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Pretty Fluffy Christmas GIVEAWAY!

To say I am super-excited about today’s giveaway is an understatement. For the last week I’ve been sharing all of my favourite pretty and fluffy finds for this holiday season for blokes, girls, dogs, and kids. But today I get to play Santa and give ONE lucky reader a whole swag of my personal picks for under the tree this Christmas.

I’ve adored sharing Pretty Fluffy with you over the last year and can’t think of a better way to say thank you for following along with me. With hundreds of dollars worth of goodies included in the prize pack this is the perfect present for anyone who is a fan of everything ‘Pretty’ and ‘Fluffy’.


1 | KATE SPADE COIN PURSE by Kate Spade. Nothing says pretty like Kate Spade!
2 | ASSORTED GIRLE DOG SET from Rifle Paper Co. For lovers of paper goods and puppies! This gift card collection has hearts melting all over the world.
3 | RONNIE THE REINDEER from the fabulous Puppy Tales. Possibly the most gorgeous Christmas toy I have ever laid eyes on. Made from organic cotton and natural dyes, it’s a must have for under the tree come Christmas morning.
4 | BOTTLE BUDDIES REINDEER from Puppy Tales. The famous Bottle Buddy in Reindeer form. I seriously believe Soda is currently hatching a plan to steal this one before the giveaway ends!
5 | THE LITTLE TEARROR DOG TOY from On All Paws . Give a dog a bone this Christmas! Each end of The Miyow & Barkley Little Tearror bone toy tears away from the bone’s strong velcro core and can easily be re-attached for limitless fun.
6 | MOLESKINE DOG JOURNAL from On All Paws. This amazing journal by the iconic Italian notebook company can be used to record information such as registration details, vet records, photos and other keepsakes. A must for any organised pooch owner.
7 | PICNIC LEAD from Tolly and Applewood. This handmade leash is a real cutie featuring some adorable forest friends. With second to none quality, it’s perfect for fluffy boys and girls of any size.
8 | SET OF 3 CHRISTMAS COOKIE CUTTERS from Papier Damour. These adorable reindeer, dove & tree shaped cutters are the perfect way to cook up some luxury treats for you and your dog this Christmas.


To enter, please leave ONE comment under this post saying what has been your favourite Pretty Fluffy post of all-time and why. For inspiration feel free to check out the Golden Oldies in the right hand column!

Make sure you include your email when you comment – this will not be published or shared, however I will need it to contact you if you are the lucky winner.

One entry per person. For up to 3 BONUS entries you can:
1 | Sign up to the Pretty Fluffy Newsletter – near the top of the right hand column.
2 | Follow Pretty Fluffy on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway linking back to this post.
3 | Follow Pretty Fluffy on Facebook and share the giveaway linking back to this post.

To notify me that you’ve done so, please leave additional comments (up to 3 only) as your bonus entries along with your regular entry comment.

The giveaway is open to international readers and worldwide shipping is included in the prize pack. The competition will end on Friday 9 December at 10:00pm Sydney EDT. The winner will be announced Monday 12 December on Pretty Fluffy. Good Luck my Pretty Fluffies!

UPDATE: Entries have now closed and the winner will be announced Monday 12 December on Pretty Fluffy. Good luck everyone! 

Pick of the Week

  • The Odin by Up Dog Toys

    The Odin by Up Dog Toys

    It’s the modern treat dispensing toy that keeps your dog challenged and stimulated, while keeping your home looking beautiful too. Say hello to elevated dog toy aesthetics.

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Comments (182)

182 responses to “Pretty Fluffy Christmas GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Taylor K. says:

    My favorite old post was In Defence of Rescue Dogs. I really appreciated everything you said and learned a lot.

  2. Taylor K. says:

    I signed up for the newsletter!!

  3. Kelsey Smith says:

    My favourite post was “Hot News: American Preppy Style” because I am an American living in Australia, and this post made me not only feel close to home, but also made me super excited because you let me know the American Digs now ships internationally so that I could buy my Cavalier Brooklyn a cute American Preppy polo…just like her mama wears 🙂

  4. Kelsey Smith says:

    I also Facebooked about it by sharing to my wall!!

