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  • Vitapet Dog Treats | Pretty Fluffy
  • Vitapet Dog Treats | Pretty Fluffy
  • Vitapet Dog Treats | Pretty Fluffy
  • Vitapet Dog Treats | Pretty Fluffy
  • Vitapet Dog Treats | Pretty Fluffy
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Giveaway: VitaPet Dog Treats

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Serena Faber Nelson

In our household there are two words that illicit such a reaction from Soda that you would think she was a teen girl at a One Direction concert.

The first? Walk (bet you guessed that one!)

The second? TREAT.

We’re big treat givers in our household. Soda gets a treat every time we leave the house (I wonder if she wishes we went out more), whenever we do a photo shoot for Pretty Fluffy (she LOVES a food reward!) and every time my husband sneaks her an extra one when I’m not looking.

Yet, as Soda’s gotten older we’ve had to become more conscientious about exactly the kind of treats Soda gets. Her stomach – once an indestructible fortress that consumed an entire packet of my flatmate’s fish food – is now a bit more sensitive and needs to be handled with care.

Enter VitaPet dog treats.


The VitaPet Dog Treat range features a number of meat based treats ranging from Beef Spare Ribs, to Roo Bars, and Duck & Chicken Tenders. With such a variety, there really is something for every dog and puppy.

100% Australian owned, VitaPet prides itself on making their treats high protein, low in fat and all natural.


One of the biggest pluses in the VitaPet dog treat range is they use only real meat.

On top of this, the treats are made free of preservatives, colourings, chemicals, fillers, hormones, irradiation or antibiotics. This way, you know you’re getting quality, safe dog food.


When VitaPet call their range ‘health food for dogs’ they’re not kidding.

Their fat, salt and sugar contents are kept to an absolute minimum, with only 100% digestible ingredients used for for natural health and wellbeing.

Whether the treats are used as training rewards, or as a daily snack your pooch will be sure to have a favourite.

Soda’s picks? As a cruncher from way back she’s definitely partial to the Roo Sticks. One wave of these babies and she’s my new best friend. As you can see by her photo bombing the treats photo, it was love at first sight.

For me – it’s sweet relief knowing that she has a treat range that’s tasty AND healthy.


To win your own VitaPet Treat Pack leave a comment below with what flavour VitaPet Treat your dog would love the most and why.

Prize Treat Pack includes:
2 x Vitapet Duck Tenders
2 x Vitapet Chicken Tenders
2 x Vitapet JerHigh Chicken Sticks
2 x Vitapet JerHigh Milky Sticks
2 x Vitapet JerHigh Variety Pack
2 x Vitapet Healthy Naturals Beef Ribs
1 x Vitapet Healthy Naturals Roo Bars
1 x Vitapet Rawhide Knot bone
1 x Vitapet Rawhide 5pk

Make sure you include your email when you comment – this will not be published or shared, however we will need it to contact you if you are the lucky winner.

Open to Australian residents only.

Entries close 5:00 pm AEST on Tuesday 5 November 2013. Full T&Cs here.

Good luck!

THE COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to the lucky winner Tanya Clough.

This giveaway was brought to you by VitaPet. For more information and to view their full range visit the VitaPet website and Facebook page.

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Serena Faber Nelson

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Comments (110)

110 responses to “Giveaway: VitaPet Dog Treats”

  1. Karen English says:

    My dog would love the Natural Roo Bars as she loves the smell of kangaroo meat and it makes her drool and it’s a lean meat for older dogs also.

  2. Brittany Harris says:

    My puppy Coco would love the Vitapet JerHigh Chicken Sticks as she is currently learning new tricks and would love to be rewarded with healthy treats!!

    • julie says:

      my little jack rushell jess loves duck tenders I have to give her one every night or she wont go out she loves them

  3. Sonya Blyton says:

    My 7 Bulldogs all love Kangaroo, They start Drooling everywhere just buy the near whiff of Roo & there bums start shaking in excitement of yummy treats.

  4. My dogs love the Vitapet Chicken Tenders. They are chicken – no more needs to be explained. πŸ™‚

  5. Teri Salinas says:

    My Boxer Piper would love the Vitapet Duck Tenders. We only give quality, whole products to our pup — it’s great to see products like this!

  6. Claudia Durban says:

    Coco and Bazza would lose the plot over the chicken tenders! They love anything chicken! And the fact that they are chewable makes them last that tiny little bit longer πŸ™‚

  7. Ilse says:

    Ooooh, would love to try the beef ribs with our puppy! Assume the bone’s ok for her? She loves her sticks and can chew on them for ages!!!

