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Hair of the Dog

I had to laugh the other day when I received a call from a good friend asking my secrets to a clean house. You see I knew this friend wasn’t asking for dusting tips, or how to clean a shower, I knew she was facing one problem – dog hair.

Depending on your breed of dog, your dog hair problem may be big or small, but when springtime or fall rolls around that’s when most dog owners start to notice their dogs are a bit more prone to sharing the fluffy love. And if you’re living with an extremely hairy dog like me, without action you’ll end up with some real life sized fluffy tumbleweeds on your hands. So what to do? Here are the latest and greatest solutions on offer:

{Dogs and White Couches Don’t Mix. Main Image Via We Heart It}

1. Dyson Groom. The first port of call when you’re facing a doggie hair overload is regular brushing. I’ve been a big fan of slicker brushes for a long time, and the Dyson Groom takes then into a new realm by not only brushing the fur from the coat but sucking it up at the same time. Sure it’ll take some practice and lots of treats if you have a dog who’s scared of the vaccuum, but this latest gadget could be the answer to all your prayers. It stops the hair before it ends up all over your house.

2. Old Fashioned Rubber Gloves. Now we all know I love a lint roller to remove dog hair from my clothes, couch, cushions…the list goes on. However if you ever find yourself without access to one this little tip will be a lifesaver! Slap on some good old fashioned rubber gloves (cute set from Elizabeth’s Embellishments pictured) and wipe your hands along the surface that has been covered in hair. The fur should clump together and lift out of the material making it easy to remove in one go. Voila! Hair free.

3. Grooming Kit. Although regular brushing is a great starting point, your dog also needs to be groomed regularly to keep their coat healthy and prevent any extra shedding. A wash and clip is a brilliant habit to get into and can be either done by a professional groomer or at home. With a host of grooming kits out on the market one of my favourites for even the most skittish dogs is this silent grooming set aptly named Scaredy Cut.

What are your top tips for a hair free house?


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  1. Got lucky with Kirby’s fur. It’s pretty much wash and air dry! He doesn’t shed but I still have to deal with cat hair. Lol.

    Kirby and I love your blog so we have an award for you! Come fetch it!

  2. […] to say I was a little hesitant. Don’t get my wrong, I LOVE the idea – I’d even posted about it before. It’s a great, innovative product that literally allows you to brush and suck away your […]

  3. As we head into the warmer months we go to the groomer and get a little shorter shave.
    Saves some of those tumbleweed of fur and importantly makes it easier to check for those nasty ticks we get around our way over the warmer months.

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