  5. domestic diva says:

    I liked in defense of rescue dogs. I love my rescue pooch!

  6. Taylor B says:

    my favorite PF post was DIY Dog Birthday Party because it tells you exactly what you need to throw a fabulous party for pooches! (already starting to plan for Addie’s February Party!)

  7. Taylor B says:

    I signed up to receive the newsletter too!

  8. Taylor B says:

    I’m a PF facebook follower! Shared the giveaway news!

  9. amy says:

    just found your blog – and i’m very much a fan 🙂 the dogs at weddings is a really great post.

  10. Kellie Wilson says:

    My favorite post of all time is this one:

    I have two rescue dogs who mean the world to me. Your post makes me tear up each time I read it. I have SOOOO much respect for people who save the life of a dog by bringing them into their home!

  11. Kellie Wilson says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter 🙂

  12. Kellie Wilson says:

    shared contest via facebook! 🙂

  13. abitnerdy says:

    tee-hee hee i went through all the best on the right.. and i kept going back to too cute. I love puppy paws! aw*

  14. Jennie says:

    EEEKKKK!!!!! This is an amazing giveaway! My all time favorite post? Of course I know it’s biased but I have to say my Chloe on the Daily Fluffy! It makes me smile every time I think about. =)

  15. Jennie says:

    I already follow you on Twitter, my friend!

  16. Jennie says:

    And I already follow you on facebook too! =)

  17. Jennie says:

    I’m officially a newsletter subscriber. =)

  18. Wow what a giveaway 🙂 My favourite post was definitely Buddy the Golden Retriever. My beautiful boy has prostate cancer & is really slowing down & even how she said she moved around him & worked at his pace got me all teary.

  19. Michelle Lorie DePietto says:

    Dogs At Weddings is my favorite! I am a wedding and floral stylist. My favorite bohemian wedding had a beautiful black labrador Finn walking down the aisle with the flower girl. We had a daisy/baby’s death/fern wreath with flowing ribbons for the flower girl and a wreath of sunflowers around Finn’s neck. We also designed a special area just for Finn in the lounge area.

  20. Liang says:

    I have a few favourites, but one particular that comes to mind is the post on Mama Biscuit, a rescued puppy mill pug. Your post led me to her fabulous and witty blog:
    Oh and I’m newsletter subscriber now too:)

  21. I’m a pretty new blog follower but I did enjoy your dogs at wedding post, because although my pup wasn’t at my wedding (he was born the day after) I did have my pony join in on the fun. I trained him to walk down the isle and toss flowers out of a basket….he was the greatest wedding guest ever!

  22. subscribed to the newsletter 🙂

  23. Gemmie Alliston says:

    I think ‘Dogs at Weddings’ has been my all time fave. I love my pets, they mean everything to me (my husband knows they are my ‘children’), so I thought this was very cute 🙂

  24. Gemmie Alliston says:

    subscribed to the newsletter 😀

  25. Gemmie Alliston says:

    shared on FB 😛

  26. Heidi says:

    The military reunions – so touching and sweet!!

  27. Heidi says:

    Twitter and FB done; already signed up to newsletter! 🙂

  28. My favorite is In Defence of Rescue Dogs, but I also love when you highlight another blogger and I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. They’re all so interesting and fun and I love the photos! Great idea on the giveaway! xo

  29. phil dimor says:

    My girl Katchina just loves girly stuff!

  30. tonya says:

    Too hard to narrow it down to one, but I love the DIY posts you’ve done – especially the Halloween treat bags and the Martha Stewart make your own treats. I also am a huge fan of the Sunday Sessions. And of course ALL the Daily Fluffy’s themselves. They are after all the inspiration.

  31. Darleen Paul says:

    I love the Daily Fluffy and all the dog products available!