  8. Jennifer Clark says:

    My Princess goes crazy over duck and would love the Duck Tenders treats. I can’t buy treats often but she can tell the difference in the smell and absolutely goes crazy! She is my heart and she deserves the best!

  9. Chantel Qualischefski says:

    My Basenji boys would LOVE the Vitapet Healthy Naturals Roo Bars. They love all dog treats but the stinkier the better, and kangaroo meat always has a very strong, rich smell. Yum Yum!

  10. Helen Channon says:

    My dogs had a play date on Sunday and had a taste of the duck and went crazy for it.

  11. Nicole says:

    My girls love the Milky Sticks, they do anything asked of them when I’ve got the Milky Sticks out πŸ™‚

  12. Samantha Farthing says:

    My pup would love the knot bone,
    So that when I’m often not home,
    She can chew away,
    For hours every day,
    And leave my precious shoes alone!

  13. Ashleigh says:

    While I’m sure my girl would prefer the duck flavour (she’s loves a bit of bird chasey), I would definitely go the raw hide knot bone so that it would last longer between her staffy teeth!

  14. Gina Howarth says:

    My Harley Puppy would absolutely love the Vitapet JerHigh Variety pack as he does not like to eat the same treats all the time.

  15. Lesia says:

    My dogs would like the Roo. Syrah’s favourite reward is kangaroo treats at obedience class and my other dog, Ranger, we think is part Kangaroo! He loves jumping over the fences in our property, just for fun. πŸ™‚

  16. Kelly-Marie says:

    My dog would love the Vitapet JerHigh Chicken Sticks, in fact I know she would dance around the room until she was given one

  17. Grant says:

    My dog would love the Vitapet Chicken Tenders. Jack the Jack Russell loves to chase birds and chickens so this would suit him well.

  18. Hannah Venz says:

    My Sheltie Bonnie would most love the Naturals Roos Bar as she could spend hours delicately nibbling away at them (dainty sheltie!), she would love the Chicken Tenders as well because she could share them with her best friend Mya as they are Mya’s absolute favourites!!

  19. Di says:

    Vitapet JerHigh Chicken Sticks, she’s addicted to them!! Every morning after breakfast, she goes and sits next to the bench where they sit, looking up and making huffy noises, raising her paw at me as if to say ‘come on Mum, it’s that time for a delicous treat’.

  20. DIANA O says:

    Knot bone – they excite my baby puppy girl so much. If only she’d stop burying them!!

  21. dianne inwood says:

    My Kelpie Mr Charlie Blue Eyes Wiggle bottom would love the roo bars. And he deserves it after a hard days work rounding up sheep.

  22. Chan says:

    My Max would love the Duck Tenders. He loves duck and would do anything for it. He would shake paws nonstop

  23. kerry santillo says:

    My little dog Gherkin would love the Vitapet Chicken Tenders. She has a thing for chicken and Im sure she could eat a whole one if ever given the chance !!!

  24. Kelly Walter says:

    Anything that has chicken flavor my two girls would absolutely love !!!

  25. Anne says:

    My Ruby loves any meat. Chicken, beef, duck, and pig. she goes crazy for food πŸ™‚

  26. Jennifer B. says:

    Wagner’s devours all food, watch his jaws gnash…
    He’d love ALL Vitapets flavours. Gone in a flash!!!

  27. Tanya Clarke says:

    I think my 2 goldies would love all those flavours although they would drool for the chicken.

  28. deb hill says:

    I buy your products every week for my little dog, she especially likes the chicken tenders and milky sticks

  29. elissa says:

    My dogs love the chicken sticks. I break them down and use them for rewards during training. They keep them motivated to please!

  30. jane gardam says:

    The duck tenders actually sound delicious…so if I was my dog this is what I would pick…woofalicious!

  31. laura kenny says:

    my boys have too favourites the chicken tenders and the milky sticks the tenders are my special treats for birthdays and christmas. the milky treats are my every day treat.there great for when going out walking as they can be broken down to smaller pieces, not only that they smell really nice ,i could almost eat them myself

  32. Claudia says:

    Blue would love the duck tenders because this are original and he has never had duck tenders before. Vitapet treats look yummy so Blue will be happy to get these treats!!

  33. Jane Wilson says:

    Thor my Pyrenean Mountain dog weighing in at 71kgs has teeth that match his size .
    I’m positive that he’d thank you for Vitapet Rawhide Knot bone.

  34. Meg says:

    My beagle boys love all of the range so far, especially the chicken tenders and milky sticks. I only have to go near the cupboard where their VitaPet treats are and suddenly they’re on their best behaviour!
    Sometimes as a treat I’ll break down a couple of milky sticks into small pieces and hide them around the yard so they can go hunting.

