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WIN a $250 FuzzYard Prize Pack!

Still drooling all of the delightful FuzzYard goodies from yesterday’s post? Well never fear, dear readers, Pretty Fluffy has teamed up with the delightful lifestyle brand to give you a chance to win your very own FuzzYard prize pack valued at $250!

What’s up for grabs? The prize pack includes:
1 x FuzzYard Letterman Pillow
1 x Fuzzyard Moisturising Shampoo
1 x FuzzYard Moisturising Conditioner
1 x FuzzYard Collar (Your Choice of Designs!)
1 x FuzzYard Lead (Your Choice of Designs!)
1 x Fugu Fish Dog Toy


1. Visit the brand new FuzzYard website and scroll through their collections of dog beds, collars, leads, toys and more!
2. Return to this post and leave a comment in 25 words or less on what is your FAVOURITE FuzzYard product and why.

FOR EXAMPLE: I love the Space Raiders dog lead because my dog is out of this world!

One entry per person. The best answer as chosen by FuzzYard will be declared the winner. Please ensure you leave your correct email address in the comment form email field so we can contact you if you are the lucky winner!

Open to Australian/NZ Readers only.*

The competition will end on Tuesday 17 July at 6.00pm Sydney EST. The winners will be announced Thursday 19 July on Pretty Fluffy. Good Luck Everyone!

This post was kindly sponsored by FuzzYard.

* International readers, I swear I have a fantabulous international Giveaway lined up for you next month! Cross my heart x

UPDATE: Entries have now closed and the winner will be announced Thursday 19 July on Pretty Fluffy. Good luck everyone!

Pick of the Week

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Comments (123)

123 responses to “WIN a $250 FuzzYard Prize Pack!”

  1. B says:

    I love the Atomic Dog Bowls because they are adorable and fit my and my pooch’s style perfectly!

  2. Chasely says:

    I love the Carnival treat jar because what dog doesn’t love treats!!

  3. Nat says:

    I love the Paw Balm because it a fantastic finish to tired running paws!!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I love the Crossbones Treat jar because it’s hard to find dog items for “Goths” like my dog and I!

  5. I love the Big Dreamer because my Great Dane will be able to kick her way through dreams without disturbing the rest of the family!

  6. Caroline Kelly says:

    With, “White Lightning Dog Lead,” for my favourite pet, his walk time will also mean he is fashionably set.

  7. Charlene says:

    I love the cotton candy dog collar because my dog Lily is soft and sweet!

  8. Erin King says:

    I love “Scratchy the Flea” plush toy as I wish I had that many arms to wrap around and always be attached to my pooch.

  9. Tania McKay says:

    The Eskimo beds as they are gorgeous colours and they look so warm and inviting.

  10. Helga Grenkowitz says:

    I love the Big Dreamer (XL); and our both dogs would love it too. They love to snuggle in front of the TV at night.

  11. judith perez bejar says:

    WE love all but the chocolate Eskimo Bed is our favourite for this cold winter perfect to keep our king warm

  12. Karyn says:

    I love the ‘Mademoiselle Reversible Pet Bed’ for my sweet girl to cuddle up in – pink and blue merle – perfect match!

  13. Toni hill says:

    I love the Eskimo Pet bed in chocolate, looks so warm and my puppy gets cold so easy!

  14. Jennifer B. says:

    Stylish, colourful, machine-washable, so snugly…
    The Cosmopolitan LIME Reversible Pet Bed suits my boy – and me!

  15. Nicole Watson says:

    I love the Aromatherapy mists, I have the Soothing which I spray when I leave for work and the calming which I spray just before bedtime.

  16. Emma H. says:

    I love the Eskimo Pet bed in pink, as it might help get my furry friend out of my bed and into her own snuggly bed in winter.

  17. Natasha Cloak says:

    I love the Fugu Fish because my golden retriever Maddie will love the size of it to parade around with it in her mouth!