  32. Ali says:

    My all time favorite post has to be “In Defense of Rescue Dogs”. You hit the nail on the head with this one, and I love how you explain away the myths and get readers to open their hearts and minds to a new idea – choosing to save a life, and be the best thing to happen to a shelter dog! 🙂

  33. Ali says:

    I also follow Pretty Fluffy on Facebook, Twitter and through the newsletter =)

  34. Check, check, check! Sign me up! I love all things Pretty Fluffy and really enjoy the Dogs Behind the Blogs 🙂

    Fingers crossed! xoxo

  35. Taylor B says:

    I tweeted! And joined twitter so you can follow Addison @lifewithaddison

  36. Ashley B says:

    Oh my goodness, it’s very hard to pick a favorite post. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed all the DIYs as I’m a huge DIY girl. The cupcake recipes are great too!

  37. Ashley B says:

    I “liked” your facebook page and linked to the post on my facebook.

  38. Ashley B says:

    I’m following you on twitter (well, my dog is anyway.. @cowtailchewtoys) and I tweeted the giveaway.

  39. Caroline says:

    For showing that there are sometimes second chances in life, “In Defence of Rescue Dogs,” shows that sometimes, something pre-loved is best.

  40. Liang says:

    Hi, I have retweeted the link to this page too:) in addition to my earlier entry on favourite posting. @lheartl

  41. Stina says:

    My favourite would have to be In Defense of Rescue Dogs. After opening my eyes to the reality of our shelters and rescue groups a few years ago, I can’t imagine getting a pet any other way, and try to talk to people about it at every chance I get when they mention getting a new pet (or something similar).
    Your post on the subject was perfect!! I wish it could be sent out to everyone. Everywhere.

  42. kerry santillo says:

    It has tom my favourite post ever!!! Dogs at weddings!
    I wish I could have done this at my wedding, who would have thought. My little chihuahua, Gherkin would have made a perfect bridesmaid 🙂 I like the post as well as you put all the detail in reguards to dog handles for the day and the other relevant issues to take of. Thanks for a chance.

  43. kerry santillo says:

    I am subscibed 🙂

  44. kerry santillo says:

    Have tweeted @gherkkerry
    Pretty Fluffy Christmas GIVEAWAY! | Pretty Fluffy via @Pretty_Fluffy
    and am following 🙂

  45. kerry santillo says:

    Have shared on facebook 🙂

  46. Rebecca Scarinci says:

    mine was the article on rescue the proud parent of 2 rescues,i teared up as i read it

  47. Rebecca Scarinci says:

    following on fb and twitter too

  48. Samantha says:

    DIY doggie luggage tags has to be our favorite post of all time! Now if only Paddy had an adorable little suitcase…

  49. Samantha says:

    Signed up for the newsletter! How could we have forgotten to do this earlier!

  50. Just found your blog through BYW. Terrific. Looking through I really was drawn to your compilation of 12 before 2012.

  51. Margaret says:

    Well this is definitely one of the cutest giveaways I’ve ever seen! 🙂 I added almost everything on your list here: to things I’m coveting. I especially ADORE the Peter Alexander slippers, the girly dog letter set, and the swash posey silk scarf.

    Happy Holidays!

  52. Margaret says:

    I’m now a subscriber too! Looking forward to your updates. 🙂


  53. Jenny says:

    I just found your site and I love “In Defence Of Rescue Dogs”.

  54. Teangi says:

    Well I would be biased if I said the ‘Sculpt my Pet’ post was the best… so I would also choose In Defense of Rescue Dogs.
    Already following on fb, twitter and the newsletter (I think!)… but will share the love.

  55. Teangi says:

    Tweeted… will fb later as I have overloaded lately!

  56. Tricia Jungwirth says:

    I love the Daily Fluffies themselves and many of the links I’ve found here to other great sites and products, but my favourite post has to be In Defence of Rescue Dogs. My two adopted Westies are the joy of my life. “Don’t shop, adopt.”