  35. Sharni Spiers says:

    omg. my 5 rescue dogs would loves these as they have spent long time in pound and have only started to experience the yummies in life.

  36. My dog loves the VitaPets JerHigh Chicken sticks.

  37. Lisa says:

    I have actually bought these before and my dog loves the beef ribs. When the chickens wake and get her excited at 5am in the morning all it takes is a rib to get her settled and us a couple more hours of sleep. Bravo Vitapet!

  38. Beth says:

    Puk would love the Vitapet Healthy Naturals Roo Bars as he loves to roll on roo treats and make himself smell like the treats.

  39. Cheryl says:

    My beautiful girls Bella a Bichoodle & Rosie a toy poodle are our world with the cutest of
    Features and nature and loveeee chicken treats. It makes them run round my legs begging for more.

  40. Shelley Mckenzie says:

    My dogs would like any of the chicken products . They get roast chicken a treat every fortnight . Only have to say chickchick and they go silly .so the chicken tenders they would go wild about.

  41. Julie Shepherd says:

    My little dog Max just loves his Vitapet Jerhigh Chicken Tenders keeps him happy and content while I am about doing chores. One happy little doggy.

  42. Erin says:

    With a new Labrador puppy I am going to need a lot to treats to help him learn some good doggy manners

  43. Lesley Redman says:

    Gypsy would love the Vitapet JerHigh Chicken Sticks the most.We received her free sample the other day (thankyou very much) & as soon as Gypsy tried them she couldn’t get enough! I know now that these are her most favourite treat of all πŸ™‚

  44. Allison O'Neil says:

    Both my kids would both love the Vitapet Chicken Tenders. And as Dusty is super sensitive to a lot of preservatives Vitapet would be perfect to use to train our little ball of mischief.

  45. Pauline Stacey says:

    Vitapet Healthy Naturals Beef Ribs would be my dog Flynn’s pick .

  46. susan belci says:

    our dog missy would love the roo flavored sticks as she is on a special diet which contains roo meat and she absolutely loves it.

  47. My dogs love the milky sticks which make them perform so much better in the show ring when they know they will get these as their treats.

  48. Kathy Smith says:

    My dogs Molly & Pixie would love the Vitapet Chicken sticks They go made for anything that has chicken in it Yum Yum

  49. Belinda Maree says:

    My 3 would love the Vitapet JerHigh Milky Sticks. It might stop them gazing at me as I finish my cereal every day (hoping to get the leftover milk)

  50. Dharma says:

    Angel LOVES the VitaPet Chicken Tenders,Chicken Fillets and now the Duck Tenders.. I can’t wait to look for the ribs now. Lucky lil Angel..

  51. Sharon says:

    My dog loves the Milky sticks the most as it was his first dog treat!

  52. warren says:

    My GS George would love the rawhide strips because it would take him a bit longer to chew up and savvy the flavor;

  53. Maggie says:

    My dog would probably love the variety pack because he’s not picky about treats and loves them all!

  54. Nicole Capill says:

    My dog Taj would love the Duck tenders as they will go really well in her frozen treat bars.

  55. Karina says:

    Our two Labradors eat anything and everything!!

  56. Erin Murray says:

    My Golden Retriever, Ellie, would absolutely love the Healthy Naturals Beef Ribs! She has put on a few kilos recently as a result of: 1) Breaking her foot and being inactive for 8 weeks, and 2) Being put on steroids to help with her Atopic Dermatitis! The poor dog needs some delicious, healthy treats to cheer her up!

  57. alecia says:

    My bonnie dog loves all your rang but most of all she loves your chicken tenders the reason she loves them the most is when she was a puppy that what we would give her as a reward so I guess you could say she grew up on them .

  58. Fiona says:

    My dog, Happy, is a huge fan of anything made of chicken. He would eat chicken drumsticks, chicken wings and chicken breasts every night. Heck he would even steal some chicken bits when we brought KFC home. He even eats eggs too! I would definitely give my dog the Chicken Tenders because the sound of that will make my dog drool in excitement! I don’t think that smile on his face will ever be wiped off either. We usually give him the Chicken Sticks and he loves his Milky Sticks too. But I would love him to try the Tenders!

  59. Suvanna Cheng says:

    My dog loves basically anything chicken flavoured, He may be a little dog but he loves his raw chicken bones and basically all of the VitaPets range. Especially the chicken tenders.

