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How to Help Animals Affected by the NSW Bushfires

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson


Want to help animals affected by the NSW bush fires?

Here are three ways you can help…


On behalf of the Animal Welfare League NSW, PETstock stores across NSW and ACT will be acting as drop off points for people who wish to make a product donation for pets who have been injured or displaced as a result of the fires.

Find your nearest PETstock store HERE.

The Animal Welfare League NSW is also encouraging people to bring injured and homeless animals to their veterinary clinic and animal shelter at Kemps Creek. Click HERE more information.


If you live in an area affected by NSW’s bush fires, please help wildlife by leaving bowls of water out for animals escaping the fires.

If you have an injured animal to report please call the WIRES rescue line 13000WIRES.

WIRES are also urgently looking for donations of new items to assist the native animal victims of the fires. This includes koalas, sugar gliders, wallabies, bandicoots and many more precious and endangered native animals that need your help.

The required items are:

  • New 100% cotton sheets and pillowcases
  • New ceramic containers (for food provision)
  • New large cages (e.g. good size for cockatoos)
  • New pet carriers
  • New aviaries of all sizes, ideally flat packed

Please note these items need to be new as it is a state of emergency and staff need to ensure the products are free from any contamination that could result in infection and hinder the recovery of wildlife.

If you can offer assistance please email with the details. Please DO NOT call their rescue line for anything other than reporting a native animal that needs to be rescued.


No matter where you are you can help animals affected by the bush fires by making a small donation.

Even once the fires have ended they leave animals injured, orphaned, homeless, hungry and disorientated.

To help native wildlife you can donate to WIRES here.

To help other animals affected you can donate to the the NSW Animal Welfare League here.

If you have any more tips on how to help animals affected by the NSW bushfires please leave them in the comments below.

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

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  1. A BIG shout out to reader, Chasely who inspired this post!

  2. Fantastic post. Please everyone donate a little something to help.

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