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The ABC’s of Home Dog Grooming & A Blackmores Giveaway!

Nothing says a fresh start like a clean coat for your pooch, but you have to have the right tools and know-how. So today’s we’re going to grooming school for the the latest tips on how to groom your dog at home…

To start put together a ‘At Home Groomer’s Tool Kit’ including some cute rubber gloves, a brush or slicker comb, detangling spray, and a shampoo and conditioner. I tend to gravitate towards 2-in-1 versions just because it means less time wrangling a wet dog!

Plan to wash your dog first thing in the morning. This will allow your dog to dry naturally in the sun during the day. Try to schedule bath time every 2-4 weeks depending on your dog’s coat.

Make sure you remove your dog’s collar before grooming. Ensure you have access to clean, warm water to wash and rinse, as well as your tool kit and towels to dry on standby.

Before washing make sure you brush your dog’s coat to remove any tangles and matts, using the detangling spray to help remove any stubborn areas.

Always wash in the direction of the hair flow and massage the shampoo in. The more you try to make the experience enjoyable for your dog, the easier the task will be.

Rinse, rinse, and rinse again!! In case you missed that, always rinse well, paying particular attention to the paws, hind legs and hard to reach areas. You don’t want your dog to have shampoo left in their coat.

Dry well, using an ultra absorbent towel ensuring you pat down between the toes and behind the ears.

Finish with a game! For a lot of dogs, bath time is a chore, so by finishing with some fun, it will make your dog more inclined to enjoy things next time.

Excited to get your dog wash on? Well the team from Blackmores new range PAW – Pure Animal Wellbeing – have a brand new luxury coat and skin care range just for pooches. I’ve had the pleasure of trialing these products with Soda and not only are they easy to use, they leave your dog’s coat super fluffy and sweet smelling. Cruelty free, and formulated by veterinary experts and animal dermatologists, this new grooming system is the perfect way for your pooch to start 2012 on their best groomed foot! The range includes:

The PAW 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo. This little beauty is a gem for all dog types. Sulphate and soap free it gently cleans and conditions in one simple step leaving your dog’s coat silky smooth. Scented with lavender and jojoba, this wash is oh-so-simple to use. Perfect for time poor or home grooming beginners.

The PAW Sensitive Skin Range. Specially formulated for dogs with fragile and sensitive skins, this range cleanses using rosemary and sandalwood essential oils in the shampoo, and moisturises through the avocado and jojoba oils in the conditioner. Perfect for dogs prone to irritation or allergies.

The PAW NutriDerm Replenishing Range. The jewel in the home groomers crown. This Shampoo and Conditioning duo provides advanced skin care to clean, moisturise and nourish your dog’s skin and hair. Using colloidal oatmeal and rosehip oil in the shampoo along with a new ingredient, Cerasine, in the conditioner the combination provides a soothing effect for dogs with itchy, dry or normal skin.

PAW Puppy Range. Using yummy ingredients such as chamomile and coconut this range strengthens, conditions and nourishes your pup’s young coat and skin.

For more information on the Blackmores PAW Natural Coat & Skin Care line visit their website.

*** GIVEAWAY! ***

As a Fresh start 2012 bonus, Blackmores and PAW want to give one lucky Pretty Fluffy reader their own grooming range valued at over $100 to get started. The pack includes:

1 x PAW NutriDerm® Replenishing Shampoo

1 x PAW NutriDerm® Replenishing Conditioner

1 x PAW 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo

1 x PAW Rose Aroma Grooming Mist

For your chance to win, please leave ONE comment under this post in 25 WORDS OR LESS answering the question ‘When has your dog most needed a wash?’

Make sure you include your email when you comment – this will not be published or shared, however I will need it to contact you if you are the lucky winner.

One entry per person. The ONE answer deemed most creative will be chosen as the winner. Open to Australian and NZ readers only and shipping is included as part of the prize.

The competition will end on Sunday 22 January at 5:00pm Sydney EDT. The winner will be announced Monday 23 January on Pretty Fluffy. Good Luck Everyone!

UPDATE: Entries have now closed and the winner will be announced Monday 23 January on Pretty Fluffy. Good luck everyone! 