  18. Kassandra Eyles says:

    Rusty loves his collection of collars, favourite would be maverick… Moodles are tough enough for Camo. Pairs quite nicely with his matching bed.

  19. Lauren Beverly-Jones says:

    I LOVE your POW dog tag for my Gorgeous Boxer Laikah, It describes her perfectly! Pow Pow!!

  20. Nicole White says:

    ~ My Chihuahua LOVES the ‘Moscow Pet RUG’ he says it’s fit for a King RUG RAT! ~

  21. Emily says:

    My favourite is the Missing Link collar, because my dogs name is Link and we joke he’s our “missing link”… couldn’t be more perfect!

  22. Hayley says:

    Reversible beds! When my pup is in hers she snores her heads off – so cute! They’re SO COMFY, I may have fallen asleep in it myself before too…Shh!

  23. Krystal says:

    Although my husky boy is happy in the cold, he’d love the eskimo bed in winter-cream – snuggly and fun to curl up in!

  24. Samantha says:

    Although my boy likes his current bed, I think he would ADORE the BONZAI REVERSIBLE PET BED. What isn’t to love about a black & white theme.. (says the human owned by a dalmatian!)

  25. Rebekah Ballingall says:

    Cotton Candy Dog Collar as my dog is as hypo as a child on cotton candy.

  26. Victoria Durward says:

    My dog looks dressed to a “T” in 1983 (the dog collar that is)…. so cute!

  27. pam says:

    i love shoo the house fly cos i could watch my little dachs case flys around the house all day, so funny!

  28. tom says:

    i love scratchy the flea because my little man ALWAYS shows you who is the boss!

  29. Dee says:

    Java, I know it’s meant for cats but it’s the perfect little indoor hut & hideout for my adorable new puppy (he’s a pom-a-pug!!).

  30. DIANA says:

    The chocolate eskimo bed, it’s like the bed version of my dressing gown that our little guy has claimed as his own.

  31. Donato says:

    Chase the cat!! It’s what he does to our poor ginger moggy all day long. This would bring peace for the cat, and fun for the dog.

  32. Karina W says:

    I love the Atomik Reversible Pet Bed with the spots. It’s great that you can change it up by flipping to the other side for a whole new look!

  33. Kat L says:

    With a new puppy in the house, toys are all the go, Slippery the Snake, will slide along our floorboards as much as our puppy is!

  34. Leon Dowsett says:

    I love the bedding range for dogs, So comfy and posh for a dog like mine that knows a thing or two about creature comforts

  35. roger stewart says:

    I like the “What the Fuzz” collar cause Max my little Shitzu is Fuzzy:)

  36. katrina menzies says:

    my pup suits the cotton candy dog collar
    and cotton candy leash she is a black
    lab pup and she issoo sweet

  37. Cassandra Westwood says:

    I love the Moscow Pet Rug. Our dog is a rescue pup who has come from WA to Melbourne, and she really feels the cold.

  38. tam childers says:

    i like the Crossbones Treat jar because i love the irony of it. My dog loves bones.

  39. Olivia says:

    I love the Eskimo Beds because my rescue dog is now a senior and she is always searching for the most comfortable and secure spot.

  40. Emma says:

    I love the purple fetch bone because i know my Frankie cant get enough of chasing his toys around the house!

  41. Stephanie De Iulio says:

    I love the Mademoiselle Reversible Pet Bead because it’s classy and I love polkadots and pink. My cat Davey would love it.

  42. kasey holt says:

    The Letterman pillow is great because I can wash it! My dog would love it.

  43. Shelley Chandler says:

    I love the Fugu Fish dog toy, so cuddly and bright I know my puppy Leon would just love this and it would be a welcome distraction for him and us! I also love that it is washable, so important! Fantastic products I love this site!

  44. Sarah Hynds says:

    My favourite & dogs fav is the Fetch bones! Great for playing in the park, and an awesome toy for my dogs to relax and have chew on.

  45. Christine Parker says:

    The Cat Pod is adorable! It’s unique and looks very comfortable, private and is the perfect space that my cat Goldie would love.

