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When I started this blog I really had no idea in what direction it would take me. Next month will mark 6 months of Pretty Fluffy and I’m happy to say I still adore bringing you this blog everyday – and even better more and more people seem to be enjoying Pretty Fluffy! For that reason in the coming weeks I am going to focus all my energy on bringing you all a Prettier and Fluffier blog for you to love. But before I get going, I wanted to check in with you to find out what YOU love, what YOU don’t like so much and what YOU want to see more of. In short Pretty Fluffies – I need your help.

{Inspiration Board created at Style Me Pretty}

It would mean the world to me if you could take this quick Pretty Fluffy Survey to tell me how I can make Pretty Fluffy better for you. It’s all about finding out what you enjoy most about this blog and what you would love to see more of. Plus it’s 100% anonymous so you finally get a space to be completely honest about why you love visiting here and what you don’t like so much. To start click the above link which will take you directly to the survey of 10 quick questions which will take you a maximum of 5 minutes to answer (they are mostly multiple choice too! Yay!) And remember survey or not, you’re always more than welcome to leave any feedback in the comments below or by emailing me direct at

I can’t wait to share all the lovely things I have in store for you in the coming months! Til then Pretty Fluffies, thankyou for your support – every click and comment on my little ol’ blog still makes me smile.

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  1. Love your blog Serena it always brings a smile to my face! Looking forward to seeing what changes are afoot! xo

  2. blanket says:

    I’m not sure my answers will be too helpful, I love everything about Pretty Fluffy! Looking forward to more lovely fluffies 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for your feedback so far everyone!

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