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Comments (170)

170 responses to “The ABC’s of Home Dog Grooming & A Blackmores Giveaway!”

  1. Charlie most needs a bath when he jumps in the dam at my parents place – it is filled with dirty water and he stinks every time goes in! xx

    • Zali Ashcroft says:

      Our puppy Banjo decided the BBQ needed a clean when we were out – his beautiful white fluffiness became black, greasey, matted and smelly disgustingness!

  2. Alicia says:

    Recently while visiting a friend on her farm, Daisy decided to roll herself in every cow paddy she could find!

  3. michelle says:

    driving four hours away with the two dogs for a holiday….. our dog Kelly gets diarrhea in the car! stopped at a lake and kelly went for a lovely swim. so needed this pack to help!

  4. Michelle M says:

    At three weeks of age my puppy Xander had his brother poop all over his head! Definitely needed a wash after that!

  5. Liang says:

    Rocky likes to roll in mud, grass or just any old geese poo at the local lake park!

  6. Ash says:

    We planted a new flower bed with jungle mulch (it stinks). Poochie got in there and went to town rolling in it. She stunk bad.

  7. Kelsey Smith says:

    When Brooklyn stood behind a Boxer digging a hole in the mud at the dog park…went from white to brown in 30 seconds flat!

  8. Kelsey Smith says:

    Michelle M, that is hilarious!

  9. Charlene says:

    Baby Lily (12 weeks): usually after we have finished playing with her in the backyard – does not phase her if she steps or lays in her own mess- just does not care!!

  10. Tricia Jungwirth says:

    My two darling westie boys most need a wash when they go sniffing for possums and get muddy boots which smell distinctly of possum poo!

  11. Christine says:

    My two Cavaliers need it after going to the Oval after it rains

  12. leanne says:

    All the time my ratbag Ollie is full of bans and mischivious and gets into so much mess

  13. Chris Arthur says:

    Took my princess for swim at cleveland beach month after Brisbane floods, then noticed a huge warning sign saying Dont Swim due to nasty bacteria.

  14. Melissa Bowen says:

    Our Kelpie, Rex went to my late father’s property and found a lovely dead kangaroo to roll in. Rex thought he smelt gorgeous. It was the longest drive home with everyone’s head hanging out the windows on the way home, and it must have looked funny as we drove past. NB Rex never went for a drive up the hill again!!

  15. nicole larsen says:

    when my little mini daushund has ran around the paddocks with all the other animals and rolled in things she shouldnt have

  16. Vicky says:

    When my little cross pug decides to use ‘Old Poo’ as a ‘body spray’ and thinks he smells like a stud!!

  17. Nicola Healey says:

    after giving birth to 6 puppies my dog casey really needed a bath, not only to clean herself but after delivering 6 babies she needed a cool bath to relax

  18. Judith Senese says:

    My ex’s pup constantly needed to be bathed after coming inside as she thought it was fun to roll in the kitty litter.

  19. Yvonne Williams says:

    after my puppy running around on 20 acres he had a ball of a time rolling in cow shit which wasn’t at all nice.

  20. Linda Hynson says:

    poppy is a white fluffy shitzu who likes to eat grass and play in it-one day she managed to throw up all over herself:-(

  21. Bev Sloan says:

    Living next to a Fishery Inspector was too much temptation for Sambo. He just had to dig up and roll in the confiscated undersized fish.

  22. Abby Lee says:

    Hendrix needed a bath after rolling in a pile of manure at a local farm – the smell made our eyes water!

  23. Heidi Davenport says:

    Never mind curiosity killing cats; our dog curiously looked in the toilet just as hubby was mid stream. EWWWW! Bath time!!!

  24. kerry santillo says:

    Running in the mud, thinking that was so much fun, my little dog gherkin decided she would roll in it as well!! Not just once ♥

  25. Ross says:

    Rusty got into our worm farm just after all the worms had died in a heatwave. He smelt of decomposing worms for days.

  26. kate james says:

    After a day at the beach my dog definitely needed a good wash

  27. April says:

    My puppy Napoleon got into a bag of my garden blood and bone, She rolled all over and in it, it was everywhere, she really needed a wash after that!

