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This Photo Could Save a Dog’s Life

I’m a sucker for a good BEFORE and AFTER. And even more so when it’s for a good cause. Each year across Australia over 130 000 unwanted dogs are killed in pounds. Across the Pacific over 7 million are killed in the US. These dogs range from puppies who never knew a home to call their own, elderly dogs whose loving owners may have passed away, big and small dogs who were purchased as an impulse buy then surrendered when their families didn’t want them anymore. It breaks your heart.

You know the face of a rescue dog. The shots hardly have the soft backlighting and swift photoshopping of Vanity Fair. In fact through the wide eyes and the dirty paws featured in these doggie mug shots, future owners rarely get to see a glimpse into the love, spirit and playfulness these dogs have to offer potential households.

Enter Seth Casteel.
An award winning photographer whose has worked with the likes of Denise Richards and Ellen DeGeneres (and most recently the cast of GLEE!), Seth started volunteering at local California Shelters when he realised that the difference between a happy adoption and euthanasia for some dogs was a good photo. “The animal’s photo is its calling card, and a good photo is the difference between life and death to these potential pets,” says Casteel.

{Missy: Before & After}

And what a difference Seth makes. Gone are the cowering, broken figures we all know, replaced by photos of happy dogs, their eyes shining brightly and their faces alive with their own unique personalities. In essence Seth manages to capture their spirit for all potential owners to see – which results in increased adoptions.

I adore this idea. It just makes my heart all warm and buttery to think that these old dogs are getting a second chance and all it takes is the click of a camera. Lets hope this brilliant idea catches on around the globe, giving more and more rescue dogs a warm, safe bed to curl up in every night.

For a video of more before and after shelter dog photos by Seth click here. To see more of Seth’s amazing work check out his website Little Friends Lifestyle Pet Photography.

What do you think of Seth’s work?
Do you think a good photo can save a dogs life?
I know I’ve been a bit serious today, tomorrow’s post is a bit more fluffy. Promise!

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5 responses to “This Photo Could Save a Dog’s Life”

  1. Karyn Wilde says:

    I love it – that is such an awesome idea. The difference is amazing! Hopefully it helps more beautiful dogs find a loving and safe home.

  2. Serena Faber Nelson says:

    I really believe it will catch on. It’s amazing to look at the before and after photos – the afters really show the dogs in all their playfulness and adorableness – who wouldn’t want to rescue them!

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  4. Maggie says:

    Wonderful archive story – Seth and Missy deserve a big heart!

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