  57. Bek Isaac says:

    DIY : Puppy Cupcakes
    I’ve been participating in the RSPCA Cupcake Day for years and every year I look for a new cupcake idea, I’ve certainly created some sad looking doggie cupcakes over the years!! These cupcakes are brilliant !!! Thanks guys, with these I think I’ll nab the best cupcake prize ;o) haha

  58. Bek Isaac says:

    Added on Facebook & subscribed to newsletter.

  59. For me, it has to be the dogs at weddings piece – my kind of wedding. It’s great fun to involve the whole family!

  60. Already following on Twitter & FB!

  61. Now a newsletter subscriber 🙂

  62. Kelly Ann T. says:

    Mine has been In Defence of Rescue Dogs. Love my rescue.

  63. Mick says:

    In Defense of Rescue Dogs – these four legged heroes often go over and above the call of duty yet despite encountering many hardships still maintain their playtime puppy attitude – we could all learn from their selfless examples

  64. Mick says:

    oops – subscribed to newsletter too 😉

  65. Glenda says:

    I have two rescue dogs and they have been the best little dogs ever. Very loving and great companions, its as if they are extremly grateful to me for caring for them but I am the one grateful for their company and love so I loved the “In Defence Of Rescue Dogs”
    My advice to anyone is please consider giving one of these beautiful animals a home before you consider a puppy from a petshop!

  66. Amy Barnes says:

    Puppy cupcakes was a pretty adorable post 😉 I also signed up by email 🙂

  67. Yvette Kitchener says:

    OMG: Dog of the Blog- Sprinkles is absolutely adorable! So cute!!

  68. Sherrie says:

    My fav posting on pretty fluffy would be defense of rescue dogs, as my 8 month baby girl is a rescue dog, she picked me and you post was so accurate for me personaly I always wanted a pet shop dog until I learned about the truth and I am greatful I have been educated or I never would have meet my baby girl 🙂

  69. Sherrie says:

    Facebooked u too 🙂

  70. I somehow stumbled across your site and I la la love it! I have a spoilt little Labrador named Kira, she’s 13 months old now and I love her to bits! Your site will come in handy when I’m looking for more ways to spoil her rotten 🙂

    I loved reading about Buddy the Golden Retriever!

    I’ve signed up to your mailing list, I’m following you on twitter and shared this link on my Home Made Delights facebook page.

    You have a beautiful site. Keep up the great work 🙂 x

  71. tracy says:

    I love the Daily Fluffy posts. Such gorgeous and funny photos.
    I have signed up and shared on FB.
    Would love to pamper my dog with these prizes, he deserves it.

  72. Sherrie says:

    Abosoluty in love with this site my fingers are crossed and I have signed up for the newsletter looking forward to it

  73. Hello Mrs Serena – well, obviously, my favourite post was when you featured me as the Daily Fluffy. What an honour. I proudly display my ‘Daily Fluffy’ badge on my blog. This was my favourite post because I love to do my bit to spread my cute with the rest of the world.

    I am already subscribed to your newsletter and I follow you on Facebook and Twitter but I will share this contest with others.

    As a doggeh, I don’t have any money so it would be super nice to win this prize for my person. I could wrap it all up and put it under the tree for Christmas. She’d think I was a super thoughtful doggeh.

  74. I shared this post on Facebook and Twitter and did a little doggeh swoon.

  75. Dee says:

    I loved the “3 Things Every Dog Owner Needs” post! Great blog!

  76. Sarah says:

    Hey Love!

    Okay, so I have to say I want that Kate Spade Coin Purse + all of you awesome goodies! This is so tough though, because I honestly love all of your posts, especially because they all involve either accessories, print, cake, & adorable fluffy faces, or all of the above. I’m really loving your holiday guide right now. You take such pride in your details and research, and from a reader’s standpoint, it is much appreciated! {And of course I love the features on little bean and I!}

    Ps. I am signing up for your newsletter right now, why haven’t I already done this?! Fb & Twitter… check!

    xoxo Sarah

  77. blanket says:

    How wonderful Serena the contest is going really well!! Love all your posts, but would have to say my faves are the ones about me lol I shared on Facebook and Twitter and will again today! That Kate Spade coin purse is calling my name 🙂

  78. blanket says:

    Oh just signed up for the newsletter – can’t believe I hadn’t done that already. Have a great day x

  79. Janice says:

    I love puppy feet….so cute and made me smile on a day I needed one!