  28. Kay Gerritsen - Blaney says:

    When we go for a walk my dog amber always finds something “interesting” to roll in!!!

  29. Nicole M says:

    About 2 minutes after his last bath … why do they think a bath is an excuse to go & roll in everything disgusting?!

  30. Sharyn says:

    Oh The Day I took him to the Farm.. he was intrigued with Cow Poo and thought he could just roll all through it. Grrrr

  31. Kaz D says:

    Scooter needed a bath (and I a shower) after he rolled in buried offal at our farm on a 40 degree day last summer erghhhhh!!!!

  32. Sally says:

    Mum dropped a bowl of rhubarb and custard ALL over Joey! We were laughing hysterically and freaking about the floor stain at the same time

  33. Ros says:

    Hallee lives with us in the bush.
    Chasing cows, pigs and chooks.
    She bounces through the paddocks.
    For her aim is to create havoc.

  34. Sarah says:

    Worst time ever was when my little pomerainian disappeared into some shrubs on our morning beach walk.. she came back with a big smile on her face covered in black, green and yellow gunk and absolutley reeked!!! Turns out she was rolling in a severely decayed possum.. 5 baths later she still stunk!

  35. Andrina van Acker says:

    Gypsy likes to sneak up on the cows and scare the bejeasus out of them with a sudden barking frenzy (you can see her laughing…really!). So she likes to roll in the freshest cow poo she can find – the real green stuff – to disguise her smell and make the sneaking up easier! But we can smell her a MILE away!!

  36. Alysha says:

    When we drove to a doggie park for an innocent play with no idea there were massive puddles of smelly mud. I ended up with 2 mud monsters and had no supplies on me to deal with them – arghhhh.

  37. Sharyn Taylor says:

    Criquet, REALLY needed bathing after mistaking our Pug’s crouched stance for the play bow & bounded over to rumble… that was no play bow!! She was doing a poo!! Criquet became covered in it!!

  38. Rose Barber says:

    Our Ebonny likes “eu de Duckpoo” as a fragrance. She rolled in large area and was covered in it. Miles from home, smelly drive back.

  39. Susan Hulbert says:

    Zoe (GRetriever) loves to go in the smelly bog up to her chest!! She comes out black and a deep cleansing is the only solution!!

  40. Aimee says:

    When she decided to roll around in a mud puddle, mud clumps between her toes and up her nose

  41. […] happy. The series kicked-off with a fabulous article on getting organised and currently there is a competition to win a Blackmores grooming kit for your dog. Stay tuned as the series runs for the whole of […]

  42. Marcie miller says:

    Everytime I take my yellow lab to the dog park, she splashes the water bowl to make a nice, gooey mud puddle which she roles in to cool off.

  43. Jessie came back from a swim with sand all over her. Washed,towel dried,she promptly went and rolled in the dirt!! That’s gratitude!!

  44. Katrina says:

    My maltese Ruby loves the beach, she swims then rolls in the sand until she’s covered, so hard to wash it out when her hair is long.

  45. Charisse Childs says:

    Straight after her professional clean, she ran straight out the back and rolled around in the mud to get the clean smell off her. Grrr

  46. Karyn says:

    Fluffy Mia had a bath….outside for a wee…..silly attack in garden beds & pile of dirt……straight back into bath for another wash!!!

  47. DIANA says:

    When the poor old girl had the runs, and it didn’t stop when she was sleeping. She woke up in a right smelly mess.

  48. Diana O. says:

    After our visit to a friends farm and he’d decided to roll in fresh cow poop. To him it smelled delightful, he was in heaven rolling about in it!

  49. Ernie says:

    The day she was sleeping soundly beneath our big apple tree, oblivious to all the birds eating the fruit and crapping all over her. It was funny, but sooooo horrible.

  50. Alice Beswick says:

    Lola is a Boxer with allergies, she needs a wash twice a week, and still she gives me that typical Boxer sookie face!!

  51. Karina W says:

    Everytime he pees. He’s always wet down there and leaves pee all over the couch.

