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Dogs of the Blogs: House of Harvey

When House of Harvey first popped up on the blogging scene, I knew they were destined for great things. With a fab eye for design (editor Steph also writes for Design Sponge) and a unconditional love for pups, House of Harvey is indeed one to watch.

Latest case in point? House of Harvey’s collaboration with online subscription service, Quartlerly Co. Filled with goodies for furry friends and their humans, House of Harvey’s quarterly package is hand picked by Steph for every discerning dog lover. Oh – and did I mention House of Harvey is donating every cent to rescue organisations in LA? Time to meet this fab pair…

Who: Stephanie and Harvey
Where: House of Harvey
In A Nutshell: Dog + Design + Human = Harmony

Dogs of the Blogs | House of Harvey | Pretty Fluffy

Why did you start blogging?
House of Harvey was probably the fourth blog I started in a matter of a year…and it was the only one that stuck. I tried my hand at a graphic design blog, an interior design blog and a food blog, but none ultimately captured my true passion or voice, until House of Harvey came into the picture.

I had always been passionate about dogs, and I was noticing all of the amazing dog-related design that was available, so I decided to mesh the two into a blog.

In recent months, I branched out a bit more and have incorporated some more design/personal interests, and have really begun to make House of Harvey my space for inspiration.

What is your most popular blog post to date?
Halloween is my favorite holiday. So this past year, I decided to get Mr. Harvey in on the fun of celebrating by dressing him up as one of my favorite Disney characters, Carl from UP. The result was uncanny.

Not only does Mr. Harvey have the soul of an 80-year-old, but he looks pretty amazing in thick-rimmed glasses. It is my favorite costume of his by far, and the readers agreed. I don’t know how I will top it this Halloween, but I am ready for the challenge!

Tell us about Harvey…
It seems to be a general consensus that my Mr. Harvey is a “different” looking guy. At least twice a day, while on our walks, we will be stopped by a passerby who has to comment on his unique look. And I’d agree, he is a different looking guy with his Shar Pei and Terrier mixed genes.

But beyond his dashing looks, I’d have to say that his sweet-as-cherry-pie demeanor makes him extra special. If he could cuddle and snuggle all day long (who are we kidding…he does that already), he would. He just wants to be around people, licking, snuggling and playing all day. He truly is the sweetest bundle of fur!

If you had to describe Harvey in three words, you’d say….
Goofy, Charming, Patient – he puts up with a lot of ridiculous photo shoots.

House of Harvey Blog

How is your dog involved in your blog?
The question should be, how isn’t he involved? Mr. Harvey runs the show. While I may be the one selecting what product roundups to post and what creative dog owners to feature, it’s his personal charm and amazing face that keeps the blog looking good.

What is your idea of a perfect day?
A perfect day would consist of a morning coffee in the sun, a visit to the dog beach with Mr. Harvey, an afternoon crafting session, a hike in the hills, a long dinner with friends, a bubble bath while watching my favorite romantic comedy, and a good book to put me to sleep.

What is your favourite blog/website and why?
Oh goodness…this is a dangerous question because I think I visit approximately 57 blogs on the daily. But I’d have to say that working with the amazing team at Design*Sponge for the past three years has been a dream! To be part of such a creative and inspiring team is the best a girl could ask for.

What is your #1 tip for other bloggers?
I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some AMAZING blogger trailblazers in my time. They have truly paved the way for bloggers to make a living off of their passions. So in learning from them and my own persona trials in blogging, I can say that my ultimate tip is to stay true to your voice.

There are millions of blogs out there (and more popping up each day), so it can be overwhelming and at times disheartening when no one notices yours. But if you keep true to your voice and remember the reasons for starting your blog, you will succeed.

Stephanie’s TOP 5 Pretty & Fluffy picks…

1. LaLa Berlin Scarf (Pictured) – I have a bit of a scarf obsession. I think they make for the perfect accessory, weather casual or a bit more dressed up. This mint green and owl print one is just perfection!
2. Knot Ring – When it comes to jewelry, I like to keep it simple. This ring is the essence of classic and charming to me.
3. Dog Bowl Decorative Dish – I love a quirky mix of canine and home decor. This adorable dish would look great adorning any mantle or table
4. Quarterly Co./House of Harvey Package (Pictured) – I partnered with Quarterly Co. to curate awesome dog/dog-design products for pups and humans to enjoy. I thought it was a brilliant idea to bring some of my roundups off of the screen and into your homes, with all of my commission dollars going to rescue organizations in the Los Angeles area.
5. Urbanest Dog Bed – I’ve lately become obsessed with incorporating patterns into my home, and I think this comfy dog bed would make both Mr. Harvey and I very happy.

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    Harness Walk Kit - Wild One

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  1. Yay, I LOVE Steph and Harvey! Enjoyed this interview so much. Such a fun pair! xo

  2. Taylor says:

    I’m so glad to read about House of Harvey. I’ll add them to my blog reads!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for having us, Serena! Such fans of Pretty Fluffy!

  4. […] to know her a little better. Thanks for sharing Soda’s story Serena! (And thanks for having me and Mr. Harvey on your blog last […]

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Pick of the Week

  • Wild One - Harness Walk Kit

    Harness Walk Kit - Wild One

    Step out with your dog in chic, colour-coordinated style. The Harness Walk Kit by Wild One is the ultimate set for design conscious dog lovers.