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Nothing makes me happier to find a corner of the internet that is all about being positive. When I first stumbled across lovelucygirl I knew Kayla was a person who not only loved her gorgeous dog Lucy, but loved life! Because isn’t that what it’s all about? Let’s meet this pair that have their joie de vivre on speed dial…

Who: Kayla and Lucy
Where: lovelucygirl
In A Nutshell: lovelucygirl is a lifestyle blog for the everyday girl. It’s a place where I share affordable style, beauty tips, home improvement ideas, DIY projects and the ins and outs of my everyday life. I think (hope) it relates to the normal girl by giving a glimpse into my life and seeing that we really are all the same at heart. We are all trying to be the best person, wife, daughter, friend we can be!

Dogs of the Blogs | lovelucygirl | Pretty Fluffy

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging to challenge myself in all areas of my life. Honestly, I was a HUGE online shopper and probably thought I needed to focus my energy else where or I was going to end up broke. SO I thought I would use that energy to create my own little style space that I now call lovelucygirl. It challenges me to come up with outfits that are already in my closet and use pieces that I had completely forgot about.

I also have so many favorite things to share, and why keep those to myself? It is so much fun to share my amazing finds online or a new beauty product that I’ve tried and can’t live without. My husband and I had also recently moved into our first house and I wanted to chronicle all the projects we were working on and the things we were updating. We were newlyweds, on a budget, and I wanted to share how others could update things in their home without having to purchase all new items.

Tell us about Lucy…
LUCY! She is the absolute LOVE of my life (besides my hubby). I could go on about her for days. She is so lovable, kind, sweet, friendly, energetic, carefree, protective and so many other wonderful things. Lucy is a mix between a daschund and a terrier. She is a total sassy-pants but is the best friend I’ve ever had.

She usually stays by my side all day. We wake up together and we play toys while I get ready for work in the mornings. She has the roam of the house while we are gone and greets us with the waggiest tail and lots of kisses when we get home. She sleeps right underneath my arm or on top of my head, when she wants to protect me. She makes us SO happy and I’m not sure what I’d do without her.

Dogs of the Blogs - Lucy of lovelucygirl | Pretty Fluffy

If Lucy was a superhero what would her name and power be?
If Lucy was a superhero her name would be Loving Lulu. She would go around solving all the problems in the world and make sure everyone was friends. She’s a total lover.. not a fighter.

How is Lucy involved in your blog?
Lucy is the true inspiration behind lovelucygirl (hence the name, haha). The blog was named after Lucy because she is so happy-go-lucky and light-hearted. She doesn’t have a care in the world and never meets a stranger. She makes everyone around her feel loved.

That is exactly how I want lovelucygirl to be perceived. I want everyone who visits to feel a part of it and be happy they stopped by. Lucy often makes and appearance on the blog and will tell you about what is going on during her life at the moment or tell you about a special puppy product she thinks you might want to try.

What is your idea of a perfect day?
My idea of the perfect day would be to wake up early in the morning, have a huge cup of Starbucks coffee, cuddle with Lucy in the bed while we read our favorite blogs or write our own. Then I would take a little shopping trip with my mom or friends, have a sushi lunch and find the perfect pair of new shoes. After shopping I would come home and take a nap with Lu, wake up and take her on a walk, have a lovely dinner with my hubby and then take a long bubble bath. To end the night I would curl up on the couch with Lucy and the hubby and watch movies.

What is your favourite blog/website and why?
I have way to many favorite blogs to name but a few are The Average Girl’s Guide, Penny Pincher Fashion, Glitter and Pearls and of course Pretty Fluffy. I love them all because I can totally relate to each and every one.

What is your #1 tip for other bloggers?
My number one tip for other bloggers would be to consult with other bloggers that have been doing this for a while. Build a community of blogging friends that you can rely on for advice + ask questions when you are totally confused. The knowledge that experienced bloggers have is SO valuable. Most bloggers are nice and will totally help you out – just send them an e-mail and be yourself!

Kayla’s TOP 5 Pretty & Fluffy picks…
1. Totally, totally love Pet Head’s dry shampoo for Lucy. It is perfect for when she has been playing outside but doesn’t necessarily need a bath. Just spray it on, brush it out and she smells like perfection!
2. I’m obsessed with Buxom’s lip plumper lip gloss. It comes in several colors and lasts stays on all day. Plus it gives your lips that extra boost!
3. Lucy’s favorite Etsy shop is BowWow Couture (pictured). They have the cutest Dog Collars and accessories. Lucy owns a few and proudly recommends them!
4. Can’t leave home without my Michael Kors gold watch! It is a total classic, timeless piece and works with any outfit!
5. I’m a total lover of scarves – in the winter & summer. My favorite ones are from Express. I love their infinity scarves (pictured). They are the perfect length and give just the right amount of fluffness to them.

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Pick of the Week

  • The Odin by Up Dog Toys

    The Odin by Up Dog Toys

    It’s the modern treat dispensing toy that keeps your dog challenged and stimulated, while keeping your home looking beautiful too. Say hello to elevated dog toy aesthetics.