  52. claire evans says:

    the kids painted him blue, added sparkles and the gave him feathers…i asked them to give him a brush

  53. roberto colombi says:

    Tyson (our dog) started rolling around and burrowing in our fertiliser pile… we had a real ‘Crap’ job cleaning him up!

  54. Marie Pohnetalova says:

    On a walk in the woods, my dog Charlie, jumped and splashed in every puddle, sploshed through wet earth – he looked ‘Muddy’ awful!

  55. Natascha Jevric says:

    When I was washing Oscar and he was covered in shampoo and suds he decided to make a run for it and rolled in dry dirt and he looked like a giant truffle covered in cocoa powder.

  56. J Larry Brown says:

    We’d forgotten to trim the hairs around dog’s bottom and he did squishy poo! When washed, trimmed and bathed he was happily allowed indoors again!

  57. Melissa says:

    After one of those flash floods in spring Hugo Pierre decided to roll around in the mud at the local park. He was covered in mud!

  58. Glenda says:

    My boy was absolutely rank after he dug up a carp we buried for fertiliser. His happy goofy grin was gone when we had to wash and deodorise him three times!

  59. Beth Healey says:

    When pretty Bonnie gets in with the chooks, she loves to slide along their droppings, making herself smell fragrant by wearing her eau-de-poo!

  60. Barbara says:

    Every three weeks, same routine,
    Brush, wash, shampoo clean.
    She telepathic without a doubt,
    before I start, she’s under the bed and won’t come out.

  61. Leanne Stansbury says:

    Took the dogs to a farm! Bad move; farms equal cow poo, dogs equal rolling in cow poo. Nice drive home – NOT!

  62. Lisa Papageorgiou says:

    Layla got in to Nannas bucket of flour and was pure white. She is a mini foxie so it looked very funny xx

  63. Jennifer B. says:

    The day the kids decided to take the face paints to our Maltese-cross as well as themselves was UNBEATABLE for mess.

    Dog, children and the lounge suite ALL needed a wash!!!

  64. Simone Nelson says:

    My poor dog Rusty needed a wash so badly the day my mere male tipped old eski water on teh lawn which had been sitting in teh back of his ute over a weekend and had smelt like off beer and silly Rusty rolled all through it thinking it was great!! He smelt bad even after washing him took at least a week for that smell to go away has me baffled why he rolled in the dirty water to begin with.

  65. kerry santillo says:

    After finding our air conditioner was leaking. A puddle the size of our house thought she would have a roll!!!

  66. Belinda Bonello says:

    When my fluffy long haired chihuahua Nippy was sick he was sleeping when he woke up and vomited all down his neck, it went all the way to his tummy then he ran outside and had the runs it was all over his beautiful long fluffy legs.

    • Belinda Bonello says:

      Oh no I knew it said 25 words or less but I forgot to count how many words I wrote before I submitted it! I’ll write it again in 25 words or less. So heres my entry –

      my chihuahua Nippy was sick, he was sleeping, woke up, vomited down his neck then ran outside doing the runs it was on his legs.

  67. Leigh B. says:

    When Piccola found some bird poo outside she decided to scrub her neck in it! I have never ever smelt something so smelly!

  68. Melissa K says:

    Every day! One of her daily routines is to go outside and have a good roll in the dirt!

  69. Kathy Mason says:

    When she has rolled into you know what. lol

  70. Paula Moss says:

    Just what my puppy dog needs.

  71. Katrinna Brooks says:

    Rolly truly lives up to his name! Nature reserve behind us-‘someone’ continues to dispose fish heads here..yep! Imagine the UNBELIEVABLE Stench! Arrghh.

  72. Lindsay R says:

    We have a huskie with white fur all along it’s side and belly so we have to clean it all the time!

  73. Heather Hopley says:

    Every Saturday so she’s well groomed for her visit to her “real mum” who is in an assisted care facility. We have adopted Phoebe because my mum has dementia and is care. But neither dog nor original owner have forgotten each other.

  74. Sheridan Scarlett says:

    My Shitzu, Mocca.. Loves comming out dirtbike riding, gosh he’s funny. But in the end he only ends up covered in red dirt and dust.

