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Squeaker Poochlight Collar + Lead Giveaway!

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Did you love this week’s review on the new Squeaker Poochlight Dog Collars and Leads?

Well you’re in luck, because today we’re giving away a Poochlight Collar and Leash Combo for one lucky reader!

Squeaker Poochlight Dog Collars and Leads | www.prettyfluffy.com


The ultimate LED light up safety collar and lead, Squeaker Poochlight™ provides superior light distribution over the length of the collar eliminating discolouration and a viewing distance of up to half a mile.

Keep your pooch in sight and safe from potentially dangerous collisions with cyclists, pedestrians and cars.

Poochlight products are water resistant, fully rechargeable and use 2 pairs of LED lights on each end of the collar and lead with dual Optical fibre strips allowing for greater visibility, flexibility and comfort.

Take back the night. Keep yourself and your pet safe with Poochlight™.


Squeaker Poochlight Dog Collars and Leads | www.prettyfluffy.com



The winner will receive 1 x Poochlight Collar + Leash Value Combo in their choice of size and colour.

To enter, simply complete the form below, including which is your favourite Squeaker Poochlight colour (see the colours here).


Matthew Klare


One entry allowed per person.
The giveaway is open to USA and Australian readers only.
The competition will close on on Tuesday 28 October at 6:00pm Sydney EST.
The winners will be announced on Pretty Fluffy and contacted by the email provided.
Prize not claimed within 7 days will be redrawn.

Good luck!

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Squeaker Poochlight Collar + Lead Giveaway!”

  1. DWJ says:

    I actually bought a leash yesterday because of your post but I’m still entering to get the set 🙂 I think this leash idea is such a simple but great idea!

  2. Shaina Gardner says:

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. Aileen says:

    I would love to be more visible when we walk at night – I already wear a hi-vis vest, and my dog wears reflector straps her legs – you can never be too careful!

  4. Sarah Rose says:

    What a fantastic idea! My Basenji/Jack Russell mix, Grape, would love this to replace herlittle collar/clip on light she currently has. So much energy and we love to be out in the city even at night! So fun! Great product!

  5. Samantha says:

    I absolutely love this idea! Would love to have this for my beautiful dog Evan when we go running at night. xx

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