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Dogs of the Blogs: The Blog Stylist

I can safely say if it wasn’t for the lovely lady that we’re featuring today, Pretty Fluffy would not be the blog it is today. Bree from The Blog Stylist is THE go-to person for all things blogging and an absolute sweetheart to boot. Oh and did I mention she’s completely dog crazy like the rest of us? Time to meet this gorgeous pair – Bree and Bob…

Who: Bree and Bob
Where: The Blog Stylist
In A Nutshell: The Blog Stylist is the “Simple and Stylish Guide to Blogging”. It covers tips and tricks from my time as a website producer, interviews with successful bloggers and other interesting blogging news.

Why did you start blogging?
Originally it was part of my job – I was paid to blog about celebrities, fashion and beauty! When I left the position, I knew I wanted to do something for myself. Given I can talk all day about social media and website production, it just made sense to blog about a topic I’m so interested in.

What are your most popular posts to date?
My favourite posts were from when I went to a blog conference and “live blogged” the whole thing. This basically meant I typed everything that was said from every presentation and hit publish every few minutes, ending up with a series of posts that covered the entire day’s content within seconds of it finishing. My readers and Twitter followers loved it and it was a great way to get traffic. However the most rewarding part was getting an email from someone who had attended but was unable to take her own notes due to health reasons. She was so grateful I had everything written down, as she was concerned she’d forget so much. Her email brought tears to my eyes.

Tell us about your dog…
“Bob” (his nickname) is just a delight! He’s a very sensitive little boy, enjoying cuddles and snuggles, but at the same time he’s such a dog! He loves walks, balls, barking and peeing on plants. A new toy from the $2 shop will send him into an excited spin and he thoroughly enjoys inspecting shopping bags. When I get home he has to check out everything I’ve bought!

If you had to describe your dog in three words, you’d say….
Little, loving, scruffy.

How is your dog involved in your blog?
He is my blogging companion! He sits at my feet whenever I’m at my desk, patiently waiting for me to finish so we can go outside and play with the ball! Sometimes he gets impatient and needs a cuddle, so he sits on my lap while I tap away.

What is your MUST-READ blog/website at the moment?
I have so many! I particularly love blogs where people share their own personal stories – such a contrast to my own blog. I also love Mashable, and blogs that make me laugh such as Damn You Autocorrect. At night I like to climb into bed with a cup of tea and click through Pinterest on my iPad. [ED: You can follow Bree and Pretty Fluffy on Pinterest – find our pages here and here]

If you had one tip to share with other blogggers it would be…
Connect with other bloggers and form a support group. Share each others content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. You’ll not only grow your traffic, but form friendships with people who “get” what you do and are there when you need help working something out or, need feedback on a post.

Bree’s TOP 5 Pretty & Fluffy picks…
1. My iPad2 – can’t live without it! Always watching a movie or reading a book on it. (Pictured)
2. Sodashi Skincare – They make such great products, it comes in stunning packaging, and their brand has a beautiful philosophy. (Pictured)
3. Pouffe Cube – I recently bought one for my little guy as he stuggles to jump on my bed! Now he can get up and down with ease (and he thinks he’s sooo clever!). It also looks good in my bedroom. (Pictured)
4. Stainless steel homewares for both of us! Much healthier than plastic, better for the environment, and look nice too! I got a water bottle for me and a dog bowl for Bob.
5. Organic Coconut Oil – I use it for cooking and as a moisturiser. Smells great and is very versatile!

Want to follow The Blog Stylist? You can follow Bree on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to the full blog here.

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7 responses to “Dogs of the Blogs: The Blog Stylist”

  1. Thanks for featuring us! Bob thinks he’s all famous and stuff now; he’s talking reality TV next… x

  2. Bree + Pretty Fluffy = YAY! Loved this honey xx

  3. Oh my since I have had to design and do everything on my blog (it’s called lack of extra money) I will have to check out this blog! Bob is awfully cute too!

    I should probably comment more but I do read your stuff a lot – you are my “pretty inspiration”!

  4. Jocelyn Dyson says:

    Bree and Bob when I learn how to put photos on I can start rambling about my two goldies Rose and Rowan, Rose is just 2 and Rowan is 3 months younger and they absolutely keep me well and truly occupied because they are worse than children and the only peace I get is when they have an afternoon nap.

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Pick of the Week

  • Life's A Puppy Party by Heather Hunt

    Time to pawty! Celebrate your dog all year-round with the ultimate guide to party-planning with your pooch - featuring creative recipes, DIY costumes, toys and more.