  46. Cindy Timms says:

    Now thats what I call a ‘dog tag’! Funky, fun & doggone cool! Now you guys can redesign the military dog tag! Woof!

  47. Melissa Okimoto says:

    The carnival reversible bed,its perfect for my little traveling clown of a Peekapoo who is always entertaining her little kid sister, making her giggle.

  48. Melissa Kagie says:

    The Carnival reversible bed, to rest my head…
    In feather soft comfort and style,
    sleeping in this, I will certainly wake with a smile. Woof!

  49. Jamie says:

    OMG! Must have Scratcho The Flea!

  50. Bo-Lyn Eales says:

    My dog could beat Red Dog in an eating contest any day! So I think the “Eat like nobodys watching” bowl is PERFECT for him! He’s like a vacuum!

  51. Rhiannon says:

    Lovin’ the camo Maverick tag so Tiberius can match his grandpa’s (his favourite person!) army uniform! 🙂

  52. Kim meadows says:

    The JAVA cat bed is so cool, giving its occupant/s a snugly place with a view to sleep in while providing some ventilation so the poor things don’t overheat.

  53. Melanie says:

    The pink eskimo bed for chilling out after a day of training (ball games) for the Bichon Frise olympics (should they be held one day).

  54. Tricia Jungwirth says:

    My favourite is the Blue Fling collar because my two West Highland White Terriers would love to do the Highland Fling wearing these.

  55. Caitlin says:

    My favourite is the big dreamer pillow because my gorgeous puppy Charlie would love to snuggle on one of those and dream big after playing with me.

  56. Kim Findlay says:

    Space raiders because if they think I’m a fly guy now wait till they see me up up and beyond

  57. Claire Walters says:

    LOVE the Maverick pet bed for my dog “Monkey”. I take her camping and just throw it in the wash afterward, so stylish and convenient!

  58. Ashlee says:

    I love the FuzzYard sensitive Shampoo and Conditioner because its the ONLY product that works on my dogs extremely sensitive skin.

  59. Kaye says:

    Bedding Bliss mist because my gorgeous beagle rolls in EVERY single smelly thing she can find and then expects to join us on the lounge!

  60. “Love the Bonzai Reversable Pet Bed, stylish and comfy just like my humans bed and I would love one just for myself” Fleck Aussie Bulldog.

  61. andrea spreckley says:

    I just love the Java bed! As nice as it is to have my fluff ball of a cat sleeping on my bed, i think its time he got his own:) Aaahh just to think i wont have cat hair on my quilt…sigh:)

  62. amy kertesi says:

    I love the idea of the Aromatherapy mists, my puppy loves to share things with me and i love a good holistic aromatherapy treatment.

  63. Caroline Fletcher says:

    Sratchy the Flea because my dog likes to eat the faces and appendages off of all his toys and Scratchy will give him a feast!

  64. Jessica Taylor says:

    Peppermint + Eucalyptus breath gel because my Princess Putrid loves to share her wet doggy kisses!

  65. Our 7 month old rotty would love the Cosmopolitan Grey Reversible Pet Bed as she has just ‘graduated’ from her dog cage and keeps wanting to sit on the cocker spaniels beds, not even realizing that her whole body doesn’t really fit!!!!

  66. Carolyn Stamatopoulos says:

    We need to get an XL Big Dreamer bed/pillow because when my labradors Murphy and Muffin stretch out it soon becomes a nightmare!

  67. Tatiana says:

    My dog has alopecia so would hate to be an Eskimo – but sure would love an Eskimo bed!

  68. Katrina says:

    Ruby and I think the paw balm is great! After her ant bite this morning her paws need some TLC.

  69. Wenjing says:

    Paw Balm is pawfect for those dainty little paws and curious tongues – Pawfessor Poodlington of Barkington Univiersity gives his four paw approval.

  70. Barbara Beriman says:

    Lounge Bed in Brown would make my rockin’ dog squel.
    My little princess would love it, has the perfect softness feel.