  80. I’ve been meaning to enter this fantastic giveaway all week lovely! What a testament to the thriving community you have here – all the sponsors involved in this giveaway are top-notch!

    I have two all-time fave Pretty Fluffy posts. the first – one that really stands out to me – is the one you wrote about what you’d learnt from Oprah (that tied back in to blogging). The other is the post on skim reading. All of your posts are extremely well written and feel like a conversation between friends, but these two particularly resonated with me.

    I’ve subscribed to your newsletter and will share away the In Spaces Between FB/ Twitter profiles! Such an exciting prize, keeping my fingers crossed xx

  81. Philippa C says:

    DIY Puppy Cupcakes – my daughter would die to have these at her next birthday and I would be a legend forever!

  82. Philippa C says:

    Signed up for the newsletter.

  83. Bakes says:

    About this time last year you posted “This Photo Could Save a Dog’s Life” and it’s a story that has stuck with me since. Photo’s tell a story and in many cases sell a lifestyle. With just a little more help to ‘sell’ their stories, so many more rescue dogs might be rehomed. Most pets are ‘sold’ on the cuteness factor, so all we need to do is make these pups a little more ‘pretty fluffy’ and they’d have a much better chance at life.

  84. Bakes says:

    I have added a facebook link from my site to yours to encourage all my doggie friends to get involved with this comp too! And I already receive your newsletter…

  85. Amber says:

    How to narrow it down to just one favourite post?

    Do I choose ‘In Defense of Rescue Dogs’ because it struck a real chord with me? We foster black tag (abuse case) dogs for as long as their rehabilitation and/or legal proceedings take and all of our own dogs are rescues. One is a cruelty case from a puppy mill, another was discarded by her owner because they were moving and we recently adopted a 15 year old Border Collie as his previous person could no longer care for him. Each of these dogs are perfect in their own way and are extremely loving and loyal. Your insightful and humorous approach to answering the excuses given for not adopting, not only made me smile, it armed me with some powerful tools to use in conversations when people bring up these ‘excuses’.

    Or do I choose ‘Dogs at Weddings’? Our two beloved dogs were the groomsmen at my wedding and it was simply wonderful. They were both very important members of our family and they walked up the aisle with the bridesmaids like true pros. The guests at our wedding loved having the dogs there and not once did I worry about my dress being ruined. Those dogs have since made their way to the Rainbow Bridge and I am so, so thankful they were there to share the day with us. A wedding is a celebration to be had with those you care about so why should the dogs be left out. I am sure your post will encourage others to include their four legged friends to be part of their ‘big day’ too.

    I think it’s a tie between the two. The saying that ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ is so true here – you may never know just how many dogs and people you’ve helped with your posts, but rest assured, you have definitely helped. Thank you for doing what you’re doing.

  86. Amber says:

    Have also signed up for the newsletter!

  87. So many we liked but I think my favorite was the DIY Doggie Party. One day Kirby is having a fancy one!

  88. Follow you on FaceBook and posting the giveaway now!

  89. I is one of your peeps and will tweet about this!

  90. sarah holland says:

    I’ve loved so many posts, but the biggest hit in our household definitely has to be the DIY Puppy Cupcakes. My daughter is absolutely mad for our little adopted toy poodle Spots, and for her seventh birthday I made a whole tray of little Spots-lookalike cupcakes thanks to your pretty amazing guide. They were a huge hit! Thanks so much, Pretty Fluffy! <3 your work!