  75. annette prout says:

    After we go to the beach and Milo manages to find the grey smelly sand to dig in and he is a white dog

  76. Leah Staker says:

    We took our Kelpie to farm for training and she ran between the legs of a cow and it poo’d on her from the tip of her tail to her nose! One STINKY dog!

  77. Tmeeka H says:

    after going camping my chihuahua has mud everywhere,
    needs a good wash so she doesn’t give anyone a scare!

  78. Rowan MacDonald says:

    After waking us up while our house was on fire, effectively saving our lives! Poor little Rosie smelt like smoke for days after!

  79. Bonne definately needed a wash when she found the biggest, grossest grub and decided to flatten it with her back; then come inside and wipe the gunk on the floor. Oh dear.

  80. Annette B says:

    Buddy when he hid his poop in the pot plant for later and I was horrified when he dug it up and I was chasing him

  81. Cathy Hill says:

    My dog Jack needs wash after every play date with his big drooling friend Simba. They have such a great time together but Jack ends up wet from saliva. He loves his bath so he thinks the day has been Christmas.

  82. Lucy Leland says:

    Buffy, the white Shih Tsu, enjoyed her bolognaise sauce tremendously but it wasn’t very appealing caked into the ends of her ears.

  83. Di Coleman says:

    2 Jacks need a bath after a run through the paddock, they roll in cow pads, horse poo, then the vegie garden with dynamic lifter.

  84. Kathy McDuff says:

    My girl Jess found a week-old dead kangaroo and decided to roll in it – one bath wasn’t enough!!!

  85. nicole uren says:

    right after we washed him he would need another as he would roll around under the house in the dirt and come out covered.

  86. Jodi Lennard says:

    On Christmas day we took our Lab puppy to a friends for lunch with us and they had just had the patio put on and had a huge pile of dirt left in the back yard. Out sandy Lab turned into a chocolate Lab very quickly…..

  87. Brett Clark says:

    Luna needs a wash after she has spent the day at the dog beach! Being a small pomeranian she loves the attention!

  88. Hollea Boggian says:

    My dog has needed a bath after just having one where he went and rolled in 1000’s of grass seeds and dirt.

  89. Brides says:

    I thought it would be fun to give our dog a butcher’s bone. Wrong. He frantically buried it, pulled it up, moved it, re-buried it for half a day. By the end of it, the meat had all sorts of dirt and insects on it. The bone went in the bin and the dog in the tub. He stank as did I.

  90. Adele Presgrave says:

    White furry Cooper was at his worst when he ate a big bowl of ice cream with chocolate flavouring which grandson left unattended.

  91. Barbara Skanavis says:

    After spending a day on his own and deciding it would be a good idea to roll around in his own poo!

  92. Alicia says:

    On the first day we got our dog he decided to jump into our pond which was absolutely filthy. He came out green.

  93. Shannon says:

    My older poodle Rusty got wizzed on by 4 other puppy poodles!! All over his head and chest! No idea why the puppies did it but it was halarious!

  94. David Yang says:

    When he knocked over my bowl of caramel fudge sauce. Everything stuck to him!

  95. Melody says:

    When she pulled the honey out of the cupboard, bit it so it spilled out, then she rolled around in it.

  96. Eric Austin says:

    I got a new German Sheppard from a friend. When I got him he was covered in thousands of ticks. It took hours to pick them off and then needed to wash him 4 times

  97. natalie foster says:

    When Casey is running around the pool and slips in, he is in a ‘bone of contentment’ when he has a wash….

  98. Amy Henderson says:

    My dog sheds hair often and gets a rash on his belly when he is too hot so we like to give him baths regularly.

  99. sam says:

    my dog boxer

  100. Helen de Brueys says:

    When he “visits” his friend over the road and they love to romp and play with no adult supervision which also includes rolling in their own muck!!

  101. samantha poposek says:

    my sharpei loves to roll in the mud puddles to cool down after a run at the farm. after that he like to roll in all the cow poos and get that smell all over him lol. he leaves home white and comes home black. worst of all he hates water 🙁

  102. Linda says:

    Wicket likes jumping into my in-law’s swimming and smells like fish after (pool doesn’t get cleaned regularly). Always needs a bath after.