  71. Zoe Behrendt says:

    My favourite is the under pressure dog collar. It’s so cute and would look great on my 40kg wolfhound!

  72. Nancy Carr says:

    I love the travel size package with the aromatherapy mist in it. What a great idea and my dog will love it. I have the best dog who deserves so much. I love your products, however, not as much as my dog loves your products.

  73. Pip says:

    I love the Moscow Pet Rug. My 7 year old Pug x Jack Russel Mr Pickles has recently had a cold. It looks so snuggley for him to sleep on, and if it is rubber backed, it will help to keep the cold out from the tiled floor. No more colds and flu for my my puppy.

  74. ash says:

    The “what the fuzz” dog lead coz th cat peed on ours and the stink wont come out!!! What the fuzz!!?? Its random but true

  75. Nikki Griffith says:

    Im in love with the fugu fish dog toy. It’s so ugly it’s cute. The colors are pleasing too.

  76. Matt Hatchard says:

    The lounge bed is perfect for my loveable, cranky 12 year old so he can stop claiming the ottoman and have his own lounge.

  77. Ben Lewis says:

    Daisy the Bulldog loves sleeping and snoring,
    a Big Dreamer bed will make sure her dreams are never boring.

  78. Kim Lancaster says:

    Loving the lounge bed so my dog will have us owm, and stop claiming the kids couch.

  79. Jocelyn Dyson says:

    I love the aptly named I Love Food dog bowl because Rowan my Golden Retriever “nickname Hoover” would find that size bowl terrific.

  80. Sherrie says:

    I love the “dino Bone” because my girl loves to chew and she has just lost her chew bone, we would never lose a fossil because they are so rare.

  81. Michelle says:

    I love the boomerang fetch toy as it may be the one thing that comes back to me, instead going the opposite way in my dogs mouth 🙂

  82. Katrina L says:

    I love the Eskimo Pet Bed Pink Because what dog doesn’t like a bit of luxury and its mine and my dogs favorite colour!

  83. Cherry Adams says:

    Scratchy The Flea because this is one flea I wouldn’t mind being chewed at in the house! It’s so cute!

  84. Rosslyn Tadd says:

    The Adventurer Reversible bed would save my sanity.
    For our crazy, lively Border Collie Puppy.
    Keeping her out of our beds is my nightly duty.

  85. Leigh-Ayn Absolom says:

    I love the I LOVE FOOD dog bowls…that describes my food obsessed pugs to a T!

  86. Sarah says:

    The Boomerang Fetch Toy. Perhaps my fetching boy will have no choice but to bring this toy back!

  87. Louise says:

    i love the Cotton Candy Dog Collar as my little one is a fluffy as cotton candy and it would look so cute on her

  88. Jacky says:

    The Moscow pet rug would be soft for my arthritic old greyhound & its non-slip quality would mean it’d stay in one place.

  89. Sherie says:

    I love the lounge beds, it might stop my pooch from sleeping on the couch each night when I go to bed

  90. Fiona Dewar says:

    My dog Bella and I love the Fuzzyard shampoo and conditioner because it makes her fur as soft as silk.

  91. Kristy Blackadder says:

    Spooky Shoo the House Fly! Why? I have 7 bulldogs and all love eating insects so they would LOVE Spooky Shoo to play with 🙂

  92. Carla says:

    How we’d love a fugu fish,
    For puppy to play with, chew & squish! 
    Puppy’s very own sushi-train;
    “Mummy, can I play with Fugu again?!”

  93. Kaisi says:

    I love the Dino Bone because a nice new, hard, chew toy might stop my sausage boy from chewing a hole in my timber door!

  94. Monica Scurlock says:

    Fuzzyard shampoo and conditioner…my doggy Ginger loves the Red Carpet treatment when going out the door for her walk!!

