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A Mattie & Margot Giveaway!

By Sarah Dickerson

I’ve shared with you on Chic Sprinkles, my love for the bright and cheery collars that are, Mattie & Margot. They are a personal favorite of Coco Bean’s, and are sure to win your dog’s heart too. We are thrilled to be teaming up to offer an amazing giveaway package to one lucky reader!

Mattie & Margot Collar Giveaway | Pretty Fluffy

Mattie & Margot’s quality handmade collars are designed using grosgrain ribbon and durable, yet über trendy, metal grommet buckles. Plus they come in every color imaginable and have multiple fun patterns to choose from!

This giveaway package includes 3 collars of your choice – Yep that’s right, you pick!

Mattie & Margot Dog Collars | Pretty Fluffy

1. Follow Mattie & Margot, Pretty Fluffy, and Chic Sprinkles on Facebook.
2. Visit Mattie & Margot’s online shop and browse their collection.
3. Leave a comment below notifying us that you liked the pages AND why your dog wants to win!

One entry per person. Please ensure you leave your correct email address in the comment form email field so we can contact you if you are the lucky winner.

The giveaway is open to international readers and worldwide shipping is included in the prize pack. The competition will end on Tuesday, September 18, at 6pm Eastern Time USA. The winner will be announced Wednesday, September 19, on Pretty Fluffy. Good Luck!!

Sarah xx

UPDATE: The Giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced on Pretty Fluffy, September 19.

AUTHOR: Sarah Dickerson is a visual designer and photographer from the Midwest who loves animals, all things English, rainy nights, cozy backyard gatherings, twinkling lights, and festive weddings. To see more of her work, visit her website and blog, Chic Sprinkles.

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Comments (68)

68 responses to “A Mattie & Margot Giveaway!”

  1. Julie says:

    Ooooh Missy would looove to have that fruit punch and orange collar! ;o)

  2. Sue & Amy says:

    So it’s hard to find reasons why Amy Zwetschkenkrampus should win and own the collars. Even she is so a tiny dog (Pražský Krysařík), the collars wouldn’t fit her (21 cm needed). But she has some dog-friends here in Austria which have no owners (rescue dogs), no collars, even some of them haven’t friends (these one aren’t the friendliest dogs, but as Amy thinks every dog is cute and fine and friendly, they belong to her friends). Some of them have owners, who live on the streets. That doesn’t sound funny but’s that’s the way it is. And as Amy is in love with everything on the world (flies, cats, babies, humans, dogs, bats, carrots, ants,…) she enters this giveaway for them. 🙂

  3. OOh I love the turquoise/blue stripe collar. Ammo desperately needs to win a new collar – he just lost his collar somewhere on the farm. I looked everywhere and can’t find it. My last resort is to dig up his most favorite groundhog holes in the hopes it fell off down one of them. So it would save me some hole digging if ammo were to win a new collar! 🙂

  4. I liked all 3 pages! I think Sir Gary needs a new collar for numerous reasons, but 2 in particular. 1. He is quite the fashionista and always wears a bow tie, so he needs a collar like this to show off! 2. He puts up with the foster pit bulls we have in the house. Sir Gary is only 12lbs but a mighty dog at that. He helps train the dogs to be gentle and get along with smaller dogs, resulting in them getting adopted sooner, they become a better dog and us being able to save more pit bulls too!

    I think the Robins Egg Blue collar would suit him best and would go with almost all of his current bow ties! <3

  5. rachaelz says:

    My lil Rue would look so cute in the PINK TRI-STRIPE 😉

  6. Valerie says:

    My dogs want to win the collars because they always want to look their best but wear a collar that is very sturdy. I love that the collars have metal buckles, as I have had plastic buckles break on me before. Sometimes it can be so hard to find a collar that is both stylish and durable.