  91. leanne says:

    Did all 3 good luck to everyone

  92. Shannon says:

    I loved the Dog’s at Weddings post.
    I really wish my pooch could have been a part of my wedding day 🙁

  93. Andrea says:

    My fav was the DIY treat bags! I have also followed on FB and signed up to newsletter!

  94. Steve says:

    Our all time fave posting was Soda’s party. We wish we were there too!!!

  95. KarlaSugar says:

    I really appreciated your posting the dog cupcake recipe. I almost bought that book for the image on the cover, and though I’ll probably never execute something as technical as those cupcakes (piping bag??), I like the idea that I could.

    Samantha/Barkzilla referred me to your blog.

  96. Wehaf says:

    I love the post “In Defence of Rescue Dogs.” I’ve heard all the excuses you talked about in that post, and I was glad to see them addressed. I have a wonderful rescue dog so this is a topic close to my heart.

    I was sent over here by the Barkistas. 🙂

  97. Alice Bloxsidge says:

    Thankyou for the opportunity to win this great giveaway!

    I could totally relate to ‘You know you have a puppy when…”! This made me laugh and smile knowing I have done MANY of these things since I got my little Fluffy!

    I have subscribed and posted to Facebook 🙂

  98. thu says:

    so hard to choose just one, but i love all the interviews with the pet photographers! love all the little tips on how to take a great picture.

  99. thu says:

    signed up to the newletter

  100. thu says:

    liked and shared on Facebook!

  101. […] What a wonderful week. I have to say I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to our Christmas Giveaway. It’s been great reading through all your comments and learning all the different ways people […]

  102. Traci Sacco says:

    My favourite was “Dogs at Weddings”,as we are getting married in 2013, and Pepsi & Pepper are our furkids, so they will definately be involved in our wedding. Life wouldn’t be the same without them. We live together as a family, and why not involve them in a special moment in all our lives.

  103. Diane Gowans says:

    “In Defense of Rescue Dogs” was a fabulous read and I couln’t agree more! With a house full of foster dogs I wish ALL Aussies would read your very valid points woof woof

  104. Diane Gowans says:

    I am a Facebook Liker and have shared your giveaway x

  105. Diane Gowans says:

    I Tweeted your giveaway too x

  106. Diane Gowans says:

    And I LOVE that I receive your newsletters x

  107. Leanne says:

    Defence of reuse dogs for sure…I only ever get rescue dogs….I shared with my friends

  108. Leigh-Ayn says:

    Well what a lovely surprise find via facebook this Friday morning! I love your site! I am a newbie so I haven’t read alot of blogs as yet but i’ve signed up for the newsletter!
    And i LOVE that boston terrier who likes to get his tummy tickled!!! xxx

  109. Kirsty Archer says:

    When it comes to deciding which was my favourite post, well it’s a tough choice, but I’ve got it down to two, and here is why:
    1. 12 before 2012 – it really got me motivated into doing things I’d put off doing for no apparent reason. Very inspirational, and loved your sharing too.
    2. DIY Puppy Cupcakes – cute and delicious in one giant swoop, touching on two of my favourite things – eating cupcakes & and ode to puppies!

  110. Maggie says:

    I loved the “Weekend for Soda” post the most. After much excitement and lots of pretty things from around the world, that post went back to the basics.

  111. Maggie says:

    I have now also subscribed to your newsletter 🙂

  112. Maggie says:

    I am also (have been for a while) following you on fb.

  113. katie foster says:

    I loved the DIY Halloween treat bags!

  114. katie foster says:

    and subscribed

  115. Jennifer B. says:

    I LOVED DIY: Puppy Cupcakes. Kills two birds with one stone. (Though only metaphorically of course!!!)

    3 bonuses too!…
    Signed up,
    Twitter –!/JBMarigold/status/143129149987487744
    LIKED on Facebook

  116. Jennifer B. says:

    I have now also subscribed to your newsletter.

  117. Jennifer B. says:

    I am now following you on Twitter – JBMarigold

  118. Jennifer B. says:

    LIKED on Facebook too!
    In fact, just generally LIKE fullstop!