  95. Renee Ballantyne says:

    Love Scratchy the Flea….haven’t seen a toy like this one that is for sure

  96. VICKI WILSON says:


  97. My dog Beanie would blend right into that camo bed… we love it! (And I’d get the couch back…)

  98. Fiona says:

    The Moscow Pet Rug
    Would keep my pets snug
    Rugged up at night
    Theres no need to fight
    Now I am smug
    Because I have my own rug
    And my pets are alright
    To have their own rug is a delight!

  99. Jo Higgins says:

    The fugu fish are my favourite for my mini dachshunds – great for a rough tug of war followed by a sleepy snuggle.

  100. Travis Joel Downes says:

    My dog Lexi would love Fugu Fish. At home we have a pond and for hours, she loves to watch the fish swim and play.

  101. Kara says:

    Bitey the croc because of the following; it’s Aussie, its vibrant and colorful, and it wouldn’t last 48 hours with my Swiss Shepherd pup :p

  102. I love scratchy the flea because it gives my dog Molly the chance to get revenge on those annoying critters!

  103. Emily Lawes says:

    Cotton Candy dog lead, Bella is as sweet as candy and the highlight of my day! Like cotton candy is the highlight of the carnival.

  104. Claire says:

    Kenzie and Hamish love the “Carnival food bowl” because everytime there’s food it’s like a party!!

  105. Alice Richards says:

    I love the microfibre towel+ pockets! It’s great for drying off my wriggly water baby Kelpie after a swim, and small enough to fit in a pocket or bag. SOO handy!

  106. Melanie Isaacs says:

    I love the Atomik reversible Pet Bed because my 28kg bull breed constantly steals my car’s tiny donut shaped bed because she loves beds with sides! Nothing but her bum fits in it and it’s pathetic.

  107. Carly Woodd says:

    We love the Boomerang Toy its so vibrant that no matter how long the grass it will never get lost and forgotten in the park!

  108. Lesley Thompson says:

    My dog may be little but he sure is a “Big Dreamer” so thats the perfect place for him to be!

  109. Barbara says:

    Love the Microfibre Drying Towel, My Amstaffs love swimming & the towel works so well getting them dry before the car ride home

  110. Sandra says:

    Love the Cotton Candy collar, Cause my dog is as sweet as Cotton Candy

  111. Angela Brown says:

    I LOVE everything especially the Soft toys slippery snake and spooky shoo the house fly they keep my little Maltese busy for hours

  112. Barb says:

    Bitey the Crocodile, My boy loves to snap his jaws when he is excited just like a croc, He also loves his stuffed toys.

  113. Melanie says:

    Love the Java Cat Pod because it’s just like my black cat Brer – chic, eye-catching, and looks good in any room of the house!

  114. Kim Gourlay says:

    We love the BREATH GEL that takes her insistent kisses from dog food malicious to fresh eucalyptus!

  115. manda rainbird says:

    CHase the cat- instead of chasing my cat she could have her own, as long as my two year old triplet human children dont get it first!

  116. Samantha Hynds says:

    I love the lounge bed! Looks comfy enough to share with my pup! Maybe more comfy than my own!!

  117. Daniel Hogg says:

    My cat Squeak would love to win the Java cat bed, it is so cute and modern

  118. Samantha says:

    Princess Darcie, Queen of the town,
    There’s not a more spoilt pooch around!
    FuzzYard’s Mademoiselle bed – perfect for her,
    A true mademoiselle, covered in fur!

  119. Tawhi and Snooki says:

    Snooki’s a pompom
    Princess of Hounds!
    FuzzYard’s accessories
    Most beautiful around!
    Collar in Pink Fling
    Perfect for her.
    Our favourite because…
    It matches her fur!

  120. Laura says:

    I love shoo the house fly because my bulldog is always chasing flies around the house and yard, I haven’t had to buy fly spray in a long time

  121. Shannon Rickus says:

    Fuzzyard collection’s the Gucci for pets.
    Premium designs they’re simply perfect!
    Big Dreamer looks comfy, fleecy n’ stuffed.
    Perfectly will suit my puppy.. she’s rough!

Pick of the Week