  60. Stephanie says:

    My puppy has been eating vita pets range of treats since the get go. He loves the milky sticks and the chicken sticks and tenders.
    He also loves roo meat, so I think the healthy natural roo bars would make him really happy and so he can try something new !

  61. julie wells says:

    My terrier loves the roo bars trouble is wants them all not just as a treat lol

  62. Robyne Hazell says:

    My Judy (miniature poodle) would love the Chicken Sticks. She loves the vita pets range which I buy for her when I can.

  63. Raelene says:

    Molly would love the roo bars. She is hopping made for roo meat πŸ™‚

  64. Tina Hogan says:

    my two dogs would love some treats,they are so crazy on chicken sticks please can we have some.

  65. Robyne Hazell says:

    My Judy would absolutely love the chicken sticks. She is a wonderful miniature poodle (a rescue dog) which I adopted 6 months ago.

  66. Joanna says:

    I have a dog
    His name is Mishiu
    He’s my pet and my best-friend

    When we go out ~ or all day and night
    He loves to have
    Some chicken tenders, yum yum yum

  67. Donna says:

    My Boy Eddie would love the Naturals Roo Bars he loves his chicken but the smell from roo treats makes him go a little crazy/Active which is very cute for a chubby lazy Puppy he is πŸ™‚

  68. Justine says:

    Scruffy is familiar with the Chicken Tenders and gulped just about the whole pack down as soon as I got them out for him!

  69. Vanessa Upston says:

    I would treat my moms dog Rocky to this awesome pack! He would love the Roo Sticks as I have brought them for him in the past and he absolutely loved them! πŸ™‚

  70. helen carbery says:

    Our girl, Zoe is one of the family, she absolutely loves the chicken tenders and sticks. We only need to say the word treat and shes begging for some, she doesn’t want to stop at just one but looks at you with those puppy dog eyes and we just have to give in much to her delight.

  71. Ashlee medica says:

    Zinc would definitely want the variety pack, because I know lf I was a dog I wouldn’t be able to pick just one kind!!
    Honestly, could you?!? Haha πŸ˜‰

  72. Tina Minns says:

    My little girl, Peanut, is a huge fan of VitaPet yummies (especially the chicken tenders) but hasn’t had the opportunity to try them all on offer here. She works hard as an emotional companion dog to keep her Mummy happy and feeling loved. As soon as I say the word “yummy” she looks straight to the treat bag but won’t eat until she knows she is allowed to all while staring down the delicious treat. Peanut loves Roo tails and Roo treats, but I have not seen the VitaPet’s Roo Bars to get for her to enjoy.

  73. jenni shelton says:

    definitly the chicken sticks my dogs will do anything for them followed by a natural roo bar xx

  74. Moonshine Oz says:

    My big pookie pie would love to try the new variety pack so he can give mum lots more big hugs & kisses πŸ™‚

  75. Michael Cao says:

    My Maltese-Shihtzu pup has learned how to roll-over, wave hello, do circles and do hi-5’s all for a bit of Vitapet JerHigh Chicken Stick. I’m certain he will learn a lot more tricks from the tasty range of Vitapet JerHigh treats!

  76. Jennifer Craker says:

    Given that my GSD loves everything meaty and milky I would hate to just chose only one of the VitaPet treats on offer. She already loves the VitaPet range so to win a hamper with all of the goodies included would be her xmas sorted.

  77. My animal family members , Hooch,Pippa and Rosie…all very big dogs..love the Chicken Sticks and Rawhide Chews…we haven’t tried the Roo yet. But when they get their treats they go all silly jumpings about and lots of dribbles…I think it makes them feel special, similar to when you treat your child for being good.I always get lots of smooches afterwards. We love the treats.

  78. Fran Latif says:

    My little guy loves the duck!!

  79. coco & milo recieved there chicken sample and nearly ripped them out of my hand it was like all there christmasses had come at once…. thankyou for 2 happy and content little dogs

  80. Claire Ward says:

    Chicken sticks. My two dogs snatch them out of my hand if I’m not fast enough to give them to them. One only snatches with this treats πŸ™‚ and if i’m not careful they’ll bite (accidentally) my hand trying to get them.

  81. Beth White says:

    The Chicken Sticks!! Benson loves them with a passion! He’ll sit there and stare at the cupboard even after you’ve walked away. I think he figures if he stares at it long enough, the Chicken Sticks will just come out for him on their own! Lol πŸ™‚

  82. aimee t says:

    Vitapet Healthy Naturals Roo Bars, my 8 year old dog would MOVE so fast to have one of these babies! πŸ™‚ for a old dog, all of a sudden turned puppy! High protein, full of flav! ANd Vitapet delicious!

