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We’re on House of Harvey!

Pretty Fluffy Pup Profile feature on House of Harvey

If Soda was a celebrity who would she be? Get this fun fact and more today!

I’m so excited to be over at the fabulous House of Harvey today sharing everything you need to know about Soda and me in their pup profile. I’d love it if you could stop by and check it out.

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8 responses to “We’re on House of Harvey!”

  1. Aww…Now I love Soda even more!

  2. Beth says:

    I always wondered how Soda got her name. Too funny!

  3. I loved reading this interview, so cute! I love the story behind Soda’s name too! It’s so funny, Soda is 12 years old and a toy-a-holic and Mamma is the same age and could care less about anything that resemebles a toy LOL xo

  4. Best interview ever! So sweet!

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