  103. Leeanne Bojovic says:

    when ever we go for a walk he seems to find the mud
    I cant believe hes so dirty I think he really likes baths

  104. Emmajane passfield says:

    yoshi, needs a good scrubbing again strait after he has a bath, he likes to roll in dirt under the house when he is wet.

  105. Cheryl McKibbin says:

    After my 4 young kids painted Miss MOLLY with their poster paint!

  106. Grant Ward says:

    11week old Amber has tohave regulary baths to romove here big mates slobber

  107. Carly Panes says:

    My dog once got plopped on by an ibis, it was definitely bath time!

  108. Renee Annison says:

    after it has rained and Mr Jd our jack russell decides to go and roll in the wet dirt!!

  109. Megan Nepia says:

    When Diego disappears down the backyard to return with god knows what smeared over him, then jumps on the couch!

  110. Kylie Dunn says:

    Any time I wash little Puppy Elle and we let her straight back outside she always find something to roll in to make her smell bad and it is straight back into the bathroom for another bath for her!

  111. Allison Brown says:

    My dogs Trixie and Turbo like to go walkabuts around the neighbourhood and come home spelling like rubbish and covered in mud

  112. Kirsty Topp says:

    Rufus my golden retriever is 10 y/o so needs a bath alot. He has dermatitis so I use the PAWS branded stuff and it works!

  113. Tim Kemp says:

    My two borders cooper and oakley cant stay clean for five minutes, somehow they get dirtier after a bath then what they were before it

  114. Sue R says:

    My little Jack Russell Kobe always needs a bath, he loves to get wet under the sprinkler then roll around in the black sand.

  115. Susanne Bretherton says:

    4 dogs, all little breeds. The worst smell ever is the pong of dead snake after the 4 of em has repeatally rolled on it.

  116. Axel needed a bath the day we got him
    poor little feller was from a puppy mill and covered in poop from head to toe 🙁

  117. Wendy says:

    Carrying Millie I slipped from the rain, she played in the mud, I ended up in Hospital she ended up in the shower.

  118. Kate says:

    My dog Riley needs a bath after trying to get his beloved ball out from under the shed, he comes back covered in cob webs.

  119. meg says:

    Our spaniel, Jessie most needed a bath after coating herself in the remains of a fish she found on the beach.!

  120. Emilia says:

    A good, long roll in rotting seaweed will do it – took us a good 5 minutes to find him in buried in the stinking pile!

  121. Lani Kennedy says:

    After staying at boarding kennels when I go on holidays, he really loves to get the smells of the other dogs off him, he is not himself until clean…

  122. Meg Gardner says:

    Our dogs are avid “gardeners” so helped plant our roses by digging and bedding in manure. They love roses but they loved the poo more!

  123. Sonja Riddell says:

    Our dog was “helping” my husband with our waste water treatment system when he fell in. He was bathed 3 times that day.

  124. Dora says:

    My dachshund loves to give his bone more flavour by burying it in the dirt but it seems he is the one being buried!

  125. Leanne Conroy says:

    Joey needs washing when he finds a deceased animal to roll in…and then rub up on me to show what he’s done

  126. Suzanne says:

    Marley loves the ponds with stagnant water in them and will come out black and smelling like a dead animal.

  127. Selena says:

    After dashing through the mud with his buddy from next door his long double coat was filled with mud – especially the underside – he had mudsicicles galore.

  128. Jamie Christophers says:

    After a fun day at the beach, Bunjee gets very sandy!

  129. Linda Steabben says:

    Rocket has this ‘thing’ about dead puffer fish.
    – Not only does he insist in rolling on dead things,
    … it has to be POISONOUS dead things!

  130. Falon Downing says:

    Luckily Joker doesn’t roll around in anything dead…unless you count my husband’s socks, that’s when he needs a wash!

  131. Samantha Farthing says:

    My naughty golden retriever one day,
    Dived into the compost to play.
    Came out covered in peelings and muck,
    Half-eaten worms and cat poo, yuck!

  132. Elizabeth Davey says:

    when they have eaten more than their fair share of cat litter

  133. bev says:

    Oh my GOSH! Tiger most needs a wash,
    when the flea army starts driving her balmy!