  119. Liz says:

    I love all wedding-related material so “Dogs At Weddings” was my favourite post!

  120. Liz says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter!

  121. SANDY HEALES says:

    I loved the story and pictures of Buddy. We had a retreiver and in his golden days he also could not move around much but still wanted to be near me. Photos are such a wonderful comfort once they have gone

  122. Boy I have to say this one I just founded you today… I gonna make sure my mum keeps up on your site since I can’t I am all paws with computers stuff…
    Princess Penelope

  123. Melinda H. says:

    My favorite Pretty Fluffy post of all time has to be the post from November 15 called, “Daily Fluffy: I. CAN. NOT. STOP. LAUGHING.”, which showcased the adorable Boston Terrier who made a noise every time his belly was tickled. I still go to the page and watch that video every time I need a laugh or am looking for a pick-me-up. I never would have discovered that wonderful video if not for Pretty Fluffy, so I will be forever grateful that you posted it! 🙂

  124. Melinda H. says:

    I signed up for the newsletter! Yay!

  125. Melinda H. says:

    …And I totally shared the giveaway on Facebook too!! Great contest! Thanks for hosting it! 🙂

  126. Karyn says:

    After much consideration I have to say that my favourite Pretty Fluffy Post has been ‘Buddy the Golden Retriever’ – not only beautiful images by Laura but a heart-warming story attached to them which really touched me and is also inspiring 🙂 I have to say that I also love all the DIYs and the Sunday Sessions (loved Oprah, Rescue Dogs etc).
    Subscribed to Newsletter, follower on FB and have shared the link to this post.
    Love your work lovely xo

  127. Yvonne W says:

    Love your site love your newsletter and your awesome give aways.

  128. Katy M says:

    I love your Dogs at Weddings post. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! Happy holidays!

  129. Katy M says:

    I signed up for and confirmed an email subscription. Thanks!

  130. Katy M says:

    I follow you on Twitter as @katygmorris and just Tweeted about the giveaway here:!/katygmorris/status/143951513784557569


  131. Katy M says:

    I like you on FB as Katy Morris and just shared this giveaway here:


  132. Estelle says:

    My favourite post was the post on Dogs at Weddings because I think it’s awesome that owners include their pets in one of the biggest days of their lives. I recently got married, and although unfortunately my venue was too far from home to take my pets along (1400 km), I made sure that both my labs and my guinea pigs appeared with the little bride and groom on the cake topper!

  133. Michelle M says:

    I loved ‘You know you own a puppy when..’ I have a four month old german shepherd called Xander so I can totally relate!

  134. Michelle M says:

    I have subscibed to the newsletter and liked Facebook

  135. Cathy Riches says:

    I loved “Dogs at Weddings”. Dogs add an extra element to those gorgeous photos and the love, adoration and joy just radiates from all faces.

  136. Chrystal says:

    As a subscribed reader and follower/liker on Facebook, I loved – In Defence of Rescue dogs.

  137. Chrystal says:

    I agree that were possible people should adopt a pet, all my pets have been rescued and their affection, beauty and intellect has not be any different.

  138. Chrystal says:

    People in the limelight should consider setting an example and rescue a dog, especially after Christmas when so many poor animals are abandoned.

  139. Bonnie Davis says:

    I thought the article on Buddy the Golden Retriever was very touching! It does make you stop and appreciate your doggies!

  140. Bonnie Davis says:

    Have just signed up for your newsletter as well as Liked you on Facebook – looking forward to lots of doggy inspiration!

  141. Kerrie Baldwin says:

    I love the Famous Fluffies post 🙂 Not only was Ryan a hottie- it was cool to see superstar dogs!!! PS- loved the fb post about rescue dogs- their pics were too cute!

  142. Kerrie Baldwin says:

    Shared on my facebook wall 🙂

  143. Kerrie Baldwin says:

    Now a subscriber!

