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Dogs of the Blogs: Chevrons & Stripes

I first discovered today’s beautiful blog through an adorable photo of her dog when her home was featured on the Glitter Guide back in February. It’s safe to say since then I’ve been smitten. Combining a fresh sense of style and a fine eye for design, Chevrons & Stripes is the spot to go to for inspiration galore. Every post by the lovely Sarah spins out new ideas, bursts of colour and fabulous finds. Oh and did I mention she has an adorable little pup that will melt your heart like butter? Time to meet Sarah and Ziggy…

Who: Sarah and Ziggy
Where: Chevrons & Stripes
In A Nutshell: Chevrons & Stripes is a lifestyle blog with a focus on interior design, fashion, food, travel, and all of the little things that make life worth living!

Describe your blog in 3 words…
Colorful, Modern, Quirky.

What are your most popular or favourite posts to date?
I’m really excited about a new weekly feature that I launched a couple of months ago called “The It List.”  Every week I ask one of my favorite bloggers ten questions about some of their favorite things (i.e. artists, music, shops, etc.)  I love learning about everyones latest and greatest finds! You can find the entire series here.

Tell us about your dog…
Ziggy is such a special dog. I think everyone says that about their pet but we can’t help but feel like Ziggy is a pretty unique little dude.  He’s whip smart, can learn new tricks in under an hour, and uses his skills to get into some serious mischief. His antics have us endlessly laughing.  He’s only 1 and 1/2 years old so his personality is still developing but it’s safe to say he’ll always be a sweetheart – he loves people and other pups and I’m pretty sure he knows he’s a charmer! If only he had another little buddy to play with – but that’s a conversation for a later date…

If you had to describe your dog in three words, you’d say…
Funny, Mischievous, Loving.

How is your dog involved in your blog?
Ziggy is C&S’s number one cheerleader. Not a day goes by where he’s not sitting at my feet or on my lap while I write. I think that’s his way of showing support, haha. He’s also quite popular on instagram.

If you had one tip to share with other blogggers it would be…
Stay true to your own aesthetic and try not to let looking at other “bigger” blogs make you feel unimportant.  There’s a niche on the internet for everyone.

Sarah’s TOP 5 Pretty & Fluffy picks…
1. One of my most prized possessions is a customized dog portrait that Katie Logan of See Scout Sleep did of Ziggy.  She truly captured him perfectly and even replaced one of the stripes from our bedding in the drawing with jamaican flags – representative of his name’s heritage, haha. (Pictured)
2. This Instax MINI is the perfect gadget for snapping pics on the go – that is, when I’m not glued to Instagram. (Pictured)
3. Macarons – I can’t get enough! When my sweet tooth kicks in, these are my vice.
4. This adorable gingham dog bed from Wagwear would be perfect for our family summer home so that Ziggy doesn’t continue to steal my parent’s dog’s bed.
5. I am dying for the complete set of these metallic F. Scott Fitzgerald novels re-designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith.  I’m pretty sure they’d add the perfect pop of sparkle to my bookshelf (plus, re-reading some of the classics is on my to-do list)!

Want to follow Chevrons & Stripes? You can follow Sarah on Twitter or subscribe to the full blog here. Look out for a Facebook page coming soon!

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  1. Love the collage of images you curated for this post! Just added Chevrons and Stripes to my ever growing Google Reader.

  2. this was such a fun guest post to work on serena! thank you for having us 😉

  3. I love Sarah’s blog + I also fell in love with her incredible workspace! So fun to learn more about her and her absolutely adorable pup! xx

  4. […] in case you missed it last week, Ziggy and I were featured on our first strictly dog blog Pretty Fluffy (I mean, just too cute) and my favorite desk picks were featured on the Ashley Brooke […]

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