  134. Louise Jeffery says:

    Patty (my dog), Louie (my son) got into a good natured spat,
    The highly sought after custard landed with a far reaching splat.

  135. Linda Courtney says:

    Rolling on wet grass, then knocking over a bag of Blood and Bone then rolling in that too. One smelly pooch.

  136. Tracy Boulter says:

    Bella must have forgotten she was a shih tzu and not a fox terrier hunting mice, afterwards she was high on the nose.

  137. anthony masluk says:

    my dog got into a bag of red oxide he was red all over it took me months to get the oxide out

  138. Shirley Pearton says:

    Walking home from the groomers where he’d just had the full treatment and he plopped into a muddy puddle-fragrant to vagrant in one move.

  139. Hannah Brack says:

    When she goes to the beach, goes in the water and then rolls in the sand and dirt.

  140. Kristy Smith says:

    EVERYDAY, if there’s stink it’ll be found,
    By our adorable King-Charles hound,
    He’s certainly not regal, hunting stench like an eagle,
    King Putrid he should be crowned!!

  141. Donna Magill says:

    No more fluffy paws after working hard in the garden!Chewii loves dirty Paws and insists on helping me plant and water!

  142. Katherine Young says:

    When my 2 dogs roll in something dead and stinky, it makes my family cringe and boy do they winge about the smell

  143. Anne says:

    The plumber came to clean out our septic tanks and Toby decided he would help.

  144. My dog is getting older and making the house smell a bit through the day, it would be wonderful to give him a treat as he has been a good companion to me…

  145. MICHAEL HOLMAN says:

    After rolling in rotting fish carcass on the beach…phew.. it was NOT a pleasant 40km car journey home…..

  146. Elizabeth Macey says:

    Dorothy most needed a clean
    After a week of bush camping
    Never has a filthier dog been seen
    The sight and smell? Obscene!

  147. Donna-lee says:

    Ironically that time is now
    with a toddler
    and a baby due in weeks
    my poor old dogs been neglected
    and just a little REEKS

  148. Tracey says:

    My naughty Bichon ran out of the gate at my parents property, and was missing in the bush for 16 days! Lucky to even be alive!

  149. Melissa Turner says:

    2 Jacks madly rush like comets,
    An adventure every day,
    But on Murray’s back, Jazz did vomit,
    Bath time STRAIGHT AWAY!

  150. Alison Proudlock says:

    Christmas ham all over her muzzle, after a self indulgent guzzle.
    The silly season was a paw excuse, but my dog is just too cute!

  151. Claire says:

    Storm is having a problem with flies annoying him at the moment as he persists in getting into the compost bin and some smells do linger.

  152. Keith Harkin says:

    We live near mangroves and mud flats and our dog delights in chasing birds (which she never catches) and covering herself in thick, black mud.

  153. Many years ago when we had unmade roads and open drains Pooch came home smelling like a grease trap. With red slim all over him. “YUK”

  154. Mary-Jane Howard says:

    My dogs are quite tidy but need a bath mostly so they smell fresh & clean 🙂

  155. Elisa says:

    My 16+y/o RSPCA rescue Silky Terrier needs a lot of grooming these days to help her smell and look just as adorable as she used to!

  156. Jo Myers says:

    Rolling in possum wee, is a smell that is now forever with me, Oh Byron how could such a sweet little Cavvy smell so horrid!

  157. Vija says:

    Jack when off the lead uses his nose to sniff out really off smells and happily rolls in his treasure. One dog’s treasure is a human’s trash

  158. sarah o'connell says:

    When my daughter decided to cover our White fluff ball of a dog with mud.

  159. Brendan says:

    Living on a farm, our dog is forever finding lovely things to roll in, giving her what she believe’s to be a lovely aroma!

  160. Graeme Ellerm says:

    During the big earthquake in Christchurch we had a lot of liquifaction and our dog was running around in it terrified so needed a bath

  161. Richelle says:

    Hugo needs a wash when the other doggies decide he’s good to wee on! Why!?

  162. Belinda Sims says:

    My newfoundland decided to go racing off at the beach and into the creek which had horrible algae and smelt really bad

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