  144. Kerrie Baldwin says:

    Tried to tweet.. i suck at it! Il get the tweet master of the house to check i did it right and if not il do it again 🙂

  145. Mick says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter

  146. Mick says:

    “Dogs at Weddings”

    I found so much in the way of handy info and hints that we actually decided to have Cleo (shitzu x) and Murphy (Boxer) take part in the ceremony – with great success all round.

  147. Jane Moore says:

    My favourite Pretty Fluffy post was the one about In Defense of Rescue Dogs. You see so many people flocking around petshops wanting puppies and designer breeds, but not many people give rescue dogs a chance and they need to be given a chance. Every dog deserves a chance at happiness.

    I tried to sign up for the newsletter, but I’m not sure if it worked. But I follow you on twitter and facebook.

  148. Alicia says:

    My fav: You know you own a puppy when article! Sooooo true about everything! I wish I had Cesar Milan on speed dial!! LOL

  149. Nicole says:

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    Looking forward to recieving your newsletters! 🙂

  150. Chris Arthur says:

    In defence of rescue dogs was an awesome story as not enough people write about this topic. I have a beautiful spaniel that I was lucky enough to adopt when she was 6months old. She was dropped off at Lort Smith Hospital by owner with a broken leg and given up. That was 6 years ago and Icouldn’t even begin to explain how much love and joy she has gien to me over the years. I still look at her everyday and am amazed at how lucky I am.

  151. Monica Scurlock says:

    In defence of rescue dogs…:)

  152. Chris Arthur says:

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  153. Jenny says:

    1,2,3 All done..thanks for the wonderful giveaway. 😉!/hocusqwerty/status/144766921273909248

  154. Elisabeth says:

    I’m actually new to your site but I enjoyed reading Dog of the Blogs: Chic Sprinkles… I’m always looking for great blogs to read! 🙂

  155. Elisabeth says:

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  156. […] a lighter note TODAY is the last chance to enter our Giveaway! There are some fabulous prizes up for grabs including toys and accessories from Puppy Tales, On […]

  157. tanya clarke says:

    Shared on facebook. LOve Kate Spade!

  158. Jo says:

    I love the Looking for a Fur-Ever Home posts, I wish I could adopt the lot of them but I just like that so many people are working to try to find these little guys a new home x

  159. They are many post that I like on your blog. I would say that my favrouite post was “Fur as Fashion. Do or Don’t” because it is a very sensitive topic.

  160. Terri Palmer says:

    With all these folks commenting, it’s a wonder the site is not host to chinese ‘whiskers’…bottom line is that we all learn from the education of Pretty Fluffy and from each other. My pup doesn’t even speak English and he even learned a few things!

  161. Kaychelle says:

    I have to be honest and say that this is the first time on your blog. Pretty Fluffy has been a favourite brand of mine for ages (especially the dachshund items!) and if it wasn’t for the re-post about the competition on DOGUE’s facebook page I wouldn’t have known you had a blog (I must have been living under a rock). Even if I don’t win the competition, I am happy to have found your blog. Thankyou 🙂

    p.s. I have also signed up for your email and facebook page.

    • KAYCHELLE says:

      Oops. I got mixed up with Pretty Fluffy and the company FLUFF (who make some cute dog purses and luggage tags). Sorry about that. 🙁

      Still a beautiful blog and happy I found it!

      Here is a picture of my mini dachshund to make up for my mistake.

  162. My favourite post is ‘In Defence of Shelter Dogs” as our cute dog is from one, we found her in the pound as the tiniest little runt of a litter with scabs on her face from other dogs biting her. Now she is somewhat spoiled! It’s so rewarding to rescue a dog, more so than buying a designer one!

  163. Subscribed to your newsletter! =)

  164. Sonja Riddell says:

    My favourite blog was Dogs At Weddings because it reminds me of my best friend Belle, my dearly departed Golden Retriever who was an engagement gift from my fiance and subsequently the ring bearer at our wedding.

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    I have liked and followed, shared and hollered now all thats left is to crossed my fingers! Thanks for a great giveaway!

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