  7. Michele says:

    Oh my oh my.. I saw mention of Mattie & Margot on twitter last week and have been dreaming of a new collar for my little girl ever since. I haven’t been able to decide on a color because there are SO many to choose from. Usually I have a hard time finding even one I like but it’s the opposite here.. I love all of them and I love that they’re made with metal hardware. Easy to put on and sturdy for my muscle dog’s pulling force.. Pretty much a dream come true.

    Dee is pretty sure she needs the dark coral. Feminine but not too girly and it would go lovely with her cream complexion ;] The sarsaparilla really catches my eye which might solve the problem of people thinking She’s a He. She’s really tired of people coming up to her saying she’s handsome or making up new names for her like Buster. These collars would be the perfect way to boost her ego.

    Oh and I am most definitely following all three sites on FB and Twitter. Love you guys!!

  8. SO happy you have a giveaway for international readers! Holla!!My boy would love a collar in “Jade” and every other color for that matter! 😀

    And I liked all three FB pages.

  9. Emily and Link says:

    Hi, I’m Link and I’d be the happiest Pug around if I were to get my paws on these gorgeous collars. Colour pop is big in fashion this season, making these the perfect addition to my collar-robe!

    Love your work!! X

  10. A liker, and lover, of all three pages 🙂 my poor schnauzers are sporting old tatty collars. They need replacement and I would love for them to be seen sporting (and supporting) handmade like I do xxx

  11. My dog, Maggie, would love to win these collars because she would like to give them to her friends at the local Retreiver Rescue so that those unwanted dogs that are rescued by this amazing group and put into foster homes feel even more loved with a gorgeous collar to sport! And they can also look perrrty when Maggie’s mommy photographs them for thier adoptable portraits! 🙂

  12. Tamara says:

    I like all three pages….and my dog wants to win because his big sister just went away to college and some new collars would really perk him up. 🙂

  13. Champs my frenchie is a collar connoisseur and she would look so lovely in the Lavendar of Ansi yellow with her pretty fawn coat. We have a pet portrait session coming up and I would love her to wear one of these in the pictures! I was happy to like all three pages also as this stuff is right up my alley! 🙂

  14. I LOVE all those pages! Mindy my Ridgeback & Bella my Maltese are both desperate for a season update in the collar department, being the neighbourhoods ‘it-girls’ it’s very important they have all the latest accessories. I know they would love to rock one of these ‘bang on trend’ Mattie & Margot collars…they told me so 🙂

    Love love love this page 🙂

  15. Liked all 3 pages on Facebook. I love the layout of all the collars on the website. Colors look great like that.
    I actually have 3 dogs. My 2 bernese mountains dogs currently live with my mom (their grandma). She’s not feeling so well right now from chemo and I know nice new shiny collors would brighten her day (grandma loves to spoil her dogs). They are keeping her company during this time and being such great girls for her.
    Love all the collors – great job!
    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}

  16. Taylor says:

    Addie needs a new collar for Christmas pictures! Now to decide between cranberry or celadon

  17. Jen says:

    My Daisy Nunu would love to win the Nu Rust collar because it would match her gorgeous white & rust coloring AND because her current collar is black and ugly and kinda smells like the bog she got into that one time. 🙂

    I liked all three FB pages and hope I win! 😀

  18. Jerica says:

    My giant black lab, Scout, would look soo cute in mystic blue! He deserves it after all his running and playing!

  19. kerry santillo says:

    hi there, have liked both pages.♥
    My little dog gherkin has grown out of her collar and wanting to get the best is very expensive, she would love to look like a princess 🙂

  20. Tiffany Kingsmill says:

    My Milly would absolutly love a Pink Bandana collar because she’s such a tiny little dog we find it difficult to get collars small enough, then when we do there is such a small range. She’s gorgeous and very sweet so needs a collar to match, not just the left overs on the shelf! 🙂

  21. Milly my mini schnauzer just had a look at these beautiful colours and she would really like to have one to prounce around in and look extra pretty

  22. Alyssa & Maggie says:

    Maggie would look spectacular in any one of those beautiful collars, especially the large array of blue/turquoise ones – they’d match her eyes! She loves to switch collars with the seasons – she’s active and out-n-about in all of them. She doesn’t do bows or painted nails – she’s too rugged for that – but a new collar puts even more bounce in her step. Maggie really does prance when she looks even prettier than usual!

  23. katherine says:

    I like all of your pages (I can’t believe I didn’t like Rachel’s shop – oops!) through my blog site – easier to keep track of.

    I’m totally in love with her collars – Teemo really needs to step up his style on my blog – or Raynor, because my husband hasn’t changed Raynor from her Christmas collar. Yeah. She’s still decked out in red and green. So actually maybe it’s Raynor who would want to win more because she’s a pretty girl and needs pretty things!

    <3 katherineof corgis and cocktails

  24. Sherrie says:

    I liked all three pages and visited the shop, the collars are amazing. Xena would love to win so she could wear these amazing collars

  25. Venessa T says:

    Oh Miss Sally, she’s such the little Princess! At 14 and a half, she rules the roost! Pink is her colour, through and through! If we win, we’ll scream, YAHOO!!

  26. KeYing L says:

    I liked all three pages and my dog, Sam, would look awesome in the apple green collar!

  27. Shana says:

    I’ve liked all the pages! Hudson Hemingway would LOVE to win the collars because when you’re strutting down the street in New York City, you have to look GOOD! Especially when you’re a Brussels Griffon and everyone stops you to tell you how handsome your beard is.

  28. Tracy Martens says:

    I have liked all these animal loving pages.
    I think my beautiful border Collie, Pal secretly would love a stylish collar to wear.

  29. Sarah T. says:

    Liking all three Facebook pages has given me lots of great stuff to look at! And if we won, Bentley, the secondhand Scottie, would pick out two handsome blue ones for himself, and a pretty purple one for his doggie cousin Maggie, because he’s thoughtful like that 🙂

  30. Jessica Taylor says:

    My two little babies love to be the fashion envy of all the other dogs at the park. Anouk (Maltese x Shih Tzu) may be a little princess, but she doesn’t do pink. Only purple for the punk rock girl! Well she may need 2 because, you know, girls and their collars! Sam (Miniature Poodle) may be 13, but he still likes to look handsome for the ladies! He likes the red and blue bandanna collars, they go perfectly with his shiny black fur 🙂

  31. Sarah Hynds says:

    Dear Pretty Fluffy, Mattie and Margot & Chic Sprinkles,

    Pietta and I have liked all three pages, and feel Pietta deserves to win because gorgeous girls can NEVER have too many wardrobe options. Being that Pietta is a massive fan of the glamourous Sarah & Serena, but unfortunately cannot wear heels, she feels this is the perfect opportunity to fill her wardrobe with some style and wow-factor. What better way than with the gorgeous Mattie and Margot collars!
    Perhaps we can get one for daytime, evening and a special events collar 😉

  32. Brooke says:

    Flynn would love the yellow, turquoise, and mint green collars, they would go perfectly with his merle coat.

  33. louise says:

    i’ve like all the pages already!!
    my beautiful white sheppie had an amazing blue collar, it was very simple but the colour just really stood out on her white coat, definitely my favourite. However, one day she pulled that little bit too hard and it snapped right off, it had been her main collar for too long it seems and needed to retire, much to my extreme disappointment! So now she is collar-less at the moment and the colours and patterns available on mattie and margot would definitely look amazing on her!!!

  34. Carlie says:

    What an amazing range of collars. My Chocolate & White Border Collie would love to win because she is in need of something new and looks lovely in purple!! She would also do an amazing job of advertising the Mattie & Margot collars. One for every occasion!

  35. Kerry says:

    My Molly is a 4 month old Great Dane puppy, and she would love some new collars because her wardrobe isn’t very big yet, and her daddy keeps trying to pick out really ugly collars for her that fail to show her feminine side. 🙂 I liked all of the pages so her fashion dreams can come true.


  37. Jonathan says:


  38. Jane says:

    All the pages have been liked. My dog would love to win a new collar as her current collar was a hand-me down and she would love one of her very own!!

  39. Calli says:

    Hi! We liked (loved!) all of your pages and Stella is definitely head over paws for your collars: so gorgeous! Stella Ann would love to win one of your collars, though it seems hard to compete with all of the previous posts! Some needy dogs out there! Stella is a BIG girl, a Great Dane actually, and it is rather, *ehem* difficult to find cute collars that will fit her *ehem* …larger… bodacious body!! She is black with a white star on her chest, and she told me that she is really eyeing that “tropical lilac” collar! Above all, she is a big girly girl (contrary to what the drool might make you think!), so pink and purple are her favorites! Wonderful products, and thank you for the chance to win one of your creations!

    -Calli and Stella Ann

  40. Alexis Whittington says:

    We love them all! Especially the Tangerine/Orange Stripe, Jade, and the Iris/Purple stripe! Atticus wants to win because he’s a sick puppy and thinks a bright new color would brighten his day!

  41. Zereen says:

    Hi there! We are Fraser and Hugo, a 3yr old Ruby Cavalier and a 9 week old Black and Tan Cavapoo. We’ll soon be the same size and we’d look like proper brothers in the Evergreen and Deep Plum collars! Our mum has like all three of those facebook thingies!

  42. Susan Nemitz says:

    I liked all three pages =) It’s perfect that the winner gets 3 collars, because I have 3 dogs! I’d love to pick a pretty color out for each of them. There sure are some fun colors too!

  43. I liked all three pages! I just love those collars. They’re simple but stylish. I currently have one personal dog (Daisy) and another dog is a foster (Ella). I’ll soon be bringing another foster into my life, so these three collars would be PERFECT for all three of them. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  44. Liz says:

    I liked all of the pages. I believe my little pooch Detective Scraps deserves to win he enjoys the finer things in life these days however things haven’t always been so comfortable for poor scrappy who I rescued 6 months ago he was under weight riddled with fleas and had been severely abused resulting in a long term back injury. Poor little dude has major trust issues but is blossoming everyday. He deserves to win because he makes me smile everyday and my aim is to give him the best 2nd start to life I can.

    Liz and Detective Scraps

  45. annie says:

    Heathcliff the six month old golden retriever is about to outgrow his medium cheapo collar. He definitely needs a colourful upgrade. I liked the pages. Truly I did!

  46. Rubee would LOVE a new Mattie & Margo collar! People wear a different outfit everyday, so do dogs….especially ones as adorable as her. Liked all the pages.

  47. Kristy says:

    Basil likes to be the fashion icon in my house and set the trends. Mattie & Margot collars are pretty stellar and I think having his choice of 3 of them could get us through this fashion season! I was already following all the pages 🙂

  48. I liked all the pages on facebook. Our puppy Rocco, 10 month old Cocker Spaniel would love a new Mattie & Margo collar. He’s outgrown the one he has now and needs a new one! Love all the colors! Great giveaway! 🙂

  49. Melanie says:

    Hi! I am a new fan and have “liked” all three pages! So fun and what great, new reading material!

    Dear Sarah and Friends,

    Who let the dogs out?! We would love to win some beautiful, handmade collars because we are new furfriends to our human family and these stylish collars would really make us feel welcome and at home! Plus, our silly owners could only afford cheapo collars with plastic buckles and one has already broke . We’re thankful to have been rescued and are really being well cared for, but we could certainly use some style around these parts! Help us! Please consider us when choosing a winner–we’d for sure sport your collars ’round the town!

    Bones and Barks,

    Freddie, Quinn and Piper

  50. Stephanie says:

    I have ‘liked’ Chic Sprinkles and Pretty Fluffy for awhile now, so Mattie & Margot is a new one for us. With three dogs, we would would love to add great new collars to their style!

  51. Kirsten W says:

    All pages liked. My dog ‘Paris’ would love this. She takes after her namesake and is very fashion conscious. She would love to blaze the fashion trail at the dog park and show off a gorgeous new collar. With three different colours she could choose one to match her mood of the day. Perfect for my little fashionista!

  52. Meghan says:

    Chase and Rudder would LOVE to win these collars so they could donate them to the long-time residents at our local humane society in hopes it might bring them some good luck to get adopted! <3

  53. claudia says:

    I have four four-legged loves in my life, two cats and two dogs (all rescues). My pups are Charlie (a 4 month old Great Dane) and Ripley (a year and a half year old Lab). This is going to sound nuts (and I suppose it is!) but I live on a fixed income due to a permanent disability which precludes me from buying all the beautiful things I covet when I want to (including these lovely collars!). Despite my financial situation, I can never say no to an animal in need, hence my small zoo situation 🙂 I promise I’m not a crazy animal hoarder! 🙂 I am able to take care of my loves and myself through careful financial planning and also knowing that saving these four beautiful creatures meant saving their lives… To me that means more than any money in the world. I would love to update my pups “looks” and Charlie will certainly be needing a bigger collar in the next few months, anyway! Congratulations, in advance, to the winner, and thanks for the opportunity to share my story!

  54. Sydney says:

    I’ve liked the pages, and browsed the website, and I’ve decided that my cavachon puppy Riley’s next collar must be from Mattie and Margot! She would love to win some pretty pink and lavender collars so that everyone will stop asking how old “he” is.

  55. Michelle says:

    I love your stuff, and my poodle Miss Dixie would be honored to wear a collar from your collection

  56. Nicole White says:

    Have liked all the pages!

    My Chihuahua ‘Prince HARRI’ would love the ‘Royal Blue’ collar – he’s always getting into Royal blue’s with his brother Wills!

  57. Glenda Booth says:

    My Bongo was an unloved and unwanted little rescue dog and I know how special he would feel in the BLUE BANDANNA collar.He is a most loving little guy and would share an Orange Reflective collar with his adoptive brother Roffle who was also an abandoned boy found wandering the streets.I love both my beautiful boys very much and want something special for them.They deserve it for their love and loyalty.

  58. Lori Chambers says:

    My sweet Murphy boy would love to strut his stuff in a new collar. As the seasons begin to change, we spend more and more time walking in the dark. He and I would benefit from any of the neon collars, especially the neon green. :0)

  59. Elizabeth says:

    I love all the colors of the collars they are amazing! My little Toby is blind and even thought he cant see he knows he is the best looking dog ever! He would love to sport a new collar while he prances around the house! xx

  60. Emily says:

    My dog is missing her full potential! She has the potential to be the star of a party but she is timid and shy. We want to give her a beautiful collar so she will flaunt it & work it! Your line is SO cute & stylish, she will be FABULOUS!

  61. Hi. I am a military wife living in Okinawa, Japan, a mom to two beautiful girls and new “mom” a wonderful rescue german shepherd that has brought so much joy to our hearts!! Kaimi was rescued from death row by D.O.G.S. (FB: Doggie Orphans Great & Small) –, I sure they would love it if you liked their page also, so many people here in the US military and local Okinawan community would love to be aware of your pages as well!). Kami is a wonderful girl that has had a rough life till now!

    Kaimi was up to be gassed when her angel from D.O.G.S rescued her! Kaimi was owner surrendered which means her owner knowingly gave her to the kill shelter Ozato, when he brought her in she weighed 40lbs (skin and bones) – she is now a healthy 68lbs! I beleive Kai was used for breeding and discarded – she has had at least 2 litters and she is about 2.5-3 years old! Dogs that are surrender by owener are gassed during the next available gasing as dogs that are “found” have 5 days before being gassed. If you review the statics on their website you will see that there were over 8,000 dogs and cats gassed in 2009. This may seem like a small number, but remember this island is only 60miles long and 15miles at it’s widest point! Through donations Ozato allows only D.O.G.S to come into the facility to take out animals, before they can remove them serveral things must be paid for up front and it requires sponsors, foster families and supplies. This organization is very stricted on who receives a rescue, they want to ensure that the rescues are placed in their forever home. It really takes a community to place these rescues! If you view their facebook you can see many people even take animals with them back to the states on their vacations to off set the cost of flying them to the states so they can be united with their new families! This is what I find so amazing about this group. From reading your pages, it seems to me that you too have a huge heart and love for animals. I think that it wasn’t by chance I stumbled upon such a great site. I apologize for rambling and hope that you take the time to check out D.O.G.S.

    I can’t think of one reason why Kaimi shouldn’t win the beautiful collars (She would only want one – the other’s she would love to share with her friends at D.O.G.S!), but then I can’t think of one reason why all the other dogs listed should not either!!

    I must mention, our beloved K.C. died a littl over a year before we adopted Kai and I never thought I could love another GS – our hearts were so broken from losing K.C. our beloved GS of 13years, but unexpectly our hearts were healed by Kai! Myself, my husband and my daughters daily tell her how much we love her and how happy we are to have her in our family-Forever! Thank you for taking the time to read our story!

    Just to note: The above website is not my website, nor am I a representative of this organization, just a family that has been moved by their actions. However, I HIGHLY reccomend being aware of this non-profit group and the efforts they are making “Saving one life at a time!” It’s truly amazing!!!

  62. Charlotte says:

    Liked all 3 pages on FB 🙂
    My dog Bella would LOVE to win because although she is a diva at heart, she hasn’t been spoilt like she deserved because she came from the pound and had a very miserable time with her previous owners 🙁 She’s so pretty and sweet I would love for her to get the lavish attention and luxury she deserves with these gorgeous collars.
    Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  63. Michelle Davis says:

    I have loved all 3 pages on facebook (I wish there was a LOVE button!).

    I have two big boys – Jackson (Dalmatian 9.5 years) and Cooper (Lab x Staffy 18 months). Cooper (a boy adopted from a shelter) has brought Jackson a new lease on life since his labrador brother died unexpectedly at a young age. Cooper and Spotto (Jackson!) race around the yard playing most of the day bringing out the ultimate puppy and inner puppy in both dogs. But playing = teeth on collars. With the plastic clasps on collars found these days, the boys have been through a few as they got destroyed once they came off mid-play!! So consequently both have very old and not very pretty collars as mum got sick of replacing them!
    Cooper has passed his chewing stage and they both need something nice and pretty (but durable) just like the gorgeous Mattie and Margot collars. We are often complemented on being a stunning pair and having stunning collars will certainly help the cause!!

  64. Melissa Okimoto says:

    Liked the pages and my dog would love to replace her old shabby collar for a sleek stylish statement collar

  65. I already LOVE M&M, you + Pretty Fluffy 🙂 As you know, I have three dogs who are all in need of a new collar so this would be PERFECT! Camden, Brady + Beckham would LOVE to win this giveaway. They love being the talk of the town 🙂

  66. Lara and I have BOTH liked all your pages so please count us in Twice 😀
    As a fellow crazy-dog-lady but a graduating student at the same time, I have never had the luxury to splurge on accessories beyond my local 99p shop. So we would be really chuffed to don Lara with A new fashionable collar, not to speak of 3 (!) gorgeous coloured collars that M&M have offered! I have found M&M’s products so attractive ever since Coco Bean modeled them for us a while back.
    So Lara would really like to win because her owner is so in love with the collars – and Lara, like every pup, just wants to see her human happy 😀

  67. […] Congratulations to the lucky winner of our Mattie & Margot Giveaway… […]

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