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Dogs of the Blogs: Urban Flip Flops

Do you ever get a big smile on your face when you discover a blog that just radiates sunshine off the page? That’s how I felt when I came across Urban Flip Flops. Becca’s blog documents the hidden gems and bits of pretty of every day life as she ‘flips flops’ her way from Washington DC, to Florida and now off to London! With a penchant for entertaining, weddings and the colour pink, this is one joy filled site. All that with the bonus of a hands down adorable sidekick named Sir Oliver. Love. It. Everyone, please give a big welcome to Becca and Oliver…

Who: Rebecca and Oliver
Where: Urban Flip Flops
In A Nutshell: A City Girl’s Journey to the Beach and Back. A lifestyle blog of my life from the city to the beach and now back to the city: travels, fashion, recipes, local events, & party ideas.

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging when I moved from Washington D.C. to Florida to be with my “beau”. My girlfriends kept are always emailing me asking me about what store they should check out for a new pair of colored jeans, any ideas on restaurants to go to when they are traveling, any new blogs to read for style inspiration. I thought it would be fun to start blogging and sharing ideas I found while also incorporating my life changes from living in the city to living near the beach. I am moving across the pond to London in a month and can not wait to expand the site with even more features!

What is your most popular blog post to date?
I would have to say that my post titled BIG CHANGES was a favorite to me. I had been keeping my move to Florida a secret and I was so excited to share with everybody that I was moving, however after living in Washington for 7 years, I was also a bit scared. I also loved introducing Oliver and Beau’s and my photoshoot at the fair!

Tell us about Oliver…
Oliver is a 16 month old Australian Shepard puppy. We were not planning on getting a dog right away and a friend emailed me with a picture of him titled, “Puppy needs a home”. He was too cute! I forwarded the email to my boyfriend and received a response back, “When can we meet him?”. Two days later, Sir Oliver of Leon was home with us {we live on Ponce de Leon Drive so I thought he should be royal and the Sir of the neighborhood!}! He is my best buddy and keeps us laughing all of the time. Even when he is running around the house with a fancy shoe {big mistake} I can’t help but laugh at how cute he looks. Oliver is just a happy dog! He loves making new friends at the dog parks and it never fails that when we are out for a walk, that people stop me and say “Your dog is so sweet”. Thats right, he’s my buddy, …ok did I just go off on how great he is, because he is!

If you had to describe Oliver in three words, you’d say….
Sweet, Playful, Smart.

How is your dog involved in your blog?
Oliver makes an appearance on the blog here and there. He is my little office mate, laying at my feet when I am typing away and also laying his head on my lap when it is time for me to close up for the day. I would say, follow my Instagram feed and you will usually see a photo a day of Oliver, he is a little supermodel!

What is your idea of a perfect day?
Starting with Beau and I taking Oliver for a bike ride, going out for a long lazy breakfast, laying by our backyard pool for a couple of hours and playing fetch with Oliver. Getting caught up on blogs, reading some magazines, catching up with friends and cooking up a big dinner at home with some nice wines, followed by a movie at home. Some of the best days I feel like are unplanned and usually end up going here and there. I really love being home with my two boys: Beau and Oliver.

What is your favourite blog/website and why?
Wow, I am not sure how to answer this one because I tend to follow and really enjoy so many. I would have to say, Camille Styles. I love the design, the layout and the content. Camille updates the site two to three times a day with recipes, party ideas and style. She is for sure an inspiration on my site.

What is your #1 tip for other bloggers?
Do not think about it too much and look at what everyone else is doing and you are not. I know I struggle with that. I try to be consistent in sharing ideas and items that I love. There are places on the internet for everyone, I have met some great people through blogs and found some great inspirations! The more you blog, the more you will connect with fabulous people.

Rebecca’s TOP 5 Pretty & Fluffy picks…

1. My photos of Oliver that Doggy Studio captured last year (Pictured). I had a photo shoot at my house with Oliver as a surprise for my boyfriend for Christmas. I think that Shelly did an AMAZING job at capturing my little puppy and I will forever cherish these sweet photos! Shelly specializes in dog photography and she is fantastic!!!
2. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine – I have this lipstick in multiple shades and can not get enough! I absolutely love it! I am a complete lipstick junkie and always have one of these in my purse. It is a great lipstick that is sheer and shiny for every day wear.
3. Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine – I am also an editor for a Florida Wedding Blog, Floridian Weddings, I also plan weddings and have been working in the events industry for 8+ years. I love being inspired by this magazine!
4. Kate Spade Weekly Planner (Pictured) – I have been buying this planner for YEARS. There is still something I love about writing on a day planner. Recently I travel so much that I need to see everything written down to make sure Oliver has play dates, dog walker scheduled, everything is planned for the move, dinner dates, workouts, I love writing in my Kate planner!
5.  Silly Buddy Dog Bow Ties (Pictured) – how cute are these dog collars with bow ties!!!! Sir Oliver wore a red one on his birthday, however I am thinking for our move to London he made need a new one to wear around the city and show how dapper he is.

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IMAGE of Rebecca & Oliver: Doggy Studio

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Pick of the Week

  • The Odin by Up Dog Toys

    The Odin by Up Dog Toys

    It’s the modern treat dispensing toy that keeps your dog challenged and stimulated, while keeping your home looking beautiful too. Say hello to elevated dog toy aesthetics.