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A New Addition… Meet Socks

I am very excited to introduce to you today a new addition to the Pretty Fluffy family! This 18 month old Border Collie X was a rescue dog at the RSPCA Shelter when my parents decided to take him home with them earlier this year. Since then he has become a much loved member of the family. Pretty Fluffies, meet Socks…

NAME: Socks

AGE: 18 months, give or take!

BREED: Border Collie X



FAVOURITE GAME: Fetch, fetch and more fetch.

DISLIKES: People putting blue ribbons on him for photo shoots.

Sadly my parents were unable to find out much about Socks’ history. When he came to them he was severely underweight and quite shy. The RSPCA records mentioned something about a family surrendering Socks because they were moving, but this is unconfirmed. Unfortunately for a lot of working dogs like Socks, they are very cute and cuddly to begin with, but as they grow up their needs for exercise and mental stimulation become too much for their owners. Which is sad, because happy working dogs can be the most intelligent and loyal dogs you will ever know.

But lucky for Socks, he has hit the jackpot with my parents. Funnily enough they had originally gone to the pound to see if there were any older dogs that needed a home. My mum’s beautiful dog of 12 years, Spot, had passed away a few years prior and she was ready to bring another furry friend into her life. (I got a lot of my dog craziness from her!) However when they arrived at the pound my Dad began to tell the officer about his most favourite dog in the world – a Border Collie named Soda (just as any proud grandfather would!), and the carer mentioned they also had a Border Collie available for adoption. It was love at first sight.

Believe it or not, my Dad has never been a dog person. In fact growing up, I would have called him a cat person if anything! But to see him today with Socks is heart warming. Every morning they go to the park to play fetch, and when they’re at home Socks rarely leaves my Dad’s side. To my parents they have just welcomed another rescue dog into their lives, but to Socks, the love of my Mum and Dad means everything.

If you’re thinking about welcoming a new pet into your home, consider offering a rescue like Socks a home. To see more pets looking for fur-ever homes visit PetRescue or your local shelter. 

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36 responses to “A New Addition… Meet Socks”

  1. Oh how I love happy endings! Socks is a beauty and I just know he and Soda will become besties!

  2. Hi Socks! Welcome to the Pretty Fluffy Family! You are a handsome boy.

  3. Rachael S says:

    What a beautiful boy and what a great family he has come into. He is going to get such great loving!! And the picture of him trying to catch that bone is hilarious! I cant wait to see what other poses you can get out of him.

  4. I’m so glad socks has founds such a wonderful home! It warms my heart to see a rescue dog end up in such a loving happy place!! I’m sure socks and soda will be the best of friends!

  5. yay for border collies! 😉

  6. aww.. well done Mr and Mrs Pretty Fluffy! Socks is gorgeous 🙂

  7. Jennie says:

    All that cuteness! Love it!

  8. Cheryl says:

    What a cutie!!!! Border collies are the best:) Love the bow too.

  9. yvonne cox says:

    Love the story and also love the name socks. I did ask mr and mre fluffy if it was because he liked to eat them? Have to confess i hate the bow! Glad he is now a happy dog

  10. Karyn says:

    Gorgeous – he’s a lucky boy to find such a wonderful family to love him!

  11. Teangi says:

    *tears* what a beautiful story, beautiful Socks, beautiful photos!

  12. steve at gangs of new yorkie says:

    Yay!!! Welcome home, Socks! Bet you and Soda are going to get along great…

  13. Cate says:

    Socks is gorgeous!!!!

  14. Such a sweet story, Socks is so cute. My husband’s favourite family pet was a border collie named Lucy. They’re a great breed. I can’t wait for when we have a bigger place and can get a dog.

    • Thanks Christina! Yep, I love all dogs, but I have to say I’ve got a big soft spot for Border Collies.
      I can’t wait for you to get a dog – he would have the glossiest coat of the whole neighbourhood!! 🙂

  15. Tonya says:

    He’s so handsome! How do he and Soda get along?

    • Socks and Soda haven’t met actually! My parents live over 8 hours away from where me and my husband are based, and we can’t take Soda in the plane 🙁
      I would hope if they met Socks would be able to teach Soda how to fetch properly (In 11 years she has brought back the ball about 4 times! She prefers to run around doing a lap of honour!); and Soda would teach Socks how to high five!! 🙂

  16. Lisa says:

    Socks is so beautiful and looks like so much fun! Great pics as well 🙂

  17. katherine says:

    awww! he’s adorable! what energy he has. both of my dogs were found as a strays (as about 5/6 month old puppies) because they were dumped. and that is awesome that your parents have a border collie as well – i hope they get to meet because socks & soda has a nice ring to it!

  18. Carrie says:

    Socks is really cute, and looks so much like my dog Mumble! You are definitely right that these dogs require a lot of mental stimulation and exercise! Try agility – my dog loves it and it keeps him busy.

  19. […] Ball Dog Toy – I got two of these back in May – one for Soda and one for Socks. As a lady of older years, Soda enjoys squeaking and chewing at this ball constantly. For a […]

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