are washing your dog inside or outside, make sure that you thoroughly dry your dog after washing.

To save on time in the water during the winter months, opt for a shampoo and conditioning combo such as Joseph Lyddy Pet Indulgence Calming 2in1 Conditioning Shampoo. Available from Big W and select independent retailers.

If you chose to wash less frequently in winter, opt for a dry shampoo that can be sprayed onto a dry coat and brushed through for a quick, easy, no fuss wash.

Joseph Lyddy Pet Indulgence Easywash Dry Shampoos are ideal for dogs and cats, and can be used in colder weather in between washes or when your dog or cat cannot be shampooed with water. They come in three fragrances (blood orange, cinnamon & bark / pomegranate, lime & lavender / vanilla, honey & coconut) containing natural ingredients and essential oils. Available from Coles, Big W and My Pet Warehouse.

Photo Credit: Joseph Lyddy Pet Indulgence/Pipers Adventures

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

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One response to “Our Best Winter Dog Grooming Tips”

  1. Mary Nielsen says:

    I wouldn’t wash my dog outside during the winter, it is just dangerous 🙁

    Maybe the dog owners who can’t wash their dogs inside could use some grooming service to wash their dog for them? It would probably cost a little but I think it is worth it because washing a dog outside on a cold day could get them ill.

    I have two tips to share for our dog parents. First, don’t cut or shave your dog’s fur during the winter because the longer fur will make your dog feel warmer.

    And second is the paws and how to save them during the winter. I would suggest looking for some nice dog boots so that its paws don’t freeze. The skin on the paws is a bit stronger but still, it is not always resilient and cold asphalt could get it to crack.

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