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12 Before 2012 – The Results!

Remember my 12 things to achieve before 2012 inspired by Oh Hello Friend’s Twelve Before 2012 project? Well the new years fireworks have been and gone, and it’s time to check in to see how I’ve done….

1. Get the Shopping Guides on Pretty Fluffy ready to go! DONE. I really can’t wait to share this little project with you all – it’s going to be great. They’re a little while away from being live, but thanks to 12 before 2012 they are becoming a reality.

2. Finally post that Doggie DIY Project I’ve been thinking about for months… I did and it was SO much fun. But really was anything entitled ‘Puppy’s First Christmas’ ever going to be anything but fun? I’ve included  a sneak peek below but you can see the complete final results here, here, and here. To be honest I’m so proud that I achieved this, because so many times it got a bit overwhelming, but thanks to this list I powered on through.

3. Make some home made treats for Soda – yum, yum! I sure did, and they were a hit! Check out the scrummy results here.

4. Celebrate my 2nd Wedding Anniversary with my lovely husband. And after two years it just gets better. Here’s a sneak peek of our celebrations.

5. Get some Rachel Bilson inspired highlights for summer. This one was a close call – booked in with the hairdresser this week. Here’s to no tears in 2012!

6. Start writing guest posts for other lovely bloggers out there – anyone want one? This was one I loved doing! It was a pleasure being featured on Social Change Room plus I have even more coming up in the New Year including a super exciting one – thanks to everyone for having me!

7. Start going to Pump class again before my arms muscles turn to mush. Yep I’ve been back to the gym and plan to go every day during the holiday break. Those annoying people are right – exercise makes you happy!

8. Finish planning our European Vacation for 2012 – Oui Oui! The tickets are booked and now that’s all left to do is to decide whether to spend longer in Paris or the French Countryside. What a hard life I sometimes have.

9. Teach Soda a new trick. Well it didn’t turn out to be a standard trick but over the past month of two I have been training Soda to become the perfect doggie model! Even to the point of perking up her ears on command! Observe…

10. Learn how to make THIS, THIS, or THESE. The cookies were just begging to be left out for Santa (and to be eaten), so I chose them. But I must say I still want to tackle the cakes in the coming year. Maybe I’ll just have to make the pink one for my birthday!

11. Have a weekend getaway with NO iphones, laptops or TV. One word: Bliss.

12. Finish reading my ever growing book pile. Check! 

Did you have your own 12 before 2012? Or just one or two things you wanted to check off before the new year? How did you go?

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  1. Sarah says:

    You go! I love all of your accomplishments, especially the European vacation. I’ll gladly lose an extra 5lbs to fit in your suitcase!

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