  83. Clare Ferguson says:

    My Little dog goes crazy for the chicken sticks but think she would love to try the duck tenders, the sound yummy lol

  84. Alan M says:

    Vitapet Healthy Naturals Roo Bars, Because my dog love it when I cook him Roo sausages for dinner so think he would love the roo bars as a treat!

  85. Leonie Wilhelm says:

    My to little girls love chicken.And chicken necks.If I bring home a cooked chicken the walk around noses sniffing in the air! My babies!

  86. my Siberian husky would all the flavours because he just loves any food

  87. candy gibson says:

    My baby girl mocha loves anything with beef and chicken.

  88. Ollie Vigheciu says:

    Chicken, Chicken, Chicken….she just goes crazy for a Vitapet chicken stick. She’s a bit like me when I see chocolate.

  89. Meredith Ong says:

    The Natural Roo Bars, its new and different and one of the only treats my dogs will eat.

  90. Sara Lattanzia says:

    I have two adorable Wheatens, Riley and Shilah. I think they would love the roo treats. We have never tried this brand before and are very curious. They also have never had kangaroo before, but love pretty much anything! As long as they both have one because Shilah steals everything Riley has lol

  91. yvonne turner says:

    karma would try anything she has an awful over bite and it is hard for her to eat anything

  92. Deborah Burns says:

    Rusty and Bindi are true Aussie dogs so their favourite would have to be VitaPet Roo Bars. They love the taste of kangaroo, so it’s the perfect yummy treat to keep them ‘hoppy’.

  93. Diana Ritter says:

    I have three dogs. They all love to chew something tasty. It’s heaven to them. I guess I’d better suggest Rawhide 5 pk so they can share. I’ve told them we might win something yummy and they were quite excited.

  94. NICK LEWIS says:

    My Cooper would probably love all of them. But his favorite would probably be the beef ribs or rawhide. He loves to chew.

  95. Belinda Mouk says:

    Bonnie and Zoey get very excited when the Vitapet Jerhigh treats come out. Especially the chicken sticks which the love the most.

  96. Kathy Mason says:

    I am sure she will love the variety pack, as variety is the spice of life.

  97. Tanya Clough says:

    My girls Asja and Crash would most like to get their paws on the VitaPet Chicken Tenders as chicken is their absolute favourite! So much so they once astoundingly brought a live one home once πŸ™‚ still done know where it came from!!

  98. Nik Bell says:

    My dog loves chicken. She won;t anything unless it has a chicken flavour. She will high 5 for a chicken treat.

  99. Serena Thean says:

    My 10 month puppy Snowy loves the milky sticks. She has been trained on these treats and will do anything to get her paws on one. She also loves the chicken and duck strap. These vita treats are the only treats she can eat. Snowy says “pick me pick me please”

  100. sonia cattley says:

    My dog can chase a chook down in 5 seconds flat, same with a cow, but a kangaroo is too smart for my Sally….so the roo would be the best.

  101. KIMBERLEY says:


  102. Zoe RYan says:

    My aussie bulldog Bev, would love the Beef ribs (along with everything else) and my lil Chihuahua would def love the chicken tenders. The cat would probably like some too!

  103. Em Lawes says:

    Roo! My puppy Bella is loving spring so much she’s bouncing all over the backyard. A little more Roo will put a little more spring in her step which would put the biggest silliest smile on her face.

  104. Teena says:

    Rocky just loves the milky sticks, and for another one will do heaps of tricks πŸ™‚

  105. Meg says:

    Poppy, is one smart cookie. She doesn’t eat anything from strangers but last week she ate some of vitapet roo from our neighbour. She goes goo goo for roo~~

  106. Catrina Murray says:

    He may be completely blind, but my 16 year old darling dog Jefferson still has a nose that works perfectly well and he would go barking mad for the Vitapet JerHigh Chicken Sticks!

  107. Sharon Wong says:

    It’s hard to choose just one flavour because my dog, Bailey is basically a food addict and will eat anything! I’m guessing his favourite will be Vitapet JerHigh Chicken Sticks because I always cook chicken whenever he’s sick and pamper him like a baby, and also because he loves sticks.

  108. Karlene says:

    Vitapet Rawhide Knot bone – whatever slows her down and keeps her chewing

  109. charlotte says:

    My two gorgeous rescue dogs just LOVE JerHigh Milky Sticks because they have a dairy obsession! Here’s my boy Ziggy “helping” in the kitchen by cleaning out the end of a yoghurt container – https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/p206x206/418813_446580932061455_573924271_n.jpg

    Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

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