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Dogs of the Blogs: August Empress

Now it goes without saying that I’m a HUGE fan of the blog that I’m sharing with you today. You see the creative force behind August Empress is the same amazing talent that designed the Pretty Fluffy website. This girl really has an eye for everything beautiful, sweet and stylised. And not only is she uber talented, but she’s a dog lover as well! Time to meet Jo and Mambo…

Who: Jo and Mambo
Where: August Empress
In A Nutshell: August Empress focuses on inspiration and resources in design including patterns, textiles, illustration, photography, products and decor.

Why did you start blogging?
After working on my design business for a while, including designing many blogs, I wanted to focus some attention on my own projects including starting my own design blog. Much of my design work incorporates patterns, textures and other creative inspiration and my blog is a way for me to bring those things to my readers and hopefully inspire them.

What are your most popular posts to date?
One of the most popular would be the Geometric Watercolour Patterns, the free pattern downloads are generally the most visited. My personal favourites are the photos from my recent trip to Europe here (Pictured), here and here.

Tell us about your dog…
Mambo was born out in Toowoomba and we brought him to the Gold Coast when he was a pup – lucky for him since he’s obsessed with water and the surf. He is 4 years old, and apparently a Border Collie X Cobber, but we could never find out any info about a ‘Cobber’ so we thought it might be Cattle Dog. We’re not exactly sure where he got his red coat, most people think he’s a lady dog because of he’s so ‘pretty’. He is an expert at shaking paws, loves squeaky toys and likes to sit directly on your feet. Mambo is sensitive to noises – he especially doesn’t like storms or bees – he is usually hiding in a corner or under something, wherever he can squeeze into. He is always making us laugh.

If you had to describe your dog in three words, you’d say….
Playful, Clever, Cute.

How is your dog involved in your blog?
Since I work from home and am constantly sitting/staring at a computer, Mambo keeps me from being a total homebody by getting me outside to play, visiting the beach and going for walks. They do say people who own a dog live longer and I definitely think our little guy makes our lives better.

What is your MUST-READ blog at the moment?
It’s always difficult to select from so many but at the moment I would say my favourite is Moxee, it’s always inspirational and I especially love the design posts which combine great type and imagery.

If you had one tip to share with other blogggers it would be…
Save your images correctly for web! Most blogs are image heavy and if it takes a long time to load it will discourage visitors, and will also eat up your bandwidth.

Jo’s TOP 5 Pretty & Fluffy picks…
1. Today/Tomorrow Adhesive Notes – I always work with a today and tomorrow to-do list, so these are perfect.
2. Scale Bowl – I saw these at the pet shop, so cute. (Pictured)
3. Fellow Fellow Paper Pack – These would look amazing in craft / scrap booking projects. (Pictured)
4. Helmi Rug – Gorgeous scandinavian style.
5. Ultimate Dog Tease – my favourite video of the year.

Want to follow August Empress? You can follow Jo on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to the full blog here.

PHOTO CREDITS: Jo Klima by Love Etc. Photography, Mambo by Charlotte Reeves Photography

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