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Dogs of the Blogs: Canines & Couture

If you ever find yourself going to a blog conference, you’ll often get asked ‘Who do you write for?’ – in short who out there do you think would be your ideal audience. [Side note to self: Don’t mumble ‘Um…people…who like stuff’ and wander over to the bar for your third glass of champagne next time]

So when I first laid eyes on the lovely Jules from Canines & Couture I realised she embodied that imaginary person I’ve always been writing for. Not because she has a stylish wardrobe (she totally does), nor because of her fun attitude (which she has in spades) but because she sees her dog, Rufus, as a natural expansion of her life, heart and style. I tell ya folks – you couldn’t meet a more cute and stylin’ duo – say hello to Jules and Rufus…

Who: Jules and Rufus
Where: Canines & Couture
In A Nutshell: Canines & Couture is for all of the fashionable dog lovers and/or fashionable dog owners who see their dog(s) as an extension of themselves and therefore, also an extension of their personal sense of style. My readers have a healthy lust for the beauty, humor, style and whimsy in life.

Dogs of the Blogs Canines & Couture | Pretty Fluffy

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I needed a creative outlet outside of my life-sustaining job. I needed a big change but didn’t want to leave a comfortable and safe work environment. I also knew I wanted to merge my biggest passions, English Bulldogs, fashion, and writing and quickly realized there aren’t a whole lot of jobs tailor-made for those three things.

Canines & Couture was born at the Academy of Art after a short attempt at obtaining my MFA; I realized the program wasn’t for me but the concept behind Canines & Couture stayed with me. It was officially born into the blogosphere a year later!

What is your favourite blog post to date?
My favorite blog post to-date would have to be, 20 Things I’ve Learned From My English Bulldog. Rufus is the first dog I could call 100% my own and I’m in awe about how much he’s taught me about myself.

Rufus English Bulldog from Canines & Couture | Pretty Fluffy

Tell us about Rufus…
Rufus is like no other dog I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with. He is a clown; a clutz; a drooling, slobbering, farting, sneezing, shedding, nugget ball of fur. There’s something so unfiltered and transparent about his love. He loves me with reckless abandon, head butting me when he’s happy to see me come through the door; snorting snot all over my face when he’s really excited about getting fed; taking my knees out when he’s circling around me protectively over someone or another dog. He’s careless and goofy and heart-meltingly cute.

My insides literally ache from joy when I look at his smooshy face, 1-inch under bite and protruding teeth. And it doesn’t matter how many times he throws up on the carpet or poops in the kitchen (which is thankfully few and far between now); I can never be angry with him. Never. English Bulldogs are part of my soul; my love for the breed comes from the deepest part of my authentic self.

Describe Rufus in 3 Words…
Smooshy, clown-like, (unbearably) loveable

If Rufus was a superhero what would his name and power be?
Rufus’ superhero name would be, Super Smoosh, and his power would be to have the ability to cure all unhappiness, sadness, and grief in the world. This would be accomplished by staring at or squishing his smoosh.

How is Rufus involved in your blog?
Rufus is one of the major inspirations behind Canines & Couture; he’s even in the banner! He’s right by my side in all of my style photo shoots. He is an extension of myself and therefore, is always an extension of my work on the blog.

Canines & Couture Blog Feature | Pretty Fluffy

What is your idea of a perfect day?
My idea of a perfect day would be to wake up really early on a beautiful San Francisco morning, walk Rufus over to my favorite coffee shop in SF, work on Canines & Couture for a couple hours, go to the gym and hit up the farmer’s market afterwards for fresh flowers and produce, maybe do a little boutique shopping in one of my favorite neighborhoods, get more coffee, drink wine and have delicious food with friends, and drink tea and nibble on dark chocolate with Ru and my favorite TV programs before bed.

What is your #1 tip for other bloggers?
My #1 tip for bloggers would be to never fall into the trap of thinking that blogging is a competition. There’s room for everyone’s success and I think if we utilize each other, build each other up, and help each other out; that success can truly sky rocket.

It’s a lot harder to go at it alone than with a team of people who believe in your work behind you. So, make friends and share others’ work. Live by the 80-20 rule; share 80% of other people’s content and 20% of your own. Be the resource that people can turn to for good content in general, not just your own. Don’t compete, collaborate.

Jules’ TOP 5 Pretty & Fluffy picks…
1. My Lily Dawson Designs gold chain necklace and matching ring. It’s been one of the few things I own that I’ve never grown tired of. (Pictured)
2. My English Bulldog Pillow by Etsy store owners, Three Sisters. It was a gift from one of my best friends, Arica, and she even sewed on a vintage Chanel button for the dog tag (she knows me too well)!
3. My vintage Betsey Johnson, copper, jewel-studded purse. It is just divine.
4. My Anthropologie “Pooch Posse” cardigan (introduced to me through Pretty Fluffy!). It was love at first sight.
5. Rufus’ gorgeous leather, personalized dog collar (photo attached) from Etsy. (Pictured)

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11 responses to “Dogs of the Blogs: Canines & Couture”

  1. Jules says:

    What a gorgeous feature! You’re so talented. The Smoosh and I feel honored to be on Pretty Fluffy today. 🙂


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. I got the pleasure of meeting Jules at BlogPaws a few months ago and had a great breakfast with her. She is so nice and, well, yes, stylish. Her style is not like mine but the type I admire a log (dare I say envy). Thanks for sharing some more info about her.

  3. Danielle says:

    I’m so glad to see Jules and Rufus featured on Pretty Fluffy! I love her blog so much! She has great style and Rufus is really cute.

  4. Beth says:

    I just recently discovered Jules and Rufus and have really been enjoying them!

  5. Kayla says:

    Oh yay! I am just so happy to read this! I love Jules and Ru so much! They are the best!


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  7. Jan Garner says:

    You are so lick to still have your Rufus. I had my Bruiser for almost 11 years when he died suddenly at my feet. This was in December and I am still crying. Bruiser was one of a kind. He knew everything I was saying. I always had to clean his butt because of an anal problem he had. When he saw he take out the wipe, he would actually turn his fanny to me. When I had to clean his ears, he hated it but would always walk to the door, anticipating it. He let me Dremmel his nails and I taught him to play Hide and Seek and would sleep with his head on my shoulder. I could go on and on about my little man so suffices to say, my heart misses him more than I can say..

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