Pretty Fluffy Relaunch
Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes // 03

Pretty Fluffy Relaunch


To say this month was a big one is a complete understatement…

We launched our new look Pretty Fluffy site. Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted, pinned, facebooked, instagrammed, exchange-agrammed* your little hearts out. Just looking at all the pics in this post means the world to me. We’re truly so blessed to find so many crazy dog ladies (and men) out there.

Sometimes I do sit here and wonder, is Pretty Fluffy too niche? Are we too out there? Do people really enjoy making bow ties for their dogs like us? Do the beauty/fashion/mommy bloggers think we’re a little bit crazy?

But then I see all your support and I think, yeah! CRAZY LIKE A FOX(y terrier)! Your support keeps this site going. A million thankyous.


Pretty Fluffy Relaunch


A few days after our launch we said hello to our brand new Shopping Guides – we can see a lot of you are digging spending time over there. Need something for your pooch – we’ve got your back.

September was also the month we kicked off our favourite new series – Behind the Brand and Home Tours which have proved a rousing success – seems like you can’t get enough of these sneak peeks into the doggy dog world (little throwback to Sophia Vegara in Modern Family there).

Our Lead Toy Analyst turned six.

Soda’s grandma came to visit while Serena travelled to Fiji.

We got our DIY on with no-sew dog bandanas and canine wine toppers. Then we sobered up to get healthy with our top list of Superfoods for Dogs.

This video had Sarah and I LMAO-ing in between emails.

This one had us crying.

This one had us rethinking our social media strategy. #notreally


Pretty Fluffy Relaunch


What’s coming up for October? Oh, I don’t know, maybe some fabulous new recipes! And not just dog treats this time.

And did someone say Halloween? You better believe it. Stay tuned.

* Thank YOU